When you need to stay away from people and wear masks when you’re out and about, things to do with kids are very limited. Luckily, I live in South Florida – a place where people vacation.

I fell in love with the island of Palm Beach and now jump at a chance to visit – whether it be to eat, shop, work, or just walk around.

Kids things to do in Palm Beach

The best way to see it is to go on a tour. I suggest Island Living Tours to get all the inside information (and tea) on the people and places of the island.

Recently, I took my two oldest kids, Julianna (8) and Landon (6), to spend the day in Palm Beach.

While most people don’t think it’s a kid-friendly place outside of the resort pools and beach, I beg to differ.

Things to do in Palm Beach with Kids

Palm Beach Kids

Palm Beach Sightseeing for Kids

Palm Beach is beautiful. There is no doubt about that.

However, kids find beauty in things adults don’t and vise versa.

When I walked with my kids along Worth Ave., I was surprised to see my kids drawn to the fountains. There are quite a few off Worth Avenue and my kids were enamored with how they were built, what was inside them, what was around them… and whether or not they could make a wish and throw coins inside.

Kid friendly things to do in Palm Beach

Palm Beach with Kids

I haven’t been to the Seafood Bar at The Breaker’s, but rumor has it, they have a pretty cool fish tank that entertains kids as well.

Palm Beach Eating for Kids

There are so many places to choose from for Palm Beach eats. However, not all are kid-friendly.

When we visited Palm Beach, we didn’t just look for something that was kid-friendly, but something that also had outdoor seating for extra safety during the pandemic.

In a Facebook group for fellow Palm Beach moms, I was referred to a few places, including Pizza Al Fresco.

There, we shared some delicious fries and a pizza.

Pizza Al Fresco Palm Beach

Pizza Al Fresco Palm Beach Kids

Kids at Pizza Al Fresco in Palm Beach

Pizza Al Fresco in Palm Beach with Kids

Then we noticed we were sitting right beside not one, but TWO graves that belong to Johnnie Brown, a monkey, and a dog named Laddie.

Addison Mizner, the well-known architect of Palm Beach’s signature style, carried his pet spider monkey everywhere and you can see images of it around Palm Beach. Socialites Rose and Morton Sachs, who later lived in Mizner’s home buried their dog, Laddie, next to Johnnie Brown… right beside an outdoor table at Pizza Al Fresco.

You can’t miss dessert… especially when you’re with kids.

Ice cream in Palm Beach at Peterbrooke

Peterbrooke Palm Beach ice cream and chocolate

Peterbrooks ice cream in Palm Beach

After lunch and shopping, we stopped by Peterbrooke Chocolatier and my kids felt like they just walked into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. (The woman behind the counter loved their reaction.)

They ordered chocolate ice cream and I got some fudge to eat outside on a little blue table along South County Road.

Palm Beach Shopping for Kids

When I asked my kids what their favorite part of the day was, they both agreed it was shopping at Classic Bookshop.

I always make it a point to stop in at Classics when I’m in the area. Once, I even ran into my favorite author, James Patterson, right outside!


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My favorite hobby is reading, so a bookstore is my happy place. This bookstore is especially unique because it’s an independently owned shop with just a couple of rows of books located on the main road in an upscale island. Does it get more charming than that?!

We spent a lot of time here because there was so much to choose from with many kid’s books shelved and stacked in the back of the store.

Classic Bookshop Palm Beach

Kids books at Classics in Palm Beach

Classic Bookshop in Palm Beach

Across the street from Classics, you can also visit P.B. Girls Club for fun shopping. Unfortunately, they were closed on Sunday when we made our day trip.

If you’re thinking of planning a vacation, or my favorite – a staycation, click here to see the best hotels in Palm Beach.

If you want to spend some time in West Palm Beach with kids, click here to see some of our favorite things to do.

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