Knowing how to swim is so important, especially when you are young and when you live in South Florida. Water is everywhere! Not to mention, drowning is the leading preventable cause of injury or death in kids ages 1 to 4.

Your Infant can become a Mighty Minnow

Swimming lessons are important! Don’t rely on those floaties or water wings or whatever they are called. Your child isn’t going to put them on before accidentally falling into a pool. In my opinion, they are a false sense of security. Instead, teach them the real deal – how to swim!


My son Landon started swimming at 6 months old. At first, he liked it. Then, he hated it. Now, at 18 months old, he loves it.

Be Patient.

Don’t think your child is too young to learn how to swim and don’t stop swimming lessons because they aren’t having fun. They will! It just takes time.

At just a year and a half old, my son knows:

  • How to move his arms and legs at the same time
  • How to roll over from a floating position and swim to the wall
  • How to swim further and further with each new lesson
  • How to jump into the pool, turn around, swim to the wall, and “choo-choo” to the stairs
  • How to grab something from the bottom of the pool and swim to the wall


Start Young… NOW!

This is a great month to get started. Summer is coming up and at Swim with Mr. Blue in Coral Springs, you can try out a class FREE. Just click here to learn more. If you want to visit regularly after that, here are some coupons.

Want to save even more money? Just visit Water Smart Broward to save $40 on your child’s next lesson(s). Tell them Christina sent you.

Now, jump in the pool and teach your child how to become a mighty minnow!

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