Once a month, I head to WPTV, the NBC affiliate in West Palm Beach to bring viewers a segment called Steals and Deals that started right here on my blog. Sound familiar? Well, there is GMA Deals and Steals and Jill’s Steals and Deals on the Today Show.

I’m the local Tory Johnson or Jill Martin… saving you money on some pretty cool stuff!

Christina’s Steals and Deals

The theme is different each month and the deals only last for a week or two, so if you see something you like, you better jump on it!

(If you like Good Morning America Deals and Steals or Today Show Steals and Deals, you’ll love this!)

Note: I’m required to disclose a relationship between my blog and these products. This could include me being provided with content, product, access, service or other forms of payment. Payment is not accepted for editorial TV placements. Those are earned.

December Steals and Deals


If you want to be more adventurous…

F100 Ghost Drone / Amazon.com

TVDEAL20 / 20% off $179.99

The F100 Ghost drone, by Bellevue, Washington-based brand Force1, comes with a detachable 1080p HD Action Camera (the same size as a GoPro Hero 3 or 4, which are compatible with this drone) that can be used to capture hi-res aerial video.

This drone also features brushless motor tech, which provides a quieter, longer and more stable flight – great for improving that aerial video capture – even at distances of up to 500 meters away. Like all Force1 drones, the Ghost comes with an extra battery to double your flight time.

Get the 20% off discount on the F100 Ghost Drone by using the code TVDEAL20 online.

If you want to make more family time…

Floatimini / Floatimini.com

NBCDEAL / 25% off $16-$58

Floatimini is quality swimwear for girls with fashion-forward designs. They offer so many adorable swimsuit and cover-up options starting at just 16 dollars.

Get the 25% discount at Floatimini.com by using NBCDEAL at checkout.

If you want to eat healthier…

EduPlated / EduPlated.com

NBCDEAL / 25% off $49+

Eduplated is a personalized nutrition concierge program. Subscribers are given a LIVE Registered Dietitian who they can talk to on a daily or weekly basis to help them discover or meet their healthy eating goals. This is the only plan that allows users to set their goals and work with a Registered Dietician who will help them achieve those goals.

Get the 25% discount at EduPlated.com by using NBCDEAL at checkout.

If you want to work out more…

Yoga Journey / YogaJourney.com

NBCDEAL / $10 per class

Classes at Yoga Journey are $10 each all day, every day. You can pay per class or buy a larger package. It’s the best way to kick off the New Year, and if you want to do it with family and friends, take part in morning yoga in Sanborn Park every Saturday… and on New Year’s Day, join Something BIG – a FREE yoga class with a LIVE DJ in Mizner Park Amphitheater.

Get the $10 class at YogaJourney.com.

November Steals and Deals


Spoon Buddy / MySpoonBuddy.com

NBCDEAL / 25% off $9.99+

Spoon Buddy has a suction cup so it can be put ON TOP of lids of pots or pans, countertops, and tables. It can help open seal tight jars by flipping it over. It also helps keep a clean and organized kitchen. It’s dishwasher safe and is made in the USA.

Get the 25% off discount on MySpoonBuddy.com by using the code NBCDEAL online.


SpongeBath / SpongeBath.com

NBCDEAL / 25% off $49

SpongeBath kills 99.99% of odor-causing bacteria in your sponges, so you will no longer have smelly and germ filled sponges stinking up your kitchen and spreading bacteria all over the place. This also keeps sponges out of landfills and it’s made in the USA. The product includes the SpongeBath device and two month supply of safe, natural cleaning solution

Get the 25% discount at SpongeBath.com by using NBCDEAL at checkout.


The Pakamonk Silver collection / KnackShops.com

STEAL25 / 25% off starting at $15+

Knackshops.com is a modern gifting company that allows customers to curate custom gift boxes that speak to their values and their passions. It has over 1,400 unique products with interesting stories, like these vintage silverplate utensils hand-stamped with witty sayings – like a spoon that says Netflix and Chill, for example. Buyers can combine items like these to create gift sets that are truly unique and personal.

Get the 25% discount at KnackShops.com by using NBCDEAL at checkout.


Tabanero Hot Sauce / Tabanero.com

NBCDEAL / 25% off starting at $6.99+

Tabanero Hot Sauce is an all-natural and gluten-free product… for your next holiday party. The spicy Bloody Mary mix has no added vinegars or fillers and then there are a variety of is a hot sauces that compliment food and does not mask flavors.

Get the 25% discount at Tabanero.com by using NBCDEAL at checkout.


The ET Light / TsunamiLights.com

NBCDEAL / 25% off starting at $37.97+

The ET Light is great for your kitchen because it’s where everyone congregates… and we all just lost power during Hurricane Irma, so having this in your kitchen would have been easily accessible and very useful. This light can last more than two weeks, is an approved product for Homeland Security, and you can even have fun with it by lighting up things like Jack-O-Lanterns or an upcoming Christmas decoration in your kitchen.

Get the 25% discount at TsunamiLights.com by using NBCDEAL at checkout.

