We live in a society where social media plays a rather important role in our everyday lives. It helps us connect with people all around the world and many people conduct their business via these platforms.

Does Social Media Ruin Relationships?

It’s fair to say that social media affects all aspects of our life, including love life. So, if you’re in a relationship, and at the same time, you’re a big fan of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or perhaps you’re using a tool such as Snapchat discover, take a look at how these platforms may affect your relationship.

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negative effects of social media on relationships


Jealousy is probably the most common problem social media can cause in your relationship, especially if you and your partner are connected on social media.

There are thousands upon thousands of people who could “friend” you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter for no apparent reason. When something like this happens your partner may become jealous… and that’s when real problems occur.

Even if you’re not in contact with your new virtual friends, your significant other might think that there’s something going on. This means she or he will question your every post or message.


We’re not necessarily talking about the actual cheating, but that is a possibility too. We’re talking about “virtual cheating”.

When you spend a lot of time on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you’re bound to receive messages from your friends or tweets from your followers. Answering them doesn’t seem like a big deal because there’s nothing wrong with chatting, right? However, before you know it, you’ll be chatting with certain attractive people on a daily basis and that’s not quite ethical when you’re in a relationship.

Virtual cheating is not the only danger. You could easily be tempted to arrange a meeting or agree to meet someone you met online, then it’s not a virtual relationship anymore.  


As you probably already know, trust is a very fragile thing when it comes to relationships. If you lose it, it’s almost impossible to bring it back. That’s why social media could be dangerous for every romantic relationship.

If you allow yourself to make even one mistake and lose the trust your partner once had, your partner won’t believe a word you say ever again. This means they will always question everything you do when you’re online too. They’ll ask to see your inbox and this absence of trust will slowly destroy the whole relationship.

So, does social media ruin relationships? Yes, it can.


This is a guest post submitted by Vincent Hill.

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