Since the sweetness of honey is meant to be enjoyed in its smooth texture, you’ll be happy to know the process of decrystallizing honey is very easy.

While crystallized honey is safe to eat, you can easily turn it back to a liquid state if you want. If you want to decrystallizing honey, it’s not hard.

How do you Decrystallize Honey

Here is a step by step tutorial to teach you the fast and easy way to decrystallized your honey.

STEP 1: Put your honey in a glass jar or glass container. Be careful when you do this. It can be messy.

STEP 2: Barely boil water in a pot or pan about 3/4 the depth of the smallest honey jar you have. Then, place your honey jar in the pot or pan. Remember, you want the water to be hot, but not boiling.

STEP 3: Stir the honey properly to loosen up the crystals. Do this consistently. You will notice the slow change of consistency in honey as you stir it. Make sure you don’t get any water from the pot in the honey jar. This might ruin its consistency.

STEP 4: When the honey is smooth, remove it from the heat. The jars will be warm at this point.

STEP 5: Seal the jar properly before storing it so you can avoid dripping. Never store the honey in a refrigerator because it might get hard again. The ideal storage temperature is between 64 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. 

STEP 6: Mix in your favorite fruit or recipe and enjoy!

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