October Steals and Deals


Praise Pals / PraisePals.com

NBCDEAL / 25% off $32

Praise Pals® Created by CathyAnn Sarra who has family here in Hobe Sound, Florida. Praise Pals® – sells inspirational products for kids and family it’s a wonderful way to spread kindness! With Praise Pals, you can enjoy kindness cards and an amazing children’s book called -Everybody “Every Body”. by mother-daughter authors Daryl & Carliegh O’Connell, Illustrated by creator CathyAnn Sarra. You and your youngsters can read the book together and send the inspirational kindness cards to someone you love. It’s a hands-on learning and promotes a motivational fun experience. It teaches acceptance, being kind and positive body image.

Get the 25% off discount on PraisePals.com by using the code NBCDEAL.

Snuz / Snuz.com

NBCDEAL / 25% off starting at $650+

It’s important kids get a great night’s sleep, and Snuz offers the only 7-Zone memory foam mattress that is available online. So that means there are different zones designed to reduce pressure and give you proper support. And if you’re potty training, the charcoal Infused Memory Foam Layer wicks away moisture and reduces odors.

Get the 25% discount at Snuz.com by using NBCDEAL at checkout.

Pinkfong Song Book / Amazon.com

NBCDEAL / 25% off $18.99

Pinkfong’s sound books come with 10 fun sing-along songs great for babies and toddlers – from the very famous Baby Shark song to animal songs and Halloween tunes to Christmas Carols. The sound books also include a built-in Aria speaker that is 150% larger in size and deliver clearer sounds.

Get the 25% discount in their Amazon store using PNBCDEAL at checkout. 

September Steals and Deals


Jewelry Accessories / In Store

Apricot Lane / 25% off starting at $14

Apricot Lane is a local store at Delray Marketplace and in Wellington. There is also a location in Coconut Creek. They have clothes and great accessories like these earrings and necklaces. You can save 25% any piece of jewelry by walking into any South Florida location THIS WEEK and mention this segment of Steals and Deals.

Get the 25% off discount on jewelry at Apricot Lane by walking into any locations in South Florida and mentioning this segment on WPTV.

The Mighty Purse / Mighty-Purse.com

NBCDEAL / 30% off starting at $99

This is called the Mighty Purse and for good reason. It’s a purse that charges your phone! It comes with cables to charge your Smartphone! The MightyPurse is compatible with both Androids and iPhones. It comes with a micro USB cable and lightning adapter… and you can charge your phone twice before you need to recharge your purse! You can get different styles and colors as well.

Get the 30% discount at Mighty-Purse.com by using NBCDEAL at checkout.

Oh My Bod / OhMyBod.com

NBCDEAL / 50% off $29+

Here are some fabulous handmade crystal pave and Tassel earrings which are available in 15 different colors. Stephanie, the owner and designer also handmakes amazing women’s clothing. You can also visit Oh My Bod right beside Cabo Flats at Delray Marketplace in Delray Beach and online.

Get the 50% discount at OhMyBod.com by using NBCDEAL at checkout.

Friendship Bangles / CatherinePage.net

NBCDEAL / 25% off $32+

Catherine Page Jewelry has brass bracelets and embellished cuffs with woven cord and semi-precious gemstones including amethyst, turquoise, moonstone, tourmaline, pyrite, and Sunstone. You can choose from color families such as blues, pinks, purples, and grays. All are one of a kind. These are 1/2 inch and 1 inch to mix and match.

Get the 25% discount on the entire site at CatherinePage.net by using NBCDEAL at checkout.

Inance / Inance.com

NBCDEAL / 50% off $48

Another local business, owned by celebrity stylist Tonia Ryan, sells chemical-free nail polish. It is super chip resistant, easy to remove, it won’t harm your nails, and comes in lots of bold bright colors. You can get the set of four on Inance.com

Get the 50% discount at Inance.com by using NBCDEAL at checkout.

August Steals and Deals


Inance Skincare at www.Inance.com

WPTV / 72% off $495 + Free Shipping

Inance “Transformation” skincare that has made the A List in OK Magazine and praised by stars like Lisa Rinna, Teresa from the Real Housewives of New Jersey, and Kim Johnson from Dancing with the Stars.

SwimRISE at SwimRISE.com

WPTV/ 20% off $49.99+

SwimRISE was created by a Boca Raton woman who saw a need for a swimsuit coverup that also acted as a compression… like Spanx. Oh yeah, and you can swim in this! It wasn’t only created in Florida, but it’s made here too.

Glamaloft Lux Brush Set at www.Glamaloft.com

NBCDEAL / 50% off $125 set

This Glamaloft Lux brush set comes with every brush you’ll need for a full face of makeup – seven brushes total.

Hair Tie Bracelet at www.MariaShireen.com

NBCDEAL / 60% off $35

Instead of putting a hair tie around your wrist, you can wear this Maria Shireen hair tie bracelet. The hair tie won’t bother your wrist, because it’s inside a bracelet.

Seventh Avenue Apothecary at www.TampaSoy.com

NBCDEAL / 25% off $9+

Seventh Avenue Apothecary offers a variety of clean burning, long lasting candles. These are made in the USA.

