Am I a surfer? No. But do I live in a place where there are surfers? Yes. Hence the reason for this gift guide – for people in year-round warm water in surf spots, like South Florida.

If you’re looking for a gift idea for a surfer friend, these practical gifts will bring a smile to the face of your favorite surfer.

The Best Gifts for Surfers

All of these gift ideas for surfers can be found on Amazon – my favorite place to shop. Some of these are affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission.

1. Shark Attack Socks

Click here to buy it for $14.

This pair of fun crew socks are made out of 55% cotton, 43% polyester, and 2% spandex. They fit a men’s shoe size of 7 to 13 and a woman’s shoe size of 8 ½ to 14 ½… so it’s easy to get the right size.

The 10 Best Gifts for Surfers

2. Waterproof Dry Backpack with Waterproof Phone Case

Click here to buy it for $15-$35.

This is made of rugged, flexible, and fully waterproof 500D PVC to easily withstand abuse from the wilderness. It features an adjustable padded strap for comfortable carrying, an outer mesh pocket that gives you room for non-dry storage, and an elastic rope for holding clothing or accessories. 

Every dry backpack included a 6.6-inch waterproof phone case with a high definition window that is 100% secure seal lock and tough-friendly design. It’s the best option for use in all water sports!

The 10 Best Gifts for Surfers

3. Durable Wetsuit Changing Mat and Water-Resistant Bag

Click here to buy it for $20.

Wetsuits are expensive and they deteriorate much faster when rubbed with dirt and debris. Changing on this mat prevents your suit from getting dirty, so it’s a great option for extending its life.

After you change out of your wet wetsuit, tighten the drawstring on the mat, and it turns into a dry bag. Fabricated with lightweight yet strong waterproof material, the mat measures 29 inches across when laid out flat. 

The 10 Best Gifts for Surfers

4. Magnetic Shark Repellent Band

Click here to buy it for $94.

Using patented magnetic technology, Sharkbanz overwhelms sharks’ electroreceptors causing a highly unpleasant sensation that turns sharks away. This is technology based on proven science, published research, and testing by the Western Australian Government and verified by an independent third-party University. (It’s surf science.)

No batteries or charging is needed because this is always on. You can wear it on your ankle or wrist.

If you know of any great surf watches, let me know on Instagram at @ChristinaAllDay and I’ll add it to this gift guide for surfers.

The 10 Best Gifts for Surfers

5. Wax Holder Container with Surf Wax, Organic Reef Safe Sunscreen Face Stick, Horchata Lip Balm, and Wax Scraper with Fin Key

Click here to buy it for $50.

This canvas wax holder includes Surf Wax (Matunas Organic or Sticky Bumps), Organic Reef Safe Waterproof Sunscreen SPF 50, All Natural Horchata Lip Balm with SPF 15, and a Surf Tool Wax Comb with Fin Key and Bottle Opener.

It’s everything you need for a great day of surf and nothing less.

The 10 Best Gifts for Surfers

6. Chesapeake Bay Ceramic Surfer Van Design Salt and Pepper Set 

Click here to buy it for $13.

The shakers measure 2 3/4 x 2 1/2 x 1 3/4 inches and are made out of painted dolomite ceramic.

There’s a good chance this may be the right gift for a surfer who loves to cook and eat.

The 10 Best Gifts for Surfers

7. Sanuk Donna Hemp Shoes

Click here to buy it for $39-$65.

The fabric shoes are imported with synthetic and textile soles. The heel measures approximately 0.75″ and the platform measures approximately 0.5″.

The 10 Best Gifts for Surfers

8. Surfboard Shaped Bamboo Serving and Cutting Board

Click here to buy it for $13.

This unique, surfboard-shaped bamboo cutting board features an inlay of dark end-grain bamboo flanked by strips of light-colored bamboo making it perfect for serving charcuterie and summertime entertaining.

The included hanging hole and tie allow the board to double wonderfully as wall art.

The 10 Best Gifts for Surfers

9. Surfer Wave Bracelets

Click here to buy it from $17-$20.

The package contains 21 pieces of beach bracelet anklets in different styles, coming with various elements – enough quantity to use and share with families or friends.

Waterproof and fadeless, these boho style pull cord anklets are made of a combination of wax and cords, featuring good resistance of water, not easy to fade even if you go surfing and swimming wearing with them.

The 10 Best Gifts for Surfers

10. Surf World Map

Click here to buy it for $46.

This glossy world map comes in a variety of colors and shares details to plan the surf trip of a lifetime to visit 300 of the best spots to surf.

There are a lot of awesome maps out there, but this one is so specific to surfing!

The 10 Best Gifts for Surfers

I hope you found at least one great gift, maybe even the perfect gift, for your surf-loving friend here. Whether it’s a changing mat, a key chain for car keys, beach towels, or even a new board – surfing life lends itself to a plethora of gift ideas.

The best way to find the most useful gifts is to buy a gift card to a local surf shop or online surf shop that will include things like fin keys, surfboard socks, a board bag, a roof rack, and even a surf session for beginner surfers.

The good news? Catching the best waves will be easier with at least one of these easy-to-order gift ideas in a variety of price ranges. 

What should I add to this life of the best gifts for surfers? Any other surfing gear, something to prevent surf ears, or a good surf book? (You know I love a good book!) Find me on Instagram at @ChristinaAllDay and let me know what ideal gift I should add here.

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