Whenever one of my kid’s birthdays is around the corner I ask them,

“What kind of birthday party do you want to have?”

Every year, it’s been the same. Disney. But this year, my daughter Julianna turned five and got more specific – a Disney princess party was on her wish list.

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While I started making plans, I used some great decor Disney sent me for her preschool playdate at school. (You can’t leave the boys out of everything, right?)

So, in her VPK class, the girls wore Princess Sofia the First hats while the boys had Jake and the Neverland Pirate hats. With some Funfetti cupcakes and Mickey Mouse plates, cups, and napkins – it was a perfect school celebration.

But, we had to do more…



Throwing a Disney Princess Party

1. Disney Princess Birthday Party Invitations

After you choose a theme and reserve the party space, it’s time to invite your guests! I think the invitation sets the tone for the party… and it’s the big reveal of the theme!

disney princess birthday party invitations

For custom invitations like these, you can order them online or do them yourself in the comfort of your own home. HP and MyPrintly make it really easy to create and print invitations and cards.

You can also use social media snapshots to create prints with re-stickable backing from your social media albums. (So easy!)

2. Disney Princess Party Decorations

We went from a Disney theme, to a Disney princess theme… to the Disney princess Rapunzel! (There are a lot of Disney princesses!) Choosing one princess helps you choose the perfect princess party decorations (and outfit).

Thankfully, American Tourister sent us a Disney princess suitcase to haul all of the party decorations to Cowlick’s Kids Salon in Coconut Creek.

Disney princess Rapunzel

When you start to make your list of princess party decorations, or any decorations for that matter, remember the essentials:

  • plates
  • cups
  • forks, spoons, and/or knives
  • napkins
  • straws
  • balloons

Disney princess party decorations

Disney princess party supplies

3. Disney Princess Party Ideas

So you have the theme and all the decorations… now what? Well, you have to fill a couple of hours that go with the theme you’ve chosen.

Cowlick’s Kids Salon was a perfect fit for my daughter’s party. My daughter and her friends were transformed into princesses by choosing a Disney princess dress, getting their hair, makeup, and nails done, and even choosing glitter tattoos.


disney birthday party

Disney princess theme party

party ideas

disney princess party ideas

4. Don’t forget a Disney Dessert Party

For dessert, we had cake and cookies… but not just any kind. The cake was Disney princess themed and the cookies were customized cookies with pictures of Julianna at Disney World with her favorite princesses.

Deelishables created a custom sugar cookie for each guest as a dessert and party favor. They were a hit!


5. Disney Princess Party Favors

For party favors, we stuck with the Disney princess, more specifically – Rapunzel, theme and handed out buckets full of goodies. Inside was a Disney princess headband, Rapunzel notebooks, crayons, pens, and puzzles.

Disney princess party favors

I also bought some extra fun things to host a fun giveaway for the winner of a game. Some games we played were:

  • Disney trivia
  • Character charades
  • Magic matching game with Disney cards
  • Hidden Mickey hunt (Looking for the hidden Mickey’s keeps kids entertained!)
  • Hot Dog dance off (Have the Hot Dog song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ready to play!)

Princess party supplies

Princess birthday party ideas

To see other Disney party ideas, search #DisneyKids on social media. Hey, I’m not the only #DisneyMom online!


I’m required to disclose a relationship between my blog and Disney, Cowlick’s Kids Salon, and Deelishables. This could include me being provided with content, product, access, service or other forms of payment.

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