July Steals and Deals


Tervis at www.Tervis.com

WPTV / Free lid

Tervis is drinkware that’s nearly impossible to break, are microwave and dishwasher safe, and you can get them customized with all kinds of themes. They also have kids cups and faux wine glasses. There is also a Tervis store in North Palm Beach.

American Heirloom at www.aheirloom.com

NBCDEAL / 40% off $48

American Heirloom offers personalized cutting boards. You can have them made for the state you live in or even get a cool design like a watermelon.

MojoBricks at www.MojoBricks.com

NBCDEAL / 25% off $3+

MojoBricks are great for cooking because this makes your barbecue taste better. It’s slow burning and is never a mess!

Slawsa at www.Slawsa.com

NBCDEAL / 30% off $23.99 (6-pack)

This is a must have condiment that goes with just about everything – hot dogs, hamburgers, even deviled eggs. It’s like relish, but healthier, and with lots more flavor and variety you can mix and match.

Dynatrap at www.dynatrap.com

Dynatrap.com/stealsanddeals / 25% off $100

Keep the mosquitos away with Dynatrap. There’s no chemicals or pesticides. It works by mimicking human beings and vacuums the mosquitoes right in a trap. For this deal, visit Dynatrap.com/stealsanddeals.

Singing Machine Remix at www.SingingMachine.com

NBCDEAL / 25% off $89.99

With Singing Machine Remix, you can choose from a library of songs to choose. It connects with Bluetooth and you can also record and playback video and audio later. It also has a cool LED disco light.

June Steals and Deals



NBCDEAL / 25% off

MYCHANIC has several new products to bolster auto enthusiasts and DIYers’ tool collections. Each new product features unique designs and multipurpose function. Some products include a tool organizer, smart booster cables, and a grip light.

Windcatcher Airpad 2+ 

43% off $56.99

The Windcatcher Airpad 2+ inflates in seconds without any power or pumping. It creates an instant comfortable lounging mattress that can be transportedanywhere and comes with added straps that can form a single seat when folded up.

Bubi Bottle

NBCDEAL / 25% off $16.99+

Bubi Bottle has a roll-and-go function that makes it easy to store for on-the-go and traveling lifestyles. They easily clip onto pant loop or bag attachments and can be placed over fire – great for camping – to make warm drinks and food.

Dirty Bird Energy 

NBCDEAL / 30% off $5.99+

Dirty Bird Energy is a premium soap bar full of Natural Oils (Palm, Coconut, and Peppermint) and infused with Caffeine. When caffeine is applied to your soap it has antioxidant properties that are great for your skin and when absorbed it ENERGIZES your skin and body. It’s packaged in a reusable container, that snaps shut and allows you to take your soap anywhere and you can have it automatically delivered to your door!

Raw Elements’ Eco Formula 

NBCDEAL / 25% off $18.99

Raw Elements’ Eco Formula uses all-natural ingredients, making it the conscious consumer’s answer to serious sun protection. It can be applied under water.

May Steals and Deals


Ivory Clasp Handbag Subscription

NBCDEAL / 25% off $45+

Ivory Clasp offers designer bags that are guaranteed to retail for $100 or more for only $45. These bags are always in season and authentic. No fake bags or old styles here! Ivory Clasp subscriptions come with zero risks! Don’t like your bag? Exchange it for something else. Ivory Clasp offers monthly and bi-monthly subscriptions and you can cancel anytime for free.

SouFeel Jewelry 

NBCDEAL / 25% off $65+

SouFeel Jewelry is trendy, yet timeless and gives you an opportunity to show off a little bit of yourself in a more dainty and demure way. Each piece is handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail.

Experimental Jewellry Club

NBCDEAL / 30% off $34+

These emoji rings are a conversation starter and act as a smile you can wear on your hand – and they never fail to make other people smile. The emoji rings are available in five styles, to complement every look: Red, Green, Blue, Hearts, and Stars. The double pearl earrings are a designer-inspired elegant earring that goes from day to night (and gets compliments all along the way).

Masala Baby

NBCDEAL / 25% off $68

Masala Baby is Brooklyn-based and Indian made. Masala works with Artisans around the globe to create matching mommy and me wear.

A Penny for your Thoughts: A survival kit for kids & adults 

NBCDEAL / 30% off $29.99

A Penny for your Thoughts: A survival kit for kids & adults offers you a chance to connect with kids while learning together.  This game playfully helps kids to identify how they feel, who’s involved, and skills they can to manage emotions and make good decisions.

Soothe on Demand Massage 

NBCDEAL / 25% off $99+

Soothe on-demand massage delivers a licensed, vetted, insured massage therapist to your home, office or hotel, with 60 minutes advance notice, between 8 am and midnight daily.

The More You Hustle, The Luckier You Get: You CAN Be a Successful Parentpreneur

NBCDEAL / 25% off $12.99

This book is for parents who are entrepreneurs. It’s real stories of the journey of a dad of premature twins who launched his business when his twins weighed only two pounds each. It will inspire you to be the best parent and entrepreneur you can be.

