You may see this blog a lot because I may just post it every time there is a random, mass shooting. In this country, it happens a lot. Still, no one wants to do anything besides offer “thoughts and prayers.” That’s nice, but it’s not working.

No one wants to talk about gun control. It’s one of those topics where people totally lose their marbles if you don’t agree with their view or opinion. Good thing I don’t care if people agree or disagree with me, so here I go… Clearly this back and forth of blaming “guns” and blaming “mental health” isn’t working. It’s not the fault of “the media” either. The blame falls 100% on the shooter. It is the PERSON and nothing else. But, the government can’t change one person, so the government needs to do something to make all of us safe because of that one person.

With that said, I think the “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” statement sounds so dumb. Yes, a gun does need a person to pull the trigger, but come on now. There is a reason a knife is not the weapon of choice in mass killings. Yes, there are bombs… but isn’t it easier to get a gun than make a bomb? If the Boston bombers had these semi-automatic weapons every Tom, Dick, and Harry have, I bet you more than three people would’ve died. There is a reason these crazies use guns – they are easy to get and do the most damage in the shortest amount of time. No matter what your stance is on guns, gun ownership, and gun control… that’s a hard thing to deny.

Before some of you jump to conclusions and say people are trying to “take away your guns.” Rest assured, no one is saying that. I don’t see anyone knocking on your door to literally take your gun away. Stop being defensive. (And stop saying we should ban cars because they kill people too. You sound really stupid.) I love a “good guy with a gun,” but how many good guys with guns have stopped mass shootings? In the United States, more people have guns than they have dogs. So, there are tons of good guys with guns… but when a mass shooting happens, it’s just unrealistic to think they are armed and ready to save the day. These crazies don’t give the good guys a heads up. Pretend a good guy with a gun did stop a shooter. It would probably be after the fact and people would already be dead. It’s better than nothing, but still. On the other hand, unless you are a sniper, I don’t know if I want a good guy with a gun getting involved. Unless you are brave enough to walk up to the suspect and shoot him point blank, you are more likely to kill an innocent person. It’s clearly not a solution. But good guys, stay armed – you never know when you might be at the right place at the right time. On the other hand I ask, aren’t most of these mass shooters considered good guys with guns until they become a mass shooter? It can be hard to differentiate. Look at the former law enforcement officer who allegedly killed a young dad in a movie theater for texting. Before that, he was a good guy with a gun… then, he wasn’t.

Then we have the mental health issue. Obviously anyone who participates in a mass shooting has a mental health issue. No question… but why isn’t any one doing anything about this? One: It’s expensive. If you want any kind of health care, even mental, in this country, you need to afford it. Many can’t. That needs to be fixed. Two: People who are getting help, still shoot up schools and movie theaters… with legally bought guns. Let’s take the two movie theater shootings for example. Both the Colorado and Louisiana shooters were getting professional help for their mental illness. It didn’t stop them from randomly killing people. Three: Most people who are mentally ill don’t go on shooting rampages. And most people who go on shooting rampages, don’t have a criminal history. Four: What about the people who are mentally ill and don’t know it, so they don’t get help? I think we all know people who we believe could be diagnosed with something, but we don’t say anything because we don’t want offend… and we don’t think they will snap and shoot everyone. For this reason, the mental health thing is tricky. (Just like the gun thing is tricky.)

Then we have those who get defensive after every shooting. They don’t think about the shooting or the victims, but just scream “2nd Amendment!” Yeah, we get it. But I think Rolling Stone said it best with, “the Second Amendment was written by slaveholders before we had electricity, much less the kind of weaponry that would-be murderers can buy today. If you love the Second Amendment that much, feel free to live in a powdered wig and shit in a chamberpot while trying to survive off what you can kill with an 18th century musket.” Just because we have a right to bear arms, does not mean a manic depressive schizophrenic should own semi-automatic weapons. Why do civilians need to be better armed than the military? Those weapons were designed to do one thing and that’s why they were designed for people in war. I heard the other day some lawmakers didn’t want to pass a bill that would ban Americans on the terror watch list from buying guns. So you can be a suspected terrorist, but still buy a gun because it’s your Second Amendment right? And that terror list or no fly list may have a couple of mistakes in it, so that means guns for all of them! I’m all for rights, but there needs to be restrictions. I have a right to drive, but when I am drunk, that right should be taken away from me. Get it?

Then we have the politicians with their “thoughts and prayers” and their talk of doing something, then nothing. Why nothing? I don’t know… but I did find this interesting Twitter feed. I guess it offered some insight.


Another thing that surprised me after having kids regarding guns actually happened at the pediatricians office. At every visit, the doctor asks safety questions. For example: Is there a gate around your pool? Are the windows on the 2nd floor locked? Even though many kids die at the hands of guns because of the parents lack of responsibly, doctors are not allowed to ask any questions about gun safety in the home. Legally, it is an optional topic only. Why? Some people thought the question was offensive. Seriously.

And what’s wrong with expanded background checks? How is that a bad thing? Unless you are afraid you aren’t going to pass, why do you care? I’m sure it’s a pain. Just like I hate taking off my shoes, jacket, jewelry and everything else when I get on a plane. I have to fold the stroller up. It has to be swiped for bomb residue. To me, it’s a bit much and so annoying. But I have to do it because it makes things safer for everyone. It doesn’t stop every act of violence in a plane, but it might stop one. If a person commits an act of violence on a plane, should we just do away with security at airports because it didn’t work? So, instead of saying background checks won’t stop mass shootings or gun violence, it may stop one act. Isn’t that enough? If you can pass an expanded background check, why are you fighting it?!

Some will read this and say I’m anti-gun, even though I’ve said I’m not. I’m anti-crazy people with guns… as everyone should be. Many also say, if people want to get a gun and shoot people, they will do it no matter what. And that’s right. That’s why people are in jail. For breaking laws. But if this is your logic, then we should just do away with all laws, because people break them anyway. Is that really a good enough reason to not even try? No one is even trying to do anything. Obviously, I have no solution. This blog is a rambling of we should do this, but if we do this, this will happen and that won’t work. It’s why I’m not a lawmaker. It may also be why nothing has been done… because no one knows what to do. I don’t have the answer, but can I offer two suggestions:

  1. Stop doing nothing. It’s not working.
  2. Take a look at what other developed countries are doing, and bring some of that to the US. Please. They don’t have this problem.

With all of that said, sadly, I think we are in too deep and nothing will change. Too many people get offended. If someone wants change, the NRA comes out with all their money and guns a blazin’ (no pun intended) thinking they are being attacked, when in reality, people just want the attacks to end. Can you at least acknowledge we have a problem? Love your guns, but admit we have an issue here. The gun violence in this country is not normal. It’s scary.

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