Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney movies. I always loved Belle because she was like me – a girl with brown hair who loves to read. 

When it comes to gifts to give, you can’t go wrong with a Disney gift, and that includes the very popular movie, both animated and not, Beauty and the Beast.

10 Beauty and Beast Gift Ideas

Because I love Amazon just as much as I love Belle, here are my favorite Beauty and the Beast gift ideas for any party, special occasion, or celebration for Belle fans, Beast fans, and all the other favorite characters. Some of these are Amazon affiliate links.

 10 Best Beauty and Beast Gift Ideas for Adults

1. Chip Mug with Gold Foil Printing 

Click here to buy it on Amazon for $15.

With an indented chip on the rim (created with a paint effect), metallic gold trims, and the sweet face of Chip from Beauty and the Beast – this coffee mug is sure to delight any fan of the beloved Disney movie. Ready for giving, this adorable mug comes in a box with sketches of Beauty, Beast, Chip, and Mrs. Potts. Due to the gold foil printing is not microwave or dishwasher safe.

beauty and the beast gift ideas

2. Live Action Movie Replica Vintage Handheld Mirror with Handle

Click here to buy it on Amazon for $7.

Fans of Beauty and the Beast will love this mirror! It is a Beauty and the Beast live-action movie replica. No, this one isn’t magical and won’t show you your father lost in the woods in a snowstorm, but the oval hand mirror is embossed and enhanced with scalloped edge detail, just like the one the Beast gave to Belle. 

beauty and the beast gift ideas

3. Beauty And The Beast Natural Cotton Reusable Tote Bag 

Click here to buy it on Amazon for $13.

When I go on trips or to the library, I love to carry my books in a bag, and this bag is perfect for that. It also makes a statement that you love Belle and love to read too! It measures 18″ × 12″ ×1.2″ and can also serve as a mini travel bag. Each bag is designed by a professional designer.

beauty and the beast gift ideas

4. Gallery Wrapped Canvas of Beauty and The Beast Falling in Love

Click here to buy it on Amazon for $99.

Thomas Kinkade is known as the painter of lights and has therefore captured the love between Beauty and the Beast as a magical moment in this beautiful canvas. He features numerous beloved characters from the classic tale in his art, including Lumiere, Cogsworth, and Mrs. Potts. It measures 14 x 14 inches.

beauty and the beast gift ideas

5. Couple Pillowcases: “Her Beast and His Beauty”

Click here to buy it on Amazon for $15.

Beauty and the Beast gifts don’t have to be given to one person. If a couple loves the movie, they can have a share of the goodies. These pillowcases feature the words “Her Beast” on one and “His Beauty” on the other. The printed pillowcases are 30×20 inches, fitting most standard and queen size pillows.

beauty and the beast gift ideas

6. Classic Beauty and the Beast Notebook

Click here to buy it on Amazon for $7.

If you’re like me, you can’t have enough notebooks. Why not add this classic 120 page Beauty and the Beast notebook to your collection? It is college-ruled and has white-colored writing pads. It is 6 x 9 inches. You can easily put it in your backpack or carry it anywhere.

beauty and the beast gift ideas

7. Beauty and Beast Fairytale Glass Apron

Click here to buy it on Amazon for $14.

Be our guest with this apron that has the beautiful print of the stained glass in the Beast’s castle – complete with the red rose in its glass dome. Each apron’s width is 28 inches and the length is 33 inches and is designed with an adjustable neck strap and long tie-backs. The apron has two center pockets – perfect for storing spoons, spatulas, herbs, spices, towels, recipes, or any other accessory you need close at hand while baking, cooking, grilling, gardening, or crafting.

beauty and the beast gift ideas

8. True Love Silhouette Hoodie 

Click here to buy it on Amazon for $48.

Not that I’ve ever been to Disney World in sweater weather, but if you go during a cold front, you should totally wear this! Fans can show their love for this romantic fantasy in this hoodie that features Beauty and the Beast in a gold silhouette. It also reads, “Love doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be true.” It comes in navy blue, gray, and black.

beauty and the beast gift ideas

9. Look Like a Beauty, Drink Like a Beast Motivational Tracking Water Bottle

Click here to buy it on Amazon for $19.

I have this water bottle and I use it every single day. Not only does it have a fun, clever saying on it, but it’s also leakproof and easy for on-the-go hydration with lightweight, durability, and an ergonomic design. Using the rose points to know how much to drink and when to refill really keeps you on track to being healthy and hydrated (and looking like a real Disney beauty in the fairy tales).

beauty and the beast gift ideas

10. Sterling Silver Rose Pendant 

Click here to buy it on Amazon for $40.

This is your opportunity to own amazing Disney-themed jewelry at a great price. This sterling silver two-tone Belle’s rose pendant necklace hangs on a lovely 18-inch link chain necklace finished with a spring-ring clasp. The rose pendant is designed to echo Beauty and the Beast’s sincere love. Shaped like a rose, the beautiful enchanted rose pendant is colored in pink and silver with a cutout design giving the rose a sophisticated and unique touch.

beauty and the beast gift ideas

Beauty and Beast Gifts

I can’t end this blog post about Beauty and the Beast gift ideas without talking about some fun movie facts. (Does anyone else go crazy searching for Disney Easter Eggs when they watch Disney movies?!) But first, I want to know what Belle, Beast, or other characters gifts you’re loving. Find me on Instagram at @ChristinaAllDay and let me know!

Do you want to see another list of unique gifts from your favorite Disney movie, like The Little Mermaid? Maybe you’re looking for a beast shirt, beast toys, a beast costume, or beast figures – hey, I get it. He’s a lovable guy! Let me know who and what makes you a big Disney fan and I’ll try to find unique gifts for my next round-up.

5 Fun Facts About Beauty and the Beast

1. The Prince’s name is never mentioned in the movie.

Although the Prince turned Beast then back to Prince again is a significant character, he is never actually named in the Disney movie. We didn’t know about his name until the Broadway musical that Disney announced that the character was named Prince Adam. 

2. Belle is the second Disney Princess who isn’t royal by birth. 

The great beauty Princess Belle wasn’t a princess until she got married to Prince Adam towards the end of the movie. The first heroine who didn’t have royal blood was the beloved character Cinderella. (Both are very popular with little girls.)

beauty and the beast gift ideas

3. Jackie Chan contributed to an international version.

Jackie Chan voiced the Beast for the Chinese translation of the Disney film, including the music. He, alongside Sarah Chen, performed the title track in Mandarin. 

4. The Beast is a mash-up of various animals. 

The Beast has the head of a buffalo, the eyes of a human, the mane of a lion, the brow of a gorilla, the body of a bear, and the legs and tail of a wolf. Glen Keane claims that the Beast has a rainbow bum, but only Belle can confirm that. 

5. There’s a non-musical version. 

I know everyone sings praises of the movie’s musical version, but did you know that the earlier version didn’t have any music? Thank goodness Disney put music in the movie because I’m a big fan of Disney songs. (Beauty and the Beast is such a classic song too!)

beauty and the beast gift ideas

Finally, there are so many favorite Disney princesses that lend to great gift ideas, but I love finding the perfect gift idea for Mother’s Day or for display in a living space, like a living room. If you have an excellent choice for an anniversary gift or have found something straight from the west wing of Beast’s castle that shares the love of this classic story right down to the last petal, let me know!

For Frozen gift ideas for kids, click here. If you’re headed to Disney World anytime soon, make sure you read this first!

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