Can we talk about skincare for a second? 

I’m into it more than ever before for two reasons. One is that I’m 37 years old and not getting any younger. The other? I was a sun and tanning bed worshipper in high school and college and did a lot of damage to my skin then. Now, I’m trying to fix it and it’s not easy.

So, when someone has a potential solution to my uneven skin tone and skin texture problems, I’m all ears! This unwanted pigmentation has been here too long.

In June, I was approached by Amanda at 5WPR, the agency that handles influencer marketing for Lumenis and all of its advanced technologies. Amanda wanted to collaborate with Lumenis to promote their new aesthetic treatment called SmoothGlo.

Kyle Richards from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills does this, and she’s aging backward, so I’m in!

Before we really get into it, I want to be transparent in sharing that my partnership with Lumenis did not include me writing this blog post. There is only so much you can see and I can share in a couple of Instagram reels, so I wanted to give you an even deeper look at my experience with three SmoothGlo treatments in three months here on my blog.

Before and After Three Treatments of SmoothGlo by Lumenis

Before and After Three Treatments of SmoothGlo by Lumenis

According to the Lumenis website, SmoothGlo is an innovative sequential skin treatment that utilizes two proven technologies delivered one following the other in one session that results in a visibly fuller, brighter, firmer, and more youthful appearance.

If you missed my first Instagram reel, here it is. I sum up the procedure in layman’s terms.

The first thing I did at Jupiter Dermatology was snap some before pictures. Then Kendra hooked me up with some numbing cream on my face. 

Before and After Three Treatments of SmoothGlo by Lumenis

After that, Dr. Mejia went to work – first with Lumenis Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL. Basically, this machine zapped the discoloration off my face. So if you have sun damage, broken capillaries, or rosacea – this is going to be your jam.

The second and final step was using radiofrequency micro-needling technology. During this step, teeny tiny needles poked little holes in my skin to produce more collagen and give my skin volume. It also helps fight wrinkles, which at 37, is what I’m trying to do here. 

Your face will get red while all of this is happening, which is great because that’s how you know it’s working! After a couple of hours, my color was back to normal… and no – it didn’t hurt. (Thanks for numbing me, Kendra.)

Before and After Three Treatments of SmoothGlo by Lumenis

These three things are covered:

  1. Skin tone
  2. Texture
  3. volume

What is SmoothGlo by Lumenis

Now, here is the more scientific version of the treatment from the SmoothGlo website.

The first portion of the treatment is with the StellarM22™ IPL, which removes both brown and red lesions improving overall tone while increasing the water content in the skin. 

It’s the increase in the skin’s water content that amplifies the clinical effects of the second part of the treatment with the Legend Pro™ VoluDerm™ RF micro-needling, which exposes the elevated moisture in the skin to an electrical charge that improves the texture, contour, and volume of the skin.

SmoothGlo reverses the signs of aging by delivering both immediate and cumulative results with full results achieved in three to four visits with little to no downtime. (I had three treatments and no downtime.)

For more on the comfortable treatment and the electronic device used, click here.

Before and After Three Treatments of SmoothGlo by Lumenis
Before and After Three Treatments of SmoothGlo by Lumenis

How to get SmoothGlo by Lumenis

This is a fairly new procedure, so it’s not available at every dermatologist’s office, but if you click here you can find a certified SmoothGlo provider near you.

Depending on our skin type, you will get a different setting on the machine to target a specific treatment area. For example, you can fight visible signs of aging, fine lines, acne scars, excessive skin redness, and excess pigmentation (like me). That’s why a consultation is important.

Plus, you need to figure out how many sequential treatments you need for your skin’s surface because everyone is different.

Have you tried this nonsurgical approach before? If so, find me on Instagram at @ChristinaAllDay and let me know how many treatments you had and what your SmoothGlo journey looks like today.

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