I am all about self promotion. The main reason – if you don’t promote yourself, who else is going to do it?! It’s what I NEED to do to get ahead professionally and it’s what others NEED to see to hire me to get ahead professionally. (I believe that is the difference between bragging about yourself and promoting yourself.) There is nothing wrong with self promotion, but don’t act selfish while you are doing it.
With that said, these are my tips on how to do it:
  1.  Make sure you are potentially helping someone else when you promote – whether it be through a service, referral, advice, tips, etc. (If you are only helping yourself, you are bragging.)
  2. Don’t talk about what you can do with nothing to back it up. Think of self promotion as a resume. It’s your time to shine, but do you have the experience or accolades to show?
  3. Be confident. So many people are afraid to promote themselves because of the way it may look. If you do it with confidence, it will look more like self promotion than an insecure person trying to talk themselves up to fill a void.
  4. Have a purpose. Trying to be the coolest person at a party isn’t a good reason. Why are you promoting yourself? If you aren’t afraid to say why, it probably won’t look like a shameless plug. (And even if it does, who cares?!)
What are your ideas for self promotion?
  1. I like this post a lot! I am so not good at promoting myself….BUT I need to to (hopefully) generate more work and opportunities for myself. Sure, I can host a show, do an interview or tell a story..but when it comes to talking myself “up” and what I can do to help YOU…it gets tough!!

  2. Constance says:

    Great tips.. you should always have a clear reason why you are promoting yourself. 😉 Thanks for sharing this.

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