Christmas Shopaholic was a holiday book I wanted to start reading before Christmas.

I needed something fun and light for the holidays and this is a perfect Christmas read.

This was a perfect book. It made me want to read all the other fun Shopaholic books written by the same author.

This one is the ninth book in Sophie Kinsella’s series, but the first time I’m reading one. Although, I did love the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic. I really need to get on the Shopahlic series… even though I’m a bit out of order.

Christmas Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella Book Summary and Review

Christmas Shopaholic Book ReviewChristmas Shopaholic Book Summary

’Tis the season for change and Becky Brandon (Nee Bloomwood) is embracing it, returning from the States to live in the charming village of Letherby and working with her best friend, Suze, in the gift shop of Suze’s stately home.

Life is good, especially now that Becky takes time every day for mindfulness—even if that only means listening to a meditation tape while hunting down online bargains.

But Becky still adores the traditions of Christmas: Her parents hosting, carols playing on repeat, her mother pretending she made the Christmas pudding, and the neighbors coming ’round for sherry in their terrible holiday sweaters.

Things are looking cheerier than ever until Becky’s parents announce they’re moving to ultra-trendy Shoreditch — unable to resist the draw of craft beer and smashed avocados — and ask Becky if she’ll host this year.

What could possibly go wrong?

Becky’s sister demands a vegan turkey, her husband insists that he just wants aftershave (again), and little Minnie needs a very specific picnic hamper:

Surely Becky can manage all this, as well as the surprise appearance of an old boyfriend–turned–rock star and his pushy new girlfriend, whose motives are far from clear.

But as the countdown to Christmas begins and her bighearted plans take an unexpected turn toward disaster, Becky wonders if chaos will ensue, or if she’ll manage to bring comfort and joy to Christmas after all.

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Christmas Shopaholic Book Review

My Book Review for Christmas Shopaholic

Christmas Shopaholic is a book that makes me want to backtrack and read the EIGHT Shopaholic books that came before this one.

For not being a thriller or murder mystery (my personal favorites) I was surprised at what a page-turner this one turned out to be.

It is a lot of fun… and a pretty funny book too! You can’t go wrong with a surprise appearance of an old boyfriend, a lovable character like Née Bloomwood, and author Sophie Kinsella.

My Christmas Shopaholic Book Recommendation

This book is the perfect book if you’re looking for something light-hearted to get ready for the holidays.

In 2021, I plan on starting my Christmas books in October! I started way too late this year – only reading two and getting these book reviews out after Christmas.

christina nicholson bookstagram shopaholic

My Christmas Shopaholic Rating

I give Christmas Shopaholic 4 out of 5 stars. 

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