Months ago, I was approached by a salon in South Florida that did microblading. They wanted me to promote them on my blog, Christina All Day, and my social media channels in exchange for a free microblading service.

I said, “No way!”

Why not? This is a semi-permanent tattoo – something that will be on my face for a year! I did not know anyone who has ever been to this place, did not see amazing pictures on their social media, and nothing on the website was impressive either.

So, no. I will not let you tattoo my face.

Fast forward a few months, and my sister, Michelle, said she had an appointment to get her eyebrows microbladed in Coral Gables at Eyebrows by Gina. Her friend recently had her brows done… and they looked AMAZING.

microblading in miami


After seeing Michelle’s new microbladed brows, I said, “Okay, I want those.”

But… it’s a tattoo. Sounds painful right? Wrong. She was numbed.

So, I was in! (And I Instastoried the entire thing at @ChristinaAllDay.)

Gina Matos at Eyebrows by Gina could not have been more amazing from start to finish. This is what my day looked like.

The Consultation

This isn’t just a threading. This is a tattoo. For about 20 minutes, Gina explained the process, the care, the medical stuff that goes behind getting a tattoo.

In this session, I learned two things that may lead to my new microbladed brows fading faster than average – I have oily skin and I’m on Synthroid (a medication that basically makes my thyroid work because I have Hashimoto’s Disease.)

She advised that when I come in eight weeks after for a touch-up, I may want to do something called hombre that is the exact same idea with an almost identical look, but will last longer.

best microblading in miami

The Design

Then, she did her work on measuring and drawing the best eyebrows considering the eyebrows I already have and what I wanted – fuller, better-shaped brows. (I mean, isn’t that what every girl wants?)

This process probably took the longest… and it’s why Gina is the best. This woman pays attention to detail – exactly the kind of person you want tattooing your face.

microblading miami brow studio

The Microblading

Before the microblading takes place, I was numbed. (Thank God!) After about 30 minutes of that, the microblading began.

I can’t see it, but it basically feels like someone drawing, or tattooing, little hair strokes on your eyebrows.

After that process, I sat with the pigment on my eyebrows for a few minutes before it was wiped away.  

Again, the attention to detail Gina has in the process is evident when she shows you the finished product.

microblading miami brow studio

After Microblading

For 10 days, I could not get my eyebrows wet. This made showering and washing my face… interesting, but doable.

I love, love, love the final result. Even with all of my Anastasia eyebrow products, I could not replicate what Gina was able to do.

Eight weeks after the first session, I’ll go in for a touch-up.

The microblading will last one year to a year and a half.

miami eyebrow microblading

To simplify your beauty routine and get your eyebrows microbladed, contact Eyebrows by Gina in Coral Gables at 305-771-1501 and tell her Christina send you.


I’m required to disclose a relationship between my blog and Eyebrows by Gina. This could include me being provided with content, product, access, service, or other forms of payment.

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