Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach has so much to offer… and so does everything else on all of the side streets.

My husband and I recently joined an amazing group, Craft Food Tours, and got to experience the best Delray Beach restaurants on and around Atlantic Avenue.

Delray Beach Restaurants on Atlantic Avenue

Craft Food Tours

Crafts Food Tours really is the best way to experience downtown Delray Beach.

It offers group and public tours to 12+ restaurants with cocktails and craft beer.

You also become educated on Delray Beach’s history, architecture, and culture from a local tour guide.

Delray Beach Restaurants on Atlantic Avenue

My husband and I got to meet restaurant staff and chefs as well.

Come along with me as we eat and drink!

El Camino

Delray Beach Restaurants on Atlantic Avenue

El Camino is actually a client of my agency, Media Maven.

I’ve been to the Pineapple Grove location a few times, but this was my husband’s first time visiting and he loved it.

Their signature margarita was a hit. I loved the chips and salsa, but it was the brisket quesadilla that had him picking this restaurant as his favorite on the tour.

Cabana El Rey

Delray Beach Restaurants on Atlantic Avenue

Delray Beach Restaurants on Atlantic Avenue

This was a perfect second stop after El Camino. Cabana El Rey covers all the flavors of Latin America, including Puerto Rico, so my mom would love it.

We also learned so much from the General Manager, Mario.

Mario was incredibly nice to talk to us about the drinks, food we were eating, the history of the restaurant, and so much more.

The Original Popcorn House

Delray Beach Restaurants on Atlantic Avenue

Delray Beach Restaurants on Atlantic Avenue

This might be my favorite stop on the tour because it’s so unique.

The flavors of the gourmet popcorn offered at The Original Popcorn House are endless.

They have pizza flavored, peanut butter, even Captain Crunch.

Delray Beach Restaurants on Atlantic Avenue

Delray Beach Restaurants on Atlantic Avenue

For 10 minutes, it was all you can eat and we got to sample them all.

My husband liked the Craft Food Tour flavor best. Yes, they have their own flavor!

I like the house mix which was a mixture of cheddar and caramel.

Delray Goodies

Delray Beach Restaurants on Atlantic Avenue

Delray Goodies is a new addition to the tour and was very cool because it is authentic Asian street fair.

It’s a popular spot for lunch or dinner on the go.

Corner Porch

Delray Beach Restaurants on Atlantic Avenue

So, this place is the cutest. There is something about an old house turned into a business that I love.

We finished off the tour at Corner Porch with some Nutella pie.

Some other stops on Craft Food Tours include:

  • Bar 104
  • The New Vegan
  • Max’s Harvest
  • Death or Glory
  • The Office
  • Beer Trade Co.

Craft Food Tours also host tours in Hollywood, Florida. To book a group or private tour in Delray Beach or Hollywood, click here.


I’m required to disclose a relationship between my blog and Craft Food Tours. This could include me being provided with content, product, access, service, or other forms of payment.

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