“Make Mom’s Life Easier Basket” 

NBCDEAL / 25% off $74.95

The “Make Mom’s Life Easier Basket” contains a selection of award-winning Mom’s products from Fischer & Wieser – a line of sauces, meal starters, and soups. Made from all-natural ingredients, Mom’s helps to create effortless dinners that are full of flavor. The basket includes items like Mom’s Special Marinara, Mom’s Classic Chicken and Dumpling Starter and Mom’s Tomato Basil Soup.

Lola James Jewelry 

NBCDEAL / 30% off $24+

Ashley Benson from Pretty Little Liars is a fan of the jewelry and wears hers all the time! They are all gold plated and look great alone or layered.

Cosmed Comfort Back Sleeping Pillow 

NBCDEAL / 25% off $89.95

Cosmed Comfort Back Sleeping Pillow is Hypoallergenic,  machine washable and dryable. It’s Made in America and was voted best back sleeping pillow by Reader’s Digest!

Vyve’s Splashpant 

NBCDEAL / 37% off $64

Vyve’s Splashpant active wear capri that’s a swimsuit is versatile – moves from land, water and back to land. It’s great for water parks, beach walks, boating, backyard BBQ’s and a splash in the pool, and makes the perfect multi-use piece to include in your vacation carry-on.

The Penelope Tank Dress 

NBCDEAL / 25% off $175

For moms to be, The Penelope Tank Dress is comfortable and versatile- for day to night time. It Snaps at the side for easy breastfeeding.


NBCDEAL / 25% off $7.95+

Sipsee is the world’s first portable and customizable bottle stopper. It’s great for kids and parents alike. It’s made in the U.S.A and B.P.A. free.

April Steals and Deals


1. Hair by Moses anti-aging hair care at HairByMoses.com

NBCDEAL / 65% off $127

Hair by Moses Anti-Aging Hair Care is made with Dead Sea minerals, natural keratin, and argan oil. The package comes with shampoo, conditioner, and a hair mask.

2. Pura d’or Hair Loss Prevention System at Purador.com

NBCDEAL / 25% off $59.99

Pur d’or fortifies and energizes hair from roots to tips. Formulated with argan oil, it adds body, increases volume, and thickens hair.

3. Cover your Gray at CoverYourGray.com

NBCDEAL / 30% off $5.99 – $12

Cover Your Gray is a temporary gray hair and thinning hair solution. These products include 12 different application types and colors to do a lot – including root touch ups or thinning hair concerns.

4. Stemology Skin Care at StemologySkinCare.com/StealsAndDeals

NBCDEAL / 35% off $279

Voted the best by Star Magazine, this Stemology Skincare Regimen includes a Hydrating Cleanser, Collagen Complete, Moisture Complete, Hand and Nail Crème. It’s an all natural, organic, and stem cell-based anti-aging skincare line. The collagen complete contains an ingredient clinically proven to deliver results equivalent to one injection of collagen filler in just two weeks.

5. Dermaflash at Dermaflash.com

NBCDEAL / 25% off $189

DERMAFLASH is a hand-held device that brings the benefits of professional dermaplaning to your home. It uses a gentle Edge together with sonic vibration to remove dull, dead surface cells and peach fuzz from skin to leave a silky, smooth, hair-free complexion.

6. Savannah Bee health & beauty products at SavannahBee.com

NBCDEAL / 30% off $4 – $29

Facial Mask Infuser, Ash Cleanser, and Honey Wipes are up for grabs. These products are made with natural ingredients and keep the health of your skin cells in mind while treating for health and beauty.

7. YogurtHair Masque at MyProjectBeauty.com

NBCDEAL30 / 30% off $24

This is a creamy, rich treatment with a Botanical Oil Blend and Bio-Keratin specifically formulated to help tame unruly, frizzy dry hair. It comes in flavors Strawberry Banana (Smoothing), Coconut Acai (Curl perfecting), and Almond Honey (Intense Repair)

8. Wake Me Up Curl Refresher at AlikayNaturals.com

NBCDEAL / 25% off $13

With Alikay Naturals Wake Me Up Curl Refresher, you just need to spray, shake and go to help revive flattened, bed head hair and dried out curls.

9. Inspire Leave-in Detangling Conditioner at ByMadeBeautiful.com

NBCDEAL / 30% off $8.99

This product gently detangles hair, provides frizz control, and includes moisturizing ingredients like coconut milk and honey.

10. Make-up Removing & Exfoliating Cloth at MinxNY.com

NBCDEAL25 / 25% off $19.99

You can re-use these Minx NY makeup removing and exfoliating cloths over and over again. One side removes makeup with just water and the other side is a gentle exfoliator.

11. Kawaii Girl Cosmetics at KawaiiGirlCosmetics.com

NBCDEAL / 25% off $12 – $38

Kawaii Girl Cosmetics is a premium handcrafted lash line featuring human hair, mink/3D mink and silk lashes. With proper care, Kawaii Girl Cosmetics lashes can be worn up to 20 times.

