When my parents from Ohio visit, I’m always on the hunt to find some family friendly activities we can do outside. Spending the day at the Palm Beach Zoo is a no brainer!

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At the John and Carole Moran Panther Prowl located in the Florida wetlands section

Not only did we have so much fun, but I was pretty impressed with a few things the zoo had to offer.

1. The Palm Beach Zoo layout

For a person who likes to be efficient, there is no better design. As soon as you walk in, there is a fountain for kids to play in the center, then all around the fountain, are what I call petals to a flower. Each one is so easy to navigate, making it possible to visit the four sections of the zoo without overlapping, backtracking, or missing a thing!


2. The cleanliness at the Palm Beach Zoo

You’d think a place full of animals and people would be dirty… but it’s not! This place is as clean as Disney World. I was really impressed with how nice, new, and neat everything looked! It was so easy to find a place to sit and watch the monkeys… or in Landon’s case, read about a bear named Corduroy.


In Tropics of the Americas section outside the Spider Monkey habitat

3. The other stuff at the Palm Beach Zoo

Yes, the animals are great, but my kids love a carousel and train ride too! It’s nice to take a break and do something else. This little area in the Florida section by the American flamingos and Mardi the white alligator is perfect!




4. The food at the Palm Beach Zoo

Remember when I mentioned how great the layout of the zoo was?

Well, Tropic Cafe and Concessions is located very conveniently halfway through your zoo visit – whether you walk in and start to the right or the left. When you’ve reached the halfway point, you will have lots of options for food.

This area looks so nice too. The decor reminds me of Hollywood Studios at Disney World.



5. The animals at the Palm Beach Zoo

After all, that’s why we visit! Check out some of the animals that were up and at ’em during my visit.


Micco the cougar in the John and Carole Moran ‘Panther Prowl’


Sassy the panther in the John and Carole Moran ‘Panther Prowl’


Mardi the White Alligator in the Florida section


American Flamingos in the Florida section


Spider Monkeys in the Tropics of the Americas section


Near Tiger River and Tiger Falls in the Asia section


Pelican watching in the Islands section

…and there’s MORE at the Palm Beach Zoo!

As if you need even more reasons to visit the Palm Beach Zoo, check out the events happening daily – the talks, shows, and feedings.

In addition, there are things like Save the Panther 5K, the Palm Beach Modern and Contemporary Art Fair, Tropical Safari Black Tie Gala, Dragonfest, the very popular Brew at the Zoo, and much more.


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