As a new parent, you’re nervous and want to learn how to do certain things. Some of these things, you need to know how to do.

I’m a mama’bassador for Pediatric Associates. Cute, huh? Like an ambassador who’s a mom. It’s great because they are filling me in on all the cool stuff they do, and I’m going to share it all with you!

6 Classes for New Parents

My kids have been to Pediatric Associates many times. It’s not just a doctor’s office, but a place for kids and parents to attend classes and events. If you live in Florida, you don’t want to miss out on these free opportunities. They could be lifesaving.

1. New Parent Class

This is an obvious one. It’s a one hour course that covers a variety of topics for… NEW PARENTS!

new parents

In the new parent class, you’ll not only learn how to prepare for your new arrival, but how your child will develop in the first days, weeks, and months of his or her life.

You’ll also learn all about the different immunizations doctors suggest young children get. If you plan on breastfeeding or bottle feeding… or both like I did, you’ll get the specifics here too.

It a great, well-rounded class for any new parent. 

2. Prenatal Yoga

When I was pregnant, my back killed me. Don’t even get me started on sciatica. This is more of a vacation than a class because it’s designed for expecting mothers at any stage of their pregnancy… and, it’s yoga!

You will build strength, flexibility, stamina, balance, and learn safe poses and stretches to help ease discomfort throughout your pregnancy. (Trust me, you’ll need it!)

You will also get the added benefits of increasing your mind and body awareness, as well as learning how to focus on breathing and relaxation techniques to improve circulation and comfort during each trimester.

3. Breastfeeding Class

If you plan on breastfeeding your infant, this is the class for you. Many women are passionate about this and put lots of pressure on themselves to do it, do it well, and do it for a full year.

pediatric associates weston

In this class, the pressure is off. It’s all fun and learning – breastfeeding initiation positions, laid back breastfeeding/continuity from the womb to the world, what to expect in the first days of baby’s life, how milk production works, etc.

This class is hosted by Doris Diaz, M.D. who can also answer questions about bottle feeding your baby if you plan on doing that as well.

4. Car Seat Safety Event

Is it just me, or are car seats kinda tricky? They are all so different and they go in different cars in different ways. This is why you should let the professionals handle it.

This is an event co–sponsored by Pediatric Associates and Safe Kids of Broward County. All you need to do is bring your child, car seat, and vehicle. They will make sure your little bundle of joy is safe and secure in his or her new car seat.

Be sure to arrive at the event on time because it’s first come, first serve. Click here to see when this event is happening near you.

5. CPR and First Aid Class

This class is vital. I’m going to tell you why.

When Julianna was less than a year old, she choked. She was sitting in her high chair eating when my husband looked over and saw her appear to be struggling. Instinctively, he put his finger down her throat and scooped up what was stuck.

Calling this moment scary is an understatement. If I was there when it happened, I don’t know if I would’ve noticed (because when you choke you don’t make a sound and I may not have been looking) or if I would’ve been able to save her.

pediatric associates royal palm

This is why everyone needs to learn the basic skills to respond to an infant or child in an emergency, especially a choking emergency. You’ll also learn how to respond to a breathing and cardiac emergency as well as practice the skills you learn to ensure you’re responding correctly.

6. Benefits of Infant Massage

Who doesn’t love a massage?! They aren’t just amazing for us. Babies love them too!

This is an educational class that will discuss how infant massages help babies grow, develop, and sleep better. Yes, sleep better. (That means you sleep better too!)

They also aid with issues of digestion, colic, and gas.

Dunia R. Villanueva, LCSW, CEIM, RYT, will break down the positive effects of infant massage as it relates to interaction, stimulation, relief and relaxation.

pediatric associates aventura

For more on the events and classes, click here.

In business for more than 60 years, with more than 30 offices across the state, and doors open 365 days a year, Pediatric Associates tagline rings true, “We’re here when you need us”.

So, which class are you signing up for? Let me know!


I’m required to disclose a relationship between my blog and Pediatric Associates. This could include me being provided with content, product, access, service or other forms of payment.

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