This is my first freelance income report. I debated on whether or not to post this, but when I was just thinking of freelancing, I was so inspired by other bloggers freelance income reports and found them to be very motivating and so interesting. (I’m talking about the ones freelancers posted making a couple hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars a month. The ones by the freelancers making tens of thousands are impressive, but for someone in my position, I found those to be overwhelming and unrealistic… so I’ll revisit those later in life. Hopefully.) The fact they were doing most (if not all) of this from home while having the potential for unlimited income made me want to jump off the “corporate world” ship even more. Every month they would be so different – which can be good or bad, depending on the month. Freelancing can = feast or famine.


On one hand, there is this taboo when it comes to money and telling people how much you make, like it’s a big secret. Well, I am working damn hard for every penny I earn, so I feel proud in sharing this monthly freelance income report (even if it doesn’t impress you.) On the surface, I like the way it looks… then, I remember I’m going to be taxed on all of this later and I live in South Florida where the cost of living is not cheap – especially for a family of four. So, I hope in the next few months, these numbers go up! (Then up some more.)

But doing this month by month is tricky, because with some work, I get paid right away. With other work, I get paid weeks later. In some cases months later. In not so fun cases, I’m repeatedly asking for payment for work I’ve already done.


So, these numbers are based off a few things. Some is money coming in for work done a while ago. Some is money from work I did and got paid for in August. Some is money for work I’m doing now in September, but already got paid for in August. (I’ve learned organization is key when you’re freelancing – lots going on!) But, before I get to August, I want to share a little bit about July – half of the month I was a full-time employee and the other half of the month I was a freelancer.


July = $2,094

  • $1,100 – Public Relations Consulting
  • $625 – Writing and Blogging
  • $269 – Younique Presenter
  • $100 – TV Hosting
  • $50 – Social Media

August = $5,319

  • $4,000 – Public Relations Consulting
  • $890 – Writing and Blogging
  • $300 – Social Media
  • $100 – TV Hosting
  • $29 – Younique Presenter (clearly, I was focused on other things this month)

If you want to learn more about how I’m doing this, take a “behind the scenes” look, or want to hire me to do anything listed above (and I do more), please email me at

  1. Thanks for sharing this! How amazing that you’ve left the corporate world and are working for yourself. Great job and it’ll only get better!

  2. Gina Horkey says:

    Congrats on a great month for your business! Way to be brave and share – it’s a great way to show others what’s possible AND challenge yourself!

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