Up until recently, my experience with professional hair extensions has been clip ins. I ordered them before my wedding and then would pop them in every so often for TV hosting or speaking gigs.

Recently, I attended an event for local bloggers and influencers at Rapunzel’s Closet in Palm Beach. There, I met Keela from Palm Beach Beauty Lounge. She was hosting a braid bar and we got to chatting about hair (what else?) and she told me about what she refers to as “the Rolls Royce of hair extensions”, so of course, I had to see what she was talking about!

Professional Hair Extensions in Palm Beach

Lots of people are using tape in hair extensions, but not me. Keela says the best professional hair extensions are Great Lengths Extensions, strand by strand. They give you a clean look and are the most natural. The coolest part, there is no glue or tape!

Professional Hair Extensions in Palm Beach

Professional Hair Extensions in Palm Beach

Professional Hair Extensions in Palm Beach

The strands come with a Keratin tip and bonds to your hair with heat. Keela bonds them about half an inch away from your scalp so they are mobile. You can still wash, brush, and style your hair (up or down) like you would without having any extensions in.

Hair Extensions Maintenance

The best part? These last at least three months! They could last as long as five months, it just depends on how fast your hair grows.

So, next year, I’ll be heading back to Palm Beach Beauty Lounge where Keela will use a special removal tool that softens the seal. But in the meantime, there is no maintenance!

Professional Hair Extensions in Palm Beach

Professional Hair Extensions in Palm Beach

Professional Hair Extensions in Palm Beach

So let’s talk about the actual hair. It’s 100% real human hair, so I can treat it just like the hair on my head. 

Bundles of Hair Extensions

I got one bundle, or 25 strands. To put in one bundle, it takes about an hour. Everyone is different depending on head size, hair length, strand size, if you want it colored, etc. (I got min colored at the tips for an ombre look.)

Since this hair is going to be part of me for a few months, I wanted to be sure I was in good hands, and with Keela, I was. She has owned Palm Beach Beauty Lounge for five years and her entire business is referral based. That’s the kind of person I want to work with!


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