Everyone knows Disney World as the happiest place on Earth. It’s perfect for family fun and making memories, so why wouldn’t it be a great place to gain some work experience? Well, it already is!

Disney World Internships

Disney World has amazing internship programs for college students looking to get paid, professional, world-class experience.

1. Management Internships

Disney World’s management internships allow interns to work in a professional setting in different areas of the parks: park operations, food and beverage/culinary, hotel lodging operations, and retail.

One of the top programs in this area is the Disney Culinary Program. Students in a school of Culinary Arts can even get the opportunity to become a culinary assistant.

disney world internships

2. Animal Internships

In this program, interns are responsible for the care and welfare of animals and the environment across different Disney properties.

One of the many great Disney World internships in this program is the Golden Oak Horticultural Internship. Interns are given the opportunity to maintain a high-quality garden and its systems in the Golden Oak property.

The internship is engaging and educational, as students get the chance to participate in training sessions, classes, and meetings.

3. Technology Internships

Within an internship in technology, interns utilize and develop cutting-edge technology that impacts experiences around the world.

This summer, potential interns can apply for the Automation Engineer Internship at Corporate.

This internship is an excellent opportunity for interns to build a portfolio of workflows from the development and evaluations of the prototypes they do.

Disney World Internship

4. Finance Internships

Through an internship in finance, interns can work through complex modeling decisions while learning essential skills.

This fall, accounting interns in the Digital Media Accounting Internship in California will get hands-on experience, side-by-side, with industry leaders in the world of finance.

Disney Media Distribution (DMD) is offering an amazing opportunity to join the dynamic business as a full-time intern in its Business Operations accounting team.

Interns will be taking part in tasks like summarizing royalty reporting information from over 250 customers and load data into the royalty tracking system and aiding in the testing of system outputs.

College students, jump on these Disney World internships and click here to learn more.

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