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Being a mom of three and a business owner can be pretty time consuming… and I love being productive, efficient, and organized. These are my favorite 8 tools that help me run my business. If you try any of these out, I may receive an affiliate commission, so thank you in advance :)

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I love posting to social media in real time, but when things need to be scheduled (and they do), Agorapulse is my absolute favorite social media scheduling tool.

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The coolest thing about ConvertKit is that is was created for bloggers! This is what I use to build my email list and stay in touch with people. Try it for 30 days free here.

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The pro version of Canva is a lifesaver. I swear I’m in there every day. Their templates make it so fun and easy too! With my affiliate link, you can try the pro version for free. 

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When it comes to finding the right people to contact and sending outbound emails for business development, GrowBots makes it super easy and personal at the same time.

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SEMRush is perfect for learning everything about how your domain performs. You can also compare your results to other URLs giving you a leg up on planning ahead.

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This tripod is ah-ma-zing! It was created by my mentor, Pat Flynn, to help content creators do something so simple that was a challenge for years - keep your phone level in any position to take photos and record videos.

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My online course is on this platform and it makes managing The Media Mentoring Program drag and drop easy. If you’re considering creating an online course, check out Teachable.

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Power Up Podcasting

Speaking of online courses… before I started my podcast Become a Media Maven, I didn’t know where to begin. Power Up Podcasting walks you through everything you need to do step by step.

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amp'd up podcasting

Once your podcast is created, it’s time to grow it! That’s exactly what this online course helps you do. It also comes with a great community so you’re not alone.

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rank iq

This software was created by my mentor, Brandon Gaille. It’s perfect for keyword research as it considers your ability to rank for a phrase based on searches, traffic, competition and more.

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pr agency

media maven

Media Maven is not like other, outdated PR agencies. It's a modern publicity and content creation agency with direct newsroom, publishing, and social media influencer experience.


pr software

Podcast Clout

Podcast Clout is the ONLY database making it easy for you to find the right podcasts to be a guest and catapult your personal brand.


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