I don’t know anyone who did not enjoy playing on a swing set when they were a kid. If you didn’t have one at your house, you probably used one at a nearby park or playground in your neighborhood or at school.

Aside from being an enjoyable activity for kids, playing outside on a playset provides a multitude of health benefits too. It is a great physical activity that promotes low-impact exercise for kids. 

Swinging as an activity increases motor skills and assists in building strong muscles, joints, and ligaments. A child can burn up to 200 calories an hour on a swing set. Not only that, swinging relaxes kids, promotes creativity, and is a great way to socialize with other children.

Read along as I share the best backyard swing sets and playsets for kids you can order on Amazon. Some of these are affiliate links.

7 Best Backyard Swing Sets and Playsets for Kids

Best Backyard Swing Sets and Playsets for Kids

1. Swing-N-Slide Wooden Swing Set


A favorite among parents, this swing set comes with a frame with two swings and a trapeze bar. The A-frame design is made of sturdy cedarwood. 

The set measures 104″ L x 92″W x 82″H when fully installed. The swing chain is covered with plastisol for safety and can withstand up to 115 pounds. 

The only downside of this is that some people reported that with different weather conditions, the cedar wood frame weathered and got some cracks, so try to set it up in a shady place where you get some little protection. Otherwise, the usual wear and tear are pretty normal for even the best wooden swing sets.

Best Backyard Swing Sets and Playsets for Kids

2. Trekassy Metal Swing Set


Not a fan of wooden swing sets? Here is an example of metal swing sets – this one is a great option if you want a simple swing set. 

An absolute favorite among kids, this swing set has two swings, two climbing ladders (one is a rope ladder), and a basketball hoop. 

The set has 2-inch heavy-duty weather-resistant steel tubes and hardware with a powder-coated paint finish and an A-metal frame for superior durability. It can support a maximum weight of 440 pounds. 

The swings are fun too. The saucer swing is made of durable 900D oxford fabric which is weather resistant. The other traditional swing is made of EVA plastic with zinc-coated swing chains. The combination of this swing set assures fun-filled times for your kids.

There are two different opinions about assembling the entire swing set. Some find it to be easy assembly, but a few thought it was difficult to set up. One customer used the video instructions on Youtube which proved to be a lot of help.

Best Backyard Swing Sets and Playsets for Kids

3. Backyard Discovery Buckley Hill Wooden Swing Set


This playset is a little more expensive than the others, but with good reason. This swing set has two levels!

On the upper deck, kids can huddle in the covered upper fort with a built-in chalkboard and mesh enclosed walls for added protection and a clear line of sight for parents. Underneath is a sturdy, lower fort engineered to perfection, maximizing stability and protection for kids.

It includes a six-foot wave slide and side rails, two-position swing beams with heavy-duty belt swings and rope chains perfect for little hands and little fingers, and the ladder has a rock climbing element too. It’s not a rock wall, but it’s close!

Best Backyard Swing Sets and Playsets for Kids

4. Backyard Discovery Skyfort II All Cedar Wood Swing Set


Before I get to individual swings, we’re going to end the swing sets and playsets with a bang. This is the one your kids will want… for sure.

It has a large, raised clubhouse on the Skyfort II featuring a wood roof, trimmed windows, a covered upper porch, unique bay windows, and a sun deck. On the lower deck, this backyard playset includes monkey bars, a snack stand and picnic table as well as a sandbox area. Make your way down on the wavy slide. (The best thing about this is the play area, in my opinion.)

With two belt swings and a two-person glider, up to four kids can swing at one time!

Best Backyard Swing Sets and Playsets for Kids

5. ROPECUBE Hand-Knitted Toddler Swing


This swing is not a set. It is a handwoven climb rope that is durable, easy to set, and easy to set up, and easy to clean. 

The ergonomic u-shaped coupled with a knit pattern makes this swing set breathable and provides back comfort for your kids. The u-shaped design also makes this swing safe from backflip accidents. 

The set comes at 35.43 inches and 70.87 inches swing rope. The rope is durable and sturdy holding up to 330 pounds. 

This swing is perfect but some users reported a minor flaw on the backside where the plastic rim might be a bit uncomfortable. This can be fixed by putting a foam tube in the back. Other than that this swing is perfect for toddlers and young kids – indoors or outdoors!

Best Backyard Swing Sets and Playsets for Kids

6. Taeku Hanging Beech Tree Wood Swing


If you’re into classic wood design, this swing set is for you. The hardwood design makes it look like a traditional swing hanging from a tree. 

It’s made of cured hardwood making it suitable for any weather outside. 

The arc design for the actual swing seats makes it ergonomic for sitting and avoids the swing from moving side to side. It also comes in with a sturdy and durable rope which is made of high-strength polypropylene strand rope. 

The total length of the rope is 100 inches but can be adjusted to 55 inches or 88 inches. The rope can withstand up to 500 pounds.

One user did share that the swing looks porous and suggests spraying the swing with sealant for longevity purposes. 

Best Backyard Swing Sets and Playsets for Kids

7. Flying Saucer Tree Swing for Kids and Adults


Looking for something fun for the entire family? This tree swing is just for you. This swing can hold a maximum of 850 pounds – younger children, older kids, and adults.

The swing is made of a thicker and more durable steel frame and they are made with premium 900D Oxford fabric, black PP mat, and strong adjustable nylon ropes to make sure that the hammock swing will last for several years.

Customers say the large rectangle shape is worth every penny, however, if you want a less expensive alternative, order the smaller circle-shaped one for just $63.

Best Backyard Swing Sets and Playsets for Kids

Best Swing Sets

I think there is a playset for just about everyone with every sized yard – large yards and small yards. No yard at all? One of those swings can be hung inside. 

The only thing not on this list is a tire swing, tube slides, a true climbing wall, a steering wheel, or a fireman’s pole. 

All of these listed are made of quality materials, are Amazon’s top picks, and have great play features for small children. What are your young children loving outside? Let me know on Instagram at @ChristinaAllDay.

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