Destin, Florida is a popular vacation spot, but one area that has people talking is a popular sandbar known as Crab Island.

Crab Island got its name because… you guessed it – it looks like a crab (or at least it did many years ago).

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Why is Crab Island so Popular?

Crab Island slowly gained in popularity after some boaters dropped their anchors to relax in the sun.

Then, so many boaters caught on that the place turned into a bit of a social scene and a party spot.

Adding to the sun and sand beauty, you can see colorful fish to dolphins and seabirds.

Crab Island Destin Florida

How do you get to Crab Island in Destin, Florida?

A boat is required to get to Crab Island since it is a sandbar.

Sometimes the current can be strong through there too, so always follow water safety rules.

No boat? That’s what Crab Island Cruises is for.

Crab Island Cruises is a private tour company that makes it possible for you to see Crab Island with a chauffeur instead of captaining a boat yourself.

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You can also kayak, paddleboard, and jetski to the Destin, Florida sandbar.

The most popular way to get there is by pontoon boat.

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What do you do on Crab Island?

Well, it’s a sandbar, so there isn’t a ton to do.

You won’t find a list of attractions here, but you can find unique things like mobile food boats and floating restaurants.

So, make sure you bring cash because there are lots of cool floating vendors making their way around Crab Island.

Most people just go to relax for some fun in the sun, snorkeling, kayaking, and making new friends.

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Some times of the year it’s more family-friendly than others.

Like any beach destination, be mindful of Spring Break time and other vacations to determine if you want to head out and with who.

For example, in the summer you can expect 1,000 people out there every day!

If you want to head out on a Crab Island excursion, click here.

The Destin Chamber was helpful to me in crafting this blog post, so make sure you click here to visit their website for more on living, working, visiting, and relocating to the area.


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