Disney World isn’t just for the rides and entertainment. The resorts also have great food too. The purpose of this blog post is to help you find great sushi the best sushi restaurant on your Disney vacation while you’re not having fun at a theme park. Some of these restaurants are also on the Disney Dining Plan.

What is Sushi? 

Let’s cover the basics first. Although sushi is native to Japan, it is enjoyed by people globally. Bits of fish are wrapped in seaweed and rice and can be eaten as a meal or as snacks. 

The meal originated in southeast Asia to increase the shelf life of fish by keeping it in fermenting rice. Ancient chefs discovered that when they placed salted fish in fermenting rice, it was preserved. Modern sushi isn’t so different from what the ancient people experimented with. 

  1. First, the seaweed that is used is collected with submerged bamboo nets. 
  2. The sushi rolls are prepared by selecting the fish species that meet the required taste, color, and fat content. 
  3. Then, the chef chops the fish into bits and combines them with spices like ginger root. 
  4. The cook also uses a time of vinegar culled from fermented rice to add flavor to the rice. 
  5. Finally, the mixture is then wrapped with seaweed for eating. 

8 Places for the Best Sushi at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando

8 Places for the Best Sushi at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando 

There are a lot of great restaurants at the various Disney World theme parks and Disney Springs. I’ve covered a few here on the blog before. This post specifically focuses on just one thing – delicious sushi because Walt Disney World restaurants offer multiple locations to explore numerous Japanese restaurants with a wide array of seafood and sushi.

1. Tokyo Dining

At Tokyo Dining, you can have a traditional sushi experience in the Japan Pavilion at Epcot. 

Their menu includes classic rolls like tempura shrimp rolls, avocado, spicy tuna, and salmon rolls. You can also try the ginger-marinated carrot topped with micro wasabi and creamy white sauce, smelt rice, spicy chili mayo, or the citrus shrimp roll with shrimp. 

For more on Tokyo Dining, click here.


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2. Kona Café

Kona café is located in a casual setting in Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. It is a tropical restaurant that serves a variety of sushi for lunch and dinner. 

The favorites here are the shrimp tempura, chives, lobster, crab, Polly lolly roll with fried soft-shelled crab, and yuzu aioli. Here, there is also an onstage sushi kitchen where you can watch a talented row of traditional sushi chefs hand-roll a few of your favorites and beautifully prepare mouthwatering selections of nigiri, sashimi, and more.

The best part of visiting this café is that it offers seafood and non-seafood items to accommodate non-sushi lovers. 

For more on Kona Cafe, click here.


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3. Morimoto Asia 

This sushi bar located in The Landing at Disney Springs is a favorite sushi spot. Here, there is an extensive sushi menu (and Disney Springs is such a great place for good food). 

The restaurant’s massive, 2-story interior includes glittering 20-foot-long chandeliers, Shanghai-influenced lounges, private dining spaces, and a second-level sushi bar and lounge.

Chef Morimoto is acknowledged as one of the most inventive forces in Asian cuisine, and he has creatively reimagined a showcase of Asian flavors and traditions. Choose from Japanese favorites like sushi, sashimi, and the succulent Kakuni Bao or Chinese classics like crispy Peking duck carving (served boneless with Chinese pancakes and dim sum), plus Korean and Malay specialties—even some dishes inspired by Asian street-food stalls!

For more on Morimoto Asia, click here.


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4. Kimonos 

Kimonos, located at the Walt Disney World Swan Hotel, has arguably the most extensive selection of sushi on Disney World property. 

Specialties may include tempura shrimp and Kobe beef in addition to a wide selection of sushi rolls and sashimi… and each night, the lounge transforms into a karaoke bar sure to entertain you with sake and song!

Fun fact: This restaurant voted Orlando Sentinel’s Critic’s Choice for the best sushi in Orlando.

For more on Kimonos, click here.

5. California Grill

You’ll find this restaurant on the 15th floor of Disney’s Contemporary Resort where you’ll see panoramic views of the shimmering Seven Seas Lagoon and Cinderella’s Castle at the Magic Kingdom. 

Here, you can experience the flavors of the Pacific Coast, including seafood and sushi selections. 