12. Perfect Formula Gel Coat at PerfectFormulas.com

NBCDEAL / 25% off $30
This gel coat instantly strengthens, hardens and protects nails. It requires no UV light and dries in less than a minute. The pink and ruby pink colors enhance the natural color of your nails.

March Steals and Deals


1. Skinny Tan 7-day Tanner at SkinnyTan.comNBCDEAL / 30% off $39.95 – $42.95

Because when you travel, you want to be ready for the sun…

Skinny Tan is a 7-day all natural tanner.

It instantly bronzes your skin, then develops into a medium tan.

There is no drying or flaking.


2. EyeBuyDirect Sunglasses at EyeBuyDirect.com

NBCDEAL / 30% off $6 – $70

Because when you travel, you want to be ready for the sun…

EyeBuyDirect offers sunglasses with prescription or without.

They are UV-protective.

Styles are available for men and women with an online try-on option.


3. HANDL iPhone Case at HandLiberation.com

NBCDEAL / 25% off $49.99 – $59.99

Because when you travel, you want to be ready for to snap a picture…

This iPhone case makes your phone fully accessible and easily operable with one hand.

It is grip-less: makes your phone feel like it is floating in your hand- no more dropping worries.

It also converts to a portrait/landscape stand.


4. Ezra Arthur Cash Fold at EzraArthur.com

NBCDEAL / 25% off $40

Because when you travel, you want to be ready to buy a souvenir…

Ezra Arthur offers this cash fold constructed of high-quality leathers

Measurements are exact, and all manufacturing is by hand

These make traveling or doing activities with cash and cards very easy.


5. Dude Wipes at DudeProducts.com

NBCDEAL / 25% off $5.99 – $9.99

Because when you travel, you want to be clean…

These are for the men.

DUDE Wipes are flushable wipes and the DUDE Shower are body wipes.


6. Essential Oil Roll-Ons & Travel Case at OilogicCare.com

NBCDEAL / 25% off $9.99

Because when you travel, you want to be calm and relaxed…

These roll-ons are 100% pure essential oil blends.

These are Pediatrician and Dermatologist tested.

They are natural, on-the-go solutions to ease children’s common woes.


7. Karma Bliss Bag of Healing Crystals at KarmaBliss.com

KARMABLISS25 / 25% off $52

Because when you travel, you want to be calm and relaxed…

This bag of Karma crystals retains the energy of the earth.

You harness that energy by wearing them, placing them in your home, or even carrying them in your pocket.

Energy is power, so use the strength of crystals to protect yourself from destructive thoughts, hurtful relationships, and bad habits.

February Steals and Deals


  1. Deelishables
  2. NBCDEAL / 25% off $3 – $55

Deelishables began as a teacher’s hobby that has grown into a deliciously thriving small business.

Deelishables is most known for customized treats such as Photo Cookies, Personalized Pretzels, and Custom Oreos.

This discount is available on a minimum order of a dozen cookies or pretzels.

Perfect for a spouse, family member, or friend.

  1. Date Lady Valentine’s Day ‘Breakfast in Bed’ Box
  2. NBCDEAL / 25% off $34.99

Date Lady Valentine’s Day ‘Breakfast in Bed’ Box ($34.99) can be shipped nationwide and features Date & Almond Crostini with Date Chocolate Spread and a variety of coffees and teas.

Date Lady date syrup products are USDA Organic and Non-GMO and are made without processed sugar, additives, preservatives, and foreign ingredients.

Perfect for a spouse, family member, or friend.

  1. Dune Jewelry
  2. NBCDEAL / 25% off $30 – $480

Dune Jewelry is a keepsake, collectible jewelry line handmade with sand from around the world.

Dune Jewelry is custom & handcrafted in the U.S.A and captures memories using different sands and natural elements such as beach sand, trail sand, golf course sand, crushed rock, dried flowers and more, all from around the world!

Dune Jewelry donates a portion of all proceeds to various coastal preservation organizations.

Perfect for a spouse, family member, or friend.

  1. Beth Quinn Designs
  2. NBCDEAL / 25% off $15 – $45

Beth Quinn designs a variety of lovely Jewelry & Lifestyle Accents with customizable messages.

Celebrities like Jenny McCarthy are fans of this inspirational line of accessories for women and girls.

Holiday and Special Occasion Themes are available as well!

Perfect for a spouse, family member, or friend.

  1. Boxxle
  2. NBCDEAL / 25% off $100

Boxxle is a wine dispenser that will keep your wine fresh for up to six weeks.

The elegant appliance creates “wine-on-tap” at home and you can enjoy wine-by-the-glass without spoilage or waste.

Perfect for a spouse, family member, or friend.

  1. Moderne Child Shoppe
  2. NBCDEAL / 25% off $14+

Moderne Child Shoppe offers high-quality clothing and accessories for you and your kids that are affordable!

Celebrities like Tori Spelling are fans of this super fashionable line! It even has matching “Mommy and Me” outfits!

Perfect for a mom and daughter.

  1. Baby Zala
  2. NBCDEAL / 25% off $45+

Baby Zala sells luxurious, yet practical Parenting and Baby Goods.

