It Started with Christmas is a book that I started in the middle of December to get in the spirit even more.

I honestly didn’t expect it to be such a page-turner, but it was.

I can’t wait to read more by Jenny Hale – not only because this one was great, but because she is one of the few authors who are actually social on social media with her readers. (I love that!)

It Started with Christmas by Jenny Hale Book Summary and Review

it started with christmas book review and book summaryIt Started with Christmas Book Summary

Holly McAdams loves spending the Christmas holidays at her family’s cozy cabin, with its little red door and twinkling lights, tucked in the snowy hills outside Nashville.

But this year will be different.

Someone unexpected is joining them…

After Holly and her beloved Nana struggle through a snowstorm to reach the cabin, they discover gorgeous and wealthy Joseph Barnes, who has been renting the cabin for the last few weeks, is now snowed in.

And it looks like he’ll be staying for the holidays.

Determined to make the best of the surprise situation, Holly tries to bring everyone together by baking delicious treats and decorating the cabin with plenty of festive sparkle.

She finds herself growing close to handsome Joseph, who is unlike anyone she’s ever met before, even if Nana isn’t so keen on the dashing stranger with the mysterious past.

But charming and irresistible musician Rhett Burton is also back in town.

Thrown into close proximity with the person who used to be her best friend and the man who broke her heart, Holly realizes it’s time to face her feelings and figure out what she really wants from her life.

But to complicate things, both Joseph and Rhett have secrets to reveal…

Will Holly be able to find herself and the love she’s always dreamed of this Christmas?

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it started with christmas book review

My Book Review for It Started with Christmas

It Started with Christmas is a book that was recommended to me by up and coming fiction writer, Savannah Carlisle.

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As I said, I didn’t expect this book to be as entertaining as it was because I’m usually a psychological thriller reader, but this book had me turning the page to see what happened next.

It was a perfect follow up to another psychological thriller I read because it was light, festive, and fun.


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My It Started with Christmas Book Recommendation

This book is the perfect book to read during the Christmas season.

(Next year, I’ll start the Christmas books much earlier than mid-December.)

It’s a great romance I’d love to watch on the Hallmark Channel.

(So YouTube TV, add the Hallmark Channel, will ya?!)

video book review

My It Started with Christmas Rating

I give It Started with Christmas 5 out of 5 stars. 

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