Let me start off by saying this: I may be the pickiest eater you’ll ever come across. It’s nothing new. I’ve always been picky, so a buffet-style restaurant is perfect for someone like me (and my husband who is a big eater.) But unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of great buffets out there… or so I thought.

I recently ate at Fresh Harvest. It’s a restaurant in the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek and it’s unlike any other buffet I’ve been to. I’d call it a high-end variety kitchen. Not only is it huge, but it’s gorgeous, the selection is insane, and most of the food is made from scratch right in front of you. You also get a server and real plates. (There’s none of that lunch room tray business at Fresh Harvest.)


Here are five reasons to eat at a buffet, or high end variety kitchen, like Fresh Harvest:

  1. The selection.

Even though I’m picky, I can always find something at a buffet, but at Fresh Harvest, I was blown away. It almost reminded me of being on a cruise ship. You can get pizza made over there, create your own pasta here, or even have crab legs delivered to your table while you’re trying the variety of homemade dressings for your salad. (Yes, the chefs make all the salad dressings themselves at Fresh Harvest.) Whatever you want, or didn’t even know you wanted, you can find at a buffet.

I always want to try something new at a restaurant, but never do because I don’t want to risk not liking it, then telling the server, sending it back, ordering something different, not eating while everyone else eats because my second order is being made, and… you get the point. At a buffet, this is never an issue.


2. The location.

The night I visited Fresh Harvest at the Seminole Casino in Coconut Creek, I was so excited not only to eat, but to check out the casino! There was so much happening in and around the casino – games, gambling, live music, and other entertainment. I’ve never been to a buffet-type restaurant so close to this much action.

3. The limitless options.

Okay, this one is for my big eater of a husband. Out of all that selection, you get to pick how much of whatever you want. You can try one of everything, or keep going back for the same thing. This is where my husband takes full advantage of everything he sees, for as long as he can. For me, I liked the dessert section. Not only was it huge, but it offered a lot. (See what I mean?)


5 reasons to eat at a buffet


4. The timing

Remember how I mentioned my husband and his love of food? Well, he would have no problem posting up at a buffet like Fresh Harvest all. day. long. While you may feel rushed at other restaurants, you just don’t get that feeling here. There is no standard appetizer, dinner, dessert schedule, so you can take your time and eat whatever you want, in whatever order… then, do it all again. So, take. your. time.

5. The ease of it all

For all of the reasons above, buffets are just easy. You know you’re going to find something you like… and better yet, something your kids like. It’s so easy to pick things that look good and stop eating things that you try and may not like.


My favorite part about Fresh Harvest is the uniqueness of the variety kitchen.

It is very 2016. By that, I mean it’s spacious, clean, offers more than I’ve seen at any restaurant (and this includes cruise ships), and everything is made from scratch right there. Many times, you can customize what you want and watch a chef make it right in front of you. That was the coolest part!

Fresh Harvest is located at 5550 NW 40th St., in Coconut Creek. The hours and pricing are:

Lunch: Monday – Friday | 11AM – 4PM
$19 / $12 Children 10 & Under
Dinner: Monday – Thursday | 4PM – 9PM
$27 / $17 Children 10 & Under
Land & Sea Dinner:           Friday & Saturday | 4PM – 9PM
$33 / $17 Children 10 & Under
Includes one pound of crab legs
Brunch: Saturday | 10AM – 4PM
Sunday | 10AM – 9PM
$28 / $17 Children 10 & Under
Includes endless mimosas and sparkling wine* and one pound of crab legs

Note: You can also upgrade to an Unlimited Beverage Package for $10 and enjoy endless house wine and domestic bottled beer.


I’m required to disclose a relationship between my blog and Fresh Harvest. This could include me being provided with content, product, access, service or other forms of payment.

  1. Sarah Smith says:

    My husband and I are trying to find a good place to eat on our vacation. Thanks for the advice about how at the buffet there is no rush and you can take your time and eat what you want. Something else to consider is to go to a buffet that has foods that you like.

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