All items in the Baby Zala line are designed to assist parents with daily duties of caring for baby when on the go!

All products are stylish and practical, multi-functional solutions for baby and parent.

Perfect for a parent and his/her baby.

  1. Woombie
  2. NBCDEAL / 25% off $18 – $68

Woombie offers ergonomically designed goods for baby and parent, such as: Convertible Swaddles, “Sleep Sacks, Travel bags, Baby Carriers, etc.

All items are ECO-friendly and made w/o harsh chemicals.

Woombie is an award-winning line designed by a nurse and newborn infant care specialist to ensure ultimate safety!

Perfect for a new parent and his/her baby.

  1. LAID Brand
  2. NBCDEAL / 25% off $24.99

LAID Brand consists of enriched hair care products that can increase confidence and attraction. LAID is made with the healthiest ingredients.

Perfect for a spouse, family member, or friend… or yourself!

  1. Dip Into Pretty
  2. DIP25 / 25% off $18.99

The “I Give You My Heart” gift set comes with a full set of Dip into Pretty silicone “Sweet Hearts” gem pedicure spacers and “Roses are Red” nail polish!

Dip into Pretty nail polish is 5 Free; no Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor and is Vegan-Friendly and Cruelty-free.

Unlike traditional products or rolled up paper towels, Dip into Pretty’s feature 8 individual pieces that can be easily stored in a carry pouch for your next pedicure!

Perfect for a spouse, family member, or friend… or yourself!

  1. Spicy Subscriptions
  2. NBCDEAL / 25% off $24.95 – $34.95

Spicy Subscriptions is a unique subscription service for adults – single or married. The carefully curated collections help improve relationships and one’s love life. Each box arrives with something new and a few surprises to spice up the bedroom.
Perfect for a spouse.

If you didn’t get a steal or deal of a gift and spent a lot of money on something, look into insuring it. Private Risk Management Association has all the information to help you here.

January Steals and Deals


  1. Peace Love World / PeaceLoveWorld.com
  2. NBCDEAL / 25% off

You can’t get healthy without the right gear, so Peace Love World is offering 25% these water bottles ($20.00) and workout socks ($8.00) to get you ready and motivated to keep your resolution in 2017! The code is NBCDEAL.

  1. Sticky Be Socks / StickyBeSocks.com
  2. NBCDEAL / 25% off

You can never have too many socks and Sticky Be Socks ($15.00) has a variety of styles and sizes for women, men, and even babies. If you want leg warmers, they have those too. Save 25% on a pack using the code NBC DEAL online.

  1. Jolyn Clothing / JolynClothing.com
  2. NBCDEAL / 25% off

From Jolyn Clothing, ladies, you can wear these trendy sports bras ($35.00) for 25% off on JolynClothing.com with the code NBCDEAL.

  1. Motion by Coalition / AcrossAtlas.com
  2. NBCDEAL / 25% off

The only item left to wear is leggings ($24.00), so Motion by Coalition is giving you a steal and deal of 25% on select styles on AcrossAtlas.com with the code NBCDEAL.

  1. RunLites / GoRunLites.com
  2. NBCDEAL / 25% OFF

For busy men and women who are runners, walkers or cyclists, it is sometimes impossible to avoid exercising in the dark well before sunrise or after sunset. Mary Tiffin, a busy working mother of three, created RunLites ($19.95) and SLINGS ($15.95) so your hands act as flashlights while you move. Save 25% off these products when you use the code NBCDEAL at checkout on GoRunLites.com.

  1. Zeel / Zeel.com
  2. WPTV25 / $25 OFF

After all of that, you’ll need a massage and Zeel brings the spa to you all over South Florida. These in-home massages are delivered to your doorstep in as little as an hour. It’s called Zeel Massage on Demand and you can get $25 off your first massage by using the code WPTV25 on Zeel’s website or app.

December Steals and Deals


  1. Frame the Alphabet / FrametheAlphabet.com

  2. FRAME4WPTV / 60% off

Frame the Alphabet offers photographic letters that can be arranged and framed into unique pieces of art. With a vast library of letters available in black and white, sepia and color, customers are guaranteed to find something they like. If you don’t want a frame, you can also get letter blocks!

Framed names start at $135, but you can get 60% off orders of $20 or more with the code FRAME4WPTV.

  1. Stamp the Moment / StampTheMoment.com

  2. 65OFF4WPTV / 65% off

Save precious moments in time that everyone experiences. From personalized charms to hand stamped ring names, Stamp the Moment enables those cherished times to be STAMPED and remembered forever. Upload custom images, including zodiac signs, handwritten initials, footprints, doodles, whatever your want to remember and have it permanently etched onto a pendant.

Products start at $59.99, but you can get 65% off orders of $20 or more with the code 65OFF4WPTV.

  1. Related Garments / RelatedGarments.com

  2. NBCDEAL / 20% OFF

Two brothers found a need for men to match their underwear through one single question – “what’s the one thing that you would change about your man?” The overwhelming response was their underwear, and with that, Related Garments was born. For $29, men can receive the perfect package; a pair of long socks, boxer briefs and a pair of no show socks.

