When I was younger, I didn’t think about ways to learn Spanish fluently. To be honest, it was something that never crossed my mind.

My biggest regret in life is not studying abroad in college in a Spanish speaking country. If I knew what I know now, I would’ve done it. Not knowing Spanish has held me back from a lot of opportunities. For some, it doesn’t matter… but I’m half-Puerto Rican, living and working in South Florida. (Not being bilingual in South Florida holds you back a lot.)

Why you should learn Spanish

No matter, where you live, I think it’s important to be bilingual. That’s why my kids, ages four and two, are in a bilingual school. When they are home, they continue learning in fun ways. One of their favorites is Learning with Yaya.

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The earlier parents introduce a second language, no matter what the language is, the easier it will be for the child to learn it. So, start now!

The best ways to learn Spanish fluently

Watch educational videos in Spanish

Videos are a powerful educational tool because their content can be easily repeated. When my kids watch these Learning with Yaya videos in Spanish, they are fully engaged and repeat almost everything.

The woman behind Learning with Yaya, Yael Herszkopf Mayer, says, “Literal repetition of information can enhance comprehension and subsequent learning.”

Watching educational videos and listening to music in Spanish, will give children essential tools for appreciating the language and learning to speak it later… which leads me to me next point.

Listen to songs in Spanish

Through songs, children not only can improve their listening and memory skills, but they can also learn new vocabulary, sentence structures, and practice their pronunciation skills.

My kids come home from school singing all kids of songs in Spanish. They use hand and body motions, facial expressions, and are learning while they are having fun.

what is the best way to learn spanish fluently

The greatest benefit of using songs is that they are enjoyable, which creates an environment that is conducive to learning.

“Studies have shown that music connects the functions of the right and left hemispheres of the brain so that they work together, making learning easier and faster,” Yael says.

Read books in Spanish

I’m a tad obsessed with reading books, so this one is a biggie in our house. Books are one of the greatest tools to develop children’s language skills in general.

best way to learn conversational spanish

Yael says, “Through books children will not only develop their literacy skills, but will also learn new vocabulary while associating words with pictures and emotions.”

It’s one thing to hear a word and say it out loud, but as kids learn to read and write, it’s important to see the letters and words too.

learn to speak fluent spanish

This book about colors is a hit in our house. (The song that goes along with it is pretty catchy too!)

how to learn spanish fluently

Quickest way to learn Spanish for FREE

I suggest you start here with these free resources from Learning with Yaya, then check out some other great options for learning Spanish in the online store. Here is an example of one of the freebies showcasing categories.


Other include colors, opposites, and sounds. There are even progress sheets for parents to keep track of your child’s success.

You can start to learn Spanish fluently for free today, so buena suerte! (That means good luck.)

Want to learn some more tips and facts to help kids learn Spanish? Check out this great infographic!

Tips and Facts to Help Kid Learn Spanish

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  1. Love this! My boys are in bilingual school too and they are so proud when they can express terms for things in Espanol!

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