Naples, Florida is a great place to live… and visit.

For three years, I lived just north of Naples in Fort Myers. I worked as a reporter at WINK News and my husband played for the Florida Everblades. So, we spent a lot of time in and around Naples. (We even stayed there when we escaped a hurricane on the east coast of Florida.)

At the end of this list, I’ll share my personal favorites!

Things to do in Naples, Florida

If you’re planning a vacation, or a staycation, in Naples, this list of 10 things to do will keep your days busy and full of fun.

1. Visit  the 100-Year Old Pier

From sassy dolphins to salty snacks, Naples Pier is a popular destination for tourists and locals. It’s also right at the end of downtown Naples. The location couldn’t better for walking.

Where in Naples, Florida

  • 25 12th Ave. S., Naples, FL, USA
Things to do in Naples

Credit: Naples Government

2. Eat Exotic Seafood 

For the freshest selection of seafood ranging from Lobsters to Crabs and scores of fish cooked in intercontinental cuisines, Naples is the ultimate destination. I’m not a seafood eater, but my husband is, so hit up 5th Avenue for eating (and shopping!)

Where in Naples, Florida

  • 5th Ave. S., Naples, FL
Things to do in Naples, Fl

Credit: Fifth Avenue South

3. Visit the Zoo

The backdrop of the movie Madagascar makes the Naples Zoo and its inhabitants the most sought after in Naples, Florida. This is a great zoo with lots of shade to make the hot days bearable.

WARNING: Don’t get too close to the lion cage. Last time I was there, the lion life his tail and sprayed, uh… something, right at my husband. I guess he was marking his territory!

Don’t forget to feed the giraffes!

Where in Naples, Florida

  • 1590 Goodlette-Frank Rd., Naples, FL 34102
Things to do in Naples

Credit: Naples Zoo

4. Kayak or Fish around Ten Thousand Islands

Travel further south to go fishing or kayaking in the northern ends of Ten Thousand Islands for a day of fun! Don’t forget to bring your camera, because this place is so beautiful. Just remember, the water can be really shallow in some parts. Oh yeah, don’t get in the water. This is part of Everglades National Park. (Alligators.)

Where in Naples, Florida

  • Ten Thousand Islands, Florida 34114
naples, fl

From Google Earth

5. Walk Around the Swamp Sanctuary

Explore 13,000 acres of beauty at the Corkscrew Swamps in Naples. Here, you can choose to be adventurous, or just walk a little to check out all the sites.

Where in Naples, Florida

  • Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, 375 Sanctuary Rd. W., Naples, FL 34120
Things to do in Naples

Credit: Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary

6. Go Shopping at the Village Shops on Venetian Bay

Jewels to couture, Venetian Bay also has fashion shows to enjoy! Like 5th Avenue, this is also a great place to walk around, eat, shop, and even stay.

Where in Naples, Florida

  • The Village Shops on Venetian Bay, 4200 Gulf Shore Blvd N., Naples, FL 34103
in Naples, Fl

Credit: The Village Shops on Venetian Bay

7. See Automobile History

100 years. From 1895 to 1995, the automotive history comes alive at the Revs Institute. This is a well-kept secret in Naples, but a place I think is very cool because my grandpa had an old car museum in Marion, Ohio when I was young.

Where in Naples, Florida

  • The Revs Institute, 2500 Horseshoe Dr. S., Naples, FL 34104
Revs Institute

Credit: Revs Institute

8. Bird Watch

Wild parrots of rainbow hues and 300 other non-native birds are inhabitants of Bird Gardens of Naples. If birds are your thing, this nonprofit sanctuary is for you.

Where in Naples, Florida

  • Bird Gardens, 1060 Purple Martin Dr., Naples, FL 34120
in Naples

Credit: Bird Gardens of Naples Instagram

9. Admire Fine Art at the Baker Museum

Enjoy a brisk walk through contemporary art and aesthetics at Baker Museum in Naples. Like Revs Institute, this is another well-kept secret. In addition to traditional art, the museum also hosts a film festival and has many resources for kids.

Keep in mind, this museum is not open in the summer.

Where in Naples, Florida

  • 5833 Pelican Bay Blvd., Naples, FL 34108
naples musuem

Credit: Artis-Naples Facebook

10. Visit the Botanical Garden

With a Children’s Garden, the Naples Botanical Garden is a feast for the eye with plants of vibrant colors! This place is huge… and another one for you to bring a camera to!

Where in Naples, Florida

  • Naples Botanical Garden, 4820 Bayshore Dr., Naples, FL 34112
in Naples

Credit: Naples Botanical Garden Instagram

This list is limited to just a few things to do in Naples. My favorite thing to do in Naples when I lived there was walk up and down 5th Avenue and 3rd Street.

If you want to leave Naples, Marco Island is a short drive away and gives you an island feel. North, you can catch an Everblades game or hit up one of the many golf courses to play a round.

Enjoy Naples!

  1. Tiffany says:

    I’ve lived here for a while and didn’t even know about a couple of these!

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