What is not virtual today?! Just about everything is.

I even do my grocery shopping online, but the biggest difference the virtual world has made for me is in my business. With each virtual class I take, my business benefits.

I recently wrote an article for Inc. Magazine titled 3 reasons a Master’s Degree would’ve been a waste of money. It wasn’t so much an insult to graduate school, but a big praise for online courses and classes.

Last year, I started learning from experts online. Today, I’m addicted.


Many industry experts are creating courses like I have, but what if you want to learn something specific, but don’t know where to turn? Or you have a specific budget? I suggest Zeqr.

What is Zeqr? In a sentence, it’s a global knowledge hub.

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Here are three reasons Zeqr is a great resource for growing your business, both as someone wanting to learn more and as an expert in your industry. (You should be both!)

1. You will be better informed.

Remember in college when you wanted to pursue a specific career after graduation, but you were forced to take all of those prerequisite classes to be “well rounded” (so they say)? For me, it was a waste of time and money.


Not only that, but the things I really did need to learn, were not taught in a classroom. I learned more about becoming a TV reporter and anchor from actual TV reporters and anchors while I was interning in college. With Zeqr, you are better informed because:

a.) You are choosing what you want to learn, and

b.) You are learning it from an expert.

2. You will learn in real time.

With Zeqr, you learn, peer-to-peer, when it’s convenient for you… and NOW. As a learner, this is so beneficial. Nothing you will learn is outdated. Everything is new and fresh. In our world of constantly changing technology, this is HUGE!

3. You can make money.

This one is for the experts… and trust me, everyone is an expert in something. What do you know? What do you love? What do you spend all day, every day doing? That is your expertise.

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It may seem almost like common sense to you because you’ve been surrounded by it for so long, but others would pay you to teach them what you know. Instead of them spending months on trial and error, someone can spend a little money and go straight to the source of all the knowledge in a virtual class on Zeqr.com.


I’m required to disclose a relationship between my blog and Zeqr. This could include me being provided with content, product, access, service or other forms of payment.

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