Save 20% by using the code NBCDEAL online.

  1. Mission Belt / MissionBelt.com

  2. NBCMB20 / 20% OFF

Mission Belt is the belt that has no holes, so it’s a perfect fit – whatever size you are. The belts come in a nylon or leather strap in a variety of colors and buckles so you can customize the look to pick the perfect gift. They even come in licensed varieties for NCAA, NHL, and NBA for your sports loving guy.

These belts start at $35, but you can save 20% right here by using the code NBCMB20 online.

  1. Baby Quasar / BabyQuasar.com

  2. NBCDeals / 20% OFF

This Baby Quasar is a light therapy device that stimulates collagen to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba swear by light therapy like this. This product is safe and made in the USA.

Save 20% with the code NBCDeals online.

  1. Aged & Infused alcohol infusions / AgedAndInfused.co

  2. NBCDEAL / 20% OFF

Each Aged & Infused kit provides everything you need to infuse at home; a 16 oz. jar, pre-measured ingredients, one custom cocktail recipe and an easy-to-use pour spout for when you’re ready to serve up a drink. You get the whiskey or bourbon, and Aged & Infused provides the rest.

Use the code NBCDEAL to get 20% off.

  1. Spencer’s / SpencersOnline.com

  2. NBCDEAL / 20% OFF

Spencer’s, the fun store in the mall, has thousands of products that fit almost every gift need. So whether someone is picking up a white elephant gift for the office and wants something funny, or a gift for their BFF getting married this year, or their husband’s ex-wife, Spencer’s has something for everyone, literally.

Use the code NBCDEAL to get 20% off. If you want to get something in the store, there is a printable coupon below.


  1. iFLY / iFlyLuggage.com

  2. NBCDEAL / 25% OFF

iFLY is a super high-quality yet affordable luggage band that believes great luggage shouldn’t cost more than your airfare. Their bags are redefining the travel industry with their affordable, luxury bags that come with 10-year warranties, allowing you to focus on traveling while saving money and stress.

Save 25% when ordering online with the code NBCDEAL.

  1. M Cushion / MCushion.com

  2. NBCDEAL / 20% OFF

M Cushion delivers a cost-effective and convenient heated shiatsu massage —ideal for relieving chronic and deep-seated tension.  When not in use as a massager, M Cushion‘s designer cover — created by celebrity designer Jay Godfrey — ensures it will remain on a couch, bed, or chair. Turn M Cushion over to its solid-colored back and press the corner power button to enjoy a relaxing shiatsu massage.

This is normally priced at $160, but you can save 20% when ordering online with the code NBCDEAL.

  1. Love Pendants / LovePendants.com

  2. NBCDEAL / 20% OFF

Love Pendants is a jewelry company that allows customers to uniquely personalize their jewelry by engraving topaz, amethyst, green quartz, or citrine with a symbol, letter, or word that holds special significance.

Starting at $172, you can save 20% by using the code NBCDEAL at checkout.

  1. Sleep N Beauty / SleepNBeauty.com

  2. NBCDEAL / 20% OFF

Sleep ‘N Beauty is the latest beauty secret, a luxurious anti-aging solution for your beautiful skin and a perfect way to maintain and promote soft and silky hair. Sleep ‘N Beauty provides the perfect product to reabsorb moisture, prevent creases in your face, decrease split ends and dry hair, eliminate bed hair, and counter the effects of aging and wrinkles.

Starting at $75, you can save 20% off by using the code NBCDEAL at checkout.

November Steals and Deals


  1. Karen Neuburger pajamas – get them at a local Bealls department store

  2. Just tell an employee you saw the deal on NBC to get 25% off

These pajamas are the reason Oprah started her annual list of favorite things. They are comfortable, stylish, and come in different patterns at Bealls.

  1. Orbit Key Finder – get it at HButler.Co

  2. Use the code NBCDEAL to get 20% off

Nothing will be lost with Orbit! It’s a key chain with an app that lets you know where your keys are… and vise versa. Yes, the keychain will tell you where your phone is too! It also acts as a remote control to take pictures. It’s priced at $30, but you can save 20% off when you use the code NBCDeal at checkout.

  1. Gracie Roberts NY handbag – get it at GracieRobertsNY.com

  2. Use the code NBCDEAL to get 25% off

This Gracie Roberts NY bag is titled “gatsby drawstring.” Oprah loves the tassels! It’s priced at $58, but you can get a 25% discount by using the code NBCDEAL.

  1. Wolf Travel jewelry case – get it at Wolf1834.com

  2. Use the code NBCDEAL to get 25% off

This travel jewelry case is small but spacious. It’s priced at $59, but you can get 25% off with the code NBCDEAL online.

  1. Harry Josh Brushes – get some at DermStore.com

  2. Use the code NBCDEAL to get 20% off

Harry Josh is a hairstylist who has created hi own tools. Oprah says the brushes are a kinder, gentler way to blow dry and detangle your hair. The brushes range from $20 -$60, but you can get a 20% discount by using the code NBCDEAL at checkout online.

