The number of American women who own their own businesses is on the rise. It’s estimated that more than 9.1 million women now lead their own enterprises… and I’m one of them!


Another woman who is part of that trend is helping other women become their own bosses, Dr. Diana Hoppe.

“I think many women are willing to branch out on their own because they decide that the benefits outweigh the risks,” says Dr. Diana Hoppe, founder of Amazing Over 40 Inc., a health coaching certification program for women.


“We live in a time when people often re-invent themselves because job opportunities are limited or they are looking for new challenges.”

I already shared with you why I started my own business. At first, I just wanted to be a “professional freelancer,” but then it turned into something more. Now, I am doing more work with Media Maven and less freelancing. Either way, I’m the boss… and I like it that way.

Dr. Diana Hoppe says there are plenty of advantages to starting a business. Here are 3 reasons women start their own business:

Be Your Own Boss.

When you own your own business, you can discover what it’s like to be fully independent, dictating your own path without anyone looking over your shoulder. You’re the boss and the decisions are yours.

Set Your Own Schedule.

Maybe you want to work a full 40-hour week, or maybe you are seeking a part-time schedule. When you are setting up your own business, you have more flexibility about when, where and how you work. Now, I am working more than I ever have. It’s well over 40 hours a week… but I get to pick when and where I work those 40+ hours.

Find Work That Fulfills You.

Those who start a business can create a career for themselves that provides fulfillment.


But it’s also critical to have a strong business plan so that you understand the market, have specific goals and know how to achieve those goals. It’s not easy. If it was, everyone would do it!

“If you don’t focus on building a strong foundation for your business at the beginning, it is likely to fail or not grow as fast as it can,” Hoppe says.


Among the factors to consider is that some businesses require more overhead than others. For example, if you are working from home, you don’t need to worry about leasing commercial space. Regardless, it’s crucial to make sure you have the necessary capital for whatever business you launch. For me, it was a years worth of preparation and saving.

So, are you ready to be a #girlboss? If so, what are you waiting for?!

  1. Angela Cruz says:

    Your journey as your own boss has been so, so, so inspiring to me. I appreciate that you share what it’s really like here on your blog! It gives us so much food for thought, and you are being so successful in your endeavors!

  2. Lauren says:

    Love this! It makes me so happy to see you doing so well on your own terms!! I know 2016 is going to bring you amazing things!

  3. Kristen says:

    What you have been able to do in such a short time is remarkable. I love that you shared your income report and you share what you are learning along the way. These are 3 really great reasons to start your own business and work from home. The older I get – the less I love wearing makeup and having to worry about what to wear to work. And I love being home with the kids, though it’s so much harder to get things done with them underfoot! yes to finding work that fulfills all of us in 2016! Hope you have a wonderful new year!

  4. Really enjoyed this post and those are literally my reasons for starting my blog and freelancing career. I’ll be sharing this post. (I already pinned!)
    The benefits do outweigh the risks especially nowadays when you can start your side hustle and grow it over time instead of just jumping in without any kind of safety net.
    Thanks for sharing.

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