Because we can’t exactly go to the movie theater now (thanks a lot, Coronavirus) many blockbuster movies are available on streaming services like Disney+ and Amazon Prime.

Last week, we watched Onward on Disney+.

On Easter, it was the sequel to Trolls, Trolls World Tour on Amazon Prime.

movie night at home with kids

But, we didn’t just want to turn the movie on.

We wanted a full movie theater experience. (We did have to pay $20 to rent the movie, after all.)

How to Have a Fun Movie Night at Home

With the help of my soon to be 8-year-old daughter, Julianna, we hopped into Canva and made some props for our movie night.

You can’t see a movie without tickets, popcorn, snacks, and drinks.

Christina Nicholson YouTube

Movie Tickets

So, we jumped in Canva (my favorite!) and search “tickets” under “elements”.

After finding a few free options to choose from, we picked three different tickets to use.

One for the movie admission – which we edited to say “Nicholson cinema” instead of just cinema, one for drinks, and one for snacks – like popcorn.

Home Theater Movie Night Tickets

Home Theater Popcorn Ticket

Home Theater Drink Tickets

Julianna was taking the tickets for the drinks.

My husband, Colin, was manning the food at the concession stand

Landon was taking the tickets when we walked into the theater to find our seats.

Christina Nicholson Instagram

Popcorn, Snacks, and Drinks

Popcorn is a must, obviously.

Colin made some nachos and a fruit plate.

Because it’s Easter, there was lots of chocolate and candy too.

Water, juice, Coke for me… whatever you wanted to drink – we had it!

How to Have a Fun Movie Night at Home


The kids took the sign I use to decorate my built-in bookshelves to make sure it read the title of the movie.

You know, in case they didn’t know what the home theater was playing.

Have a Fun Movie Night at Home


Oh yes, before the movie started we were all told to silence our phones and only get up if we “had to pee” – in the kid’s words.

And of course, they needed to wear their Trolls shirts for the movie.

The kids had just as much fun getting ready for the movie as they did watching the movie.

Trolls 2 movie night at home



  1. Angela says:

    This is the best idea ever! Love how you took it to the next level with the tickets and popcorn.

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