I was so happy when the folks at Lincoln contacted me about test driving the brand new 2018 Lincoln Navigator. The luxury SUV was delivered to my door in blue diamond metallic – a very cool color you don’t see on the road… yet.

I’m an SUV kinda girl. Not only can I fit my car seats and a lot of stuff in them, but SUVs also make me feel safe. Make no mistake, the Lincoln Navigator blows any SUV I’ve ever driven out of the water. It doesn’t get much bigger or better than this. Here’s why.

2018 Lincoln Navigator

2018 Lincoln Navigator

1. The Space

When I tell you my kids were dancing in the middle of the 2018 Lincoln Navigator, I’m not lying. It’s so spacious in a variety of ways. One – the captain seats. This doesn’t only give my two kids more space, but it makes the third row easily accessible.

Speaking of easily accessible, putting down that third row of seating for even more trunk space is as easy as pushing a button. That’s it! You push a button and they automatically fold down. If you want to push those captain seats down, you can… and you can do it without taking the car seats out because they move forward. They don’t fold up. (Clearly, a parent was behind this design.)

Lincoln Navigator Trunk

2. The WiFi & Phone Charger

As a business owner and blogger, I am always connected (even though I should disconnect from time to time). The 2018 Lincoln Navigator comes with built-in WiFi. Between meetings on the go, waiting for the kids at school, or road trips that have me riding shotgun – this is so convenient.

After all that WiFi use, your phone battery may run low. No charger? No problem. The luxury SUV comes with a wireless charger! Sitting your phone in the middle console does the trick!

Lincoln Navigator 2018

3. My Personal Profile

You know how when you get into your car after someone else has driven it you need to adjust the seat? In the new Lincoln Navigator, you don’t need to do anything… after you create your personal profile.

This is how it works. You can have a key fob and someone else, like your spouse, can have a key fob. The luxury SUV will sense the key fob being used by the driver and automatically move the seat to the correct position for that particular driver. No adjusting necessary!

Lincoln Navigator 2018

4. The Lights

When you approach the 2018 Lincoln Navigator, the lights turn on. There is also a light that shines the Lincoln symbol on the ground and on the grill in the front.

When I was putting together this blog post I asked my kids about their favorite feature. It was the ambient lighting inside the vehicle… because you could pick the color. Yes, the floor mats and cup holders can change color depending on your mood (or outfit if you want to match).

Lincoln Navigator 2018

2018 Lincoln Navigator Lights

5. The Quality

This one is just obvious. It’s a luxury SUV and you will feel luxurious in it. All of the features were executed with a lot of thought to make the driver feel comfortable, safe, and assisted with all the technology inside and outside… and you can see all of it at any time with the 360-degree camera.

Lincoln Navigator 2018

…and some other awesome features of this vehicle:

    • It can sense the lane you are driving in and if you veer to the left or the right, a red light shows up on your dashboard (that shines onto your windshield) to indicate you are crossing the line. The steering wheel will vibrate as well to help you get back on track.
    • When you get too close to the car in front of you, you will be warned with loud beeps. (It only happened once.)
    • My husband’s favorite part – the seats heat up and cool down to your desire.
    • It has a sunroof. I’m a sucker for a sunroof, especially in South Florida.

To see more of the 2018 Lincoln Navigator, and the amazing colors to choose from, click here. I showed some of my blogging friends, and they loved it too!

I’m required to disclose a relationship between my blog and Lincoln Motor Company. This could include me being provided with content, product, access, service or other forms of payment.

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