For more on California Grill, click here.


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6. Splitsville Luxury Lanes

Surprised to see this one on the list? Hey, they have good sushi… and lots of fun!

In addition to bowling and billiards, Splitsville features flat-screen televisions throughout, live music, and an eclectic contemporary menu that include sushi.

For more on Splitsville, click here.

7. Katsura Grill 

Now, let’s head back to Epcot and eat among the trees at another Japanese restaurant. This restaurant, located in the World Showcase of Japan, allows you to quiet your mind as you listen to the sound of distant taiko drums. 

Here, you can enjoy teriyaki, sushi, chicken cutlet curry, salads, and more. Draft beer, sake, and plum wine are also available.

For more on Katsura Grill, click here.


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8. Kabuki Café

Here, we’re still in Japan at Epcot where you can order Japanese cuisine like tsunami-style sushi, edamame, kakigōri, assorted Japanese sodas & beer, plum wine, and hot or cold sake.

For more on Kabuki Cafe, click here.

Three Tips for Safer Sushi 

Sushi doesn’t pose an immediate health risk, but like all raw food, you should mindful of how it’s prepared. Well-trained sushi chefs can buy, examine, and store healthy fish to minimize the risks of an infection. There are things to look out for before munching sushi. 

1. Patronize only reputable restaurants 

All the restaurants I listed here have a track record of excellence for many years. One of the factors to consider is if they have well-trained staff. An expert would easily detect parasites like anisakis larvae, which are visible in raw fish. 

If you’re out to find a cheap option, you’ll likely end up in the wrong hands. Reputable eateries follow FDA regulations to the latter. They freeze the fish at minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit for one week because it kills parasites and prevents infection. 

2. Pick the right fish 

Some fish are a no-no for sushi-style, no matter how you try to tweak it. If you find varieties like yellow pike, perch, or brook trout, be cautious of consuming them. Tuna is a safer and faster option for raw consumption. Again, this point relates to the first one. It takes an expert chef to shop for the right fish. 

3. Do not attempt to make it at home

The average human is not trained to handle fish correctly. Even if you try, your freezer may not be cold enough to kill the parasites. 

Also, keep in mind, children and pregnant women should avoid sushi because they have a higher chance of being infected. 

8 Places for the Best Sushi at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando

The Best Way to Eat Sushi 

It is possible that you’ve been eating sushi for many years but have been doing it wrong? Or maybe you just want to try a new way of eating. Let me help.

Should you eat sushi with your hands? 

Yes, you can. It was initially (and still is) street food, and so, it isn’t wrong to put your hands to work. If you opt-in for your hands, some Japanese restaurants will hand you a towel. When dipping, ensure that the soy sauce doesn’t touch the rice else; it can become too salty. (The sauce should touch only the fish.)

Can you eat sushi with chopsticks? 

Of course, you can. (In my experience it’s difficult. I think I need to practice more.) All you need to do is grab the sushi with the sticks. (It’s not as easy as it sounds if it’s your first time.) Turn the sushi upside down and dip the fish part in the condiment like you’d do if you eat with your hands. 

8 Places for the Best Sushi at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando

Common Fish Used in Sushi 

Just about any kind of fish can be used for sushi, but some are more popular. Some of the favorites include tuna, octopus, shrimp, and salmon. You can get more adventurous with swordfish and sweetfish. If you are unsure of the fish used in a roll, just ask your chef.  Here are other types of fish used for sushi:

  • Seabass
  • Eel with eel sauce
  • Blue marlin
  • Shrimp
  • Yellowtail
  • Ark shell
  • Flatfish
  • Scallops
  • Clams
  • Squid
  • Cockle
  • Flatfish

Let me know if you think I missed a great restaurant on this list on Instagram at @ChristinaAllDay. Let me know how you roll – California roll, volcano roll, avocado roll, spider roll, dragon roll, spicy Kazan roll… you get the point. Let me know about your dining experience at the best places and coolest dining room you’ve visited. Let me in on the Disney magic of sushi offerings I may have missed, please!

Oh, and if you’re looking for some great spots for breakfast or brunch at Disney World in Orlando after your sushi dinner, just click here.


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