  1. Frederic Blondeel chocolates – get some at ChocolateStarsUSA.com

  2. Use the code NBCDEAL to get 25% off

The Belgium chocolate maker, Frederic Blondeel, creates chocolate by going from “bean to bar.” Get a 25% discount by using the code NBCDEAL online.

  1. A&B American Style Pepper Sauces – order yours at ABAmerican.com

  2. Use the code NBCDEAL to get 25% off

These pepper sauces come in a variety of flavors with no sugar or anything artificial ingredients. Get a 25% discount online by using the code NBCDEAL.

October Steals and Deals


Visit LimeLens at LimeLens.com and use the code NBCDEAL to get 20% off!

Lime lens is a lens for your smart phone. You can get two – one zoom and one wide-angle, like a fish eye. The LimeLens kit includes attachments for 40 different kinds of phones. The regular price is $49.99.

Visit Sticky Sounds at StickySounds.com and use the code NBCDEAL to get 50% off!

Sticky Sounds is a bluetooth speaker that mounts to just about anything – your bike, surfboard, kayak, etc. It’s water resistant and very durable. The regular price is $69.95.

Visit Be Brilliant Bags at BeBrilliantBags.com and use the code NBCDEAL to get 20% off!

Be Brilliant Bags carry bags that solve all of your problems because the can carry your technology with perfectly sized compartments for your laptops, tablets, cords, phones, etc. The regular price is $269.

Visit Dog & Bone at DogAndBoneCases.com and use the code NBCDEAL to get a LockSmart Mini for 15% off!

The Dog & Bone LockSmart Mini is a keyless bluetooth padlock. Through the app, anyone can use it and the app can even track who opens the lock. The regular price is $69.95.

September Steals and Deals


1. Brighten a child’s day by playing on these bedsheets by PlayTime Edventures. They have been used at kids hospitals across the country, but many use them at home as well. You can draw on them and even play checkers.

Get the 25% off discount at PlaytimeEdventures.com by using the code NBCDEAL at checkout.

2. LiLiPi, or life-like pillows, feature man’s best friend with a variety of breeds to choose from. LiLiPi also donated 500 pillows to our local Make A Wish Foundation in South Florida.

Get the 30% discount at LiLiPi.com by using NBCDEAL at checkout.

3. The Bangle Stacker is perfect to organize jewelry. The creator behind this brand donates to many childhood cancer organizations after her young nephew died from cancer.

Get the 25% discount on Amazon or BangleStacker.com by using the code NBCDEAL1.

4. Little Loving Hands is a subscription box for kids. Every month has a theme and September’s is Childhood Cancer Awareness. With Little Loving Hands, kids create crafts, then use the already addressed envelope to send their creation to a child battle cancer.

Get 25% off a subscription at LittleLovingHands.com when you use the code NBCDEAL at checkout.

5. Mother Trucker hats feature trucker style hats with fun and hip phrases perfect to describe every occasion of your life and personality.

Celebrity fans include Jenny McCarthy, Tori Spelling and Candace Cameron Bure. The brand gives back to many childhood cancer organizations like GoGold.org and Jessie.org.

Get 25% off on MotherTruckerCo.com by using NBCDEAL at checkout.

August Steals and Deals


  1. 20% off Stasher at StasherBag.com by using the code WPStasher at checkout

Parents who pack your kids lunch, this one is for you. Now, you can save all those plastic bags and be environmentally friendly with “stasher.” These are an eco-friendly alternative to sandwich bags and can be reused thousands of times. They’re made of silicone and are freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe.

  1. 20% off My Why Wear at MyWhyWear.com by using the code MyWhy20 at checkout

These shirts for kids by My Why Wear allow them to wear positive messages. They can be customized, so you can make them say whatever you want – it’s empowering and motivating.

  1. 30% off Are You Kidding at AreYouKidding.net by using the code NBCDeals at checkout

The creators of Are You Kidding, who happen to also live in South Florida, are just 8 and 10 years old. They created these fun socks so kids could stand out and look cool. The boys give back to organizations like Autism Speaks, American Cancer Society, and a big one in South Florida – the Live Like Bella Foundation.

  1. 30% Go Puck at GoPuck.com by using the code NBCDeal at checkout

With Go Puck, parents never have to worry about their kids not having batteries left on their phones to call home. It can attach it to your backpack, purse, or belt, it’ll keep all your devices charged… your phones, tablets, GoPro’s – and it can even charge more than one device at once.

  1. 20% off Eyezen Digital Protection Lenses at EyeBuyDirect.com by using the code WPTV20 at checkout

Since school has started, your student may be looking at phone or computer screens a little more and it can be damaging to your eyes. You don’t need to get your eyes tested to wear these glasses. They offer protections for anyone looking at a screen.

  1. 25% off Underarmour Eyewear by calling 1-866-EyeKing and mentioning the code WPTV

Finally, when you’re not looking at a screen for school, you may be in the sun for an extracurricular activity. Underarmour wants you to protect your eyes with these protective lenses and impact resistant frames for those sporting practices or events.

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