The garage is one of the most neglected yet most useful areas of your home. Most of the unnecessary or less used items are just dumped there and when you need them, you struggle to find them or even reach them. 

There may also be some heavy equipment that is just sitting on the floor for ages and occupying the floor space unnecessarily. Then there are bikes, long handle tools, other lightweight equipment, etc.  As things are not stored properly, it gets difficult to find the item you are looking for. Then when you do find it, you may need to travel through an obstacle course to actually get your hands on it. That’s why extra storage space is my favorite!

It is always a good idea to keep things organized and find extra space to use. Organizing a garage is not a piece of cake; it comes with a lot of effort, brainstorming, hard work, and space-saving ideas. So, let me help.

A garage could be organized in many ways. You can use the walls, the lonely corners of some shelves, wired storage, or overhead storage boxes to keep your garage items well-sorted.  You can also use a corner space for keeping less used household items and keep things organized. Organizing everything beforehand keeps you safe from all the hassle instead of rushing around when you need something. 

At times, organizing things also releases stress and keeps you content and satisfied, especially if that garage is also your workbench. Some people use the garage for multiple purposes, so for that, you need to keep your garage contents beautifully concealed in the shelves or cabinets.

21 Garage Loft Storage Ideas

Here are some amazing garage storage ideas and garage storage systems to keep you well-organized with easy access to everything you need. Some of these links are Amazon affiliate links. Now, let’s have a look!

1. Use Wire Shelving 

Wire shelving is one of the most space-saving ideas as these shelves are mounted on the walls. This is an easy and compact storage idea that can be executed with the help of small or large baskets, hooks, cheaper shelves, wired holders to keep your things in one place. It will hardly take a day or two to put everything in place. 

I suggest using this wire shelving on Amazon. If you want it in white, click here.

Garage Loft Storage Ideas

2. Add Storage Cabinets 

The storage cabinets provide great storage which is easy to access and well-organized. Since the garage is being used for most of the projects and gatherings, this place should be organized at all times. 

You can either buy a bunch of pre-assembled cabinets or you can purchase a linear unit and assemble it as per your needs. You can also use melamine sheets, a few nails, and masking tape to make some great cabinets for your garage.

This is a steel utility cabinet that is popular on Amazon. It comes in a variety of colors.

Garage Loft Storage Ideas

3. Stack Storage Bins 

Stackable storage bins, made of plastic and vertically stored, are a big space saver for garages. By using the stackable bins, the equipment can be stored or sorted by need, season, or sports. You can also use different colored bins to help you recognize the items instantly, or completely transparent bins. 

With colors and labels, you can memorize the bins containing a certain item so finding what’s inside will be a lot easier. You might need a wooden or metal shelf to hold the bins. (See the wire shelving above.) 

At the end of the shelf, you can also hang other lightweight items, like fishing rods for example. It might be a difficult task to reach the bins at the bottom when things are stacked, but still, the organization is a win-win situation.

I like this 6-pack on Amazon because you can see what’s inside the bins without opening them up.

Garage Loft Storage Ideas

4. Transport Car Care Products  

You can store your car care products such as fluids, auto lubricants, gels, and other stuff in cabinets to keep them safe and out of reach of children. You can also add a door that folds on special hinges to keep the cabinets closed and working at all times.

I also like having them in an organizer that you can easily pick up and carry to the car. This one fits into the trunk of a car and sells on Amazon for just $25.

Garage Loft Storage Ideas

5. Hang Long-Handled Tools

There are compact racks available for long-handled tools which are quite simple to build yet very strong in use. You can store the rakes, shovels, sledgehammer conveniently. 

The already built racks can hold around 14 items and offer you flexible and secure storage than pounding the nails on the walls. This is an easy and affordable way of storing the tools and materials in small garages.

This storage rack can hold up to 200 pounds and is only $50 on Amazon.

Garage Loft Storage Ideas

6. Use Your Garage Walls

You can use the walls to mount your items. Take a ¾ inch plywood plank and add layers of it over the drywall. Then add hooks, studs, brackets, etc. to keep things organized in one place. These DIY garage shelves are very useful.

You can then cram more stuff in a single place rather than spreading it across all the walls. The use of walls will allow you more space and you will be able to arrange the items in an efficient manner.

You can order a box of 12 plywood planks on Amazon by clicking here.

7. Fill Canvas Storage Bags 

You can make use of canvas storage bags to protect the seasonal decor such as your Christmas tree, decorations, and other bulky decor. These items may deteriorate over time due to dust and insects so it is better to keep them covered. Plus, when you go to get them out, you don’t want to deal with the dust and bugs. 

Hot tip! The best way to do this is to put in a dryer sheet to avoid critters and insects before zipping.

This 3-pack of canvas storage bags is only $30 on Amazon. They’re pretty too!

Garage Loft Storage Ideas

8. Look up! Your Ceiling is Perfect for Garage Loft Storage

Don’t forget about that high ceiling! You can make perfect use of the ceiling storage, or garage loft storage, to keep medium and lightweight items. You can build personal ceiling storage with screws and stack storage bins or canvas storage bags there. 

I love this idea because it keeps the floor clean and more spacious. I’m a big fan of creating a garage storage loft.

This is the overhead garage storage rack we use as my garage loft.

Garage Loft Storage Ideas

9. Create a “Throw and Go” Storage Space

Once you start organizing your garage, it will be filled with shelves and cabinets which are all sorted and organized, so it is always a good idea to keep a separate storage box where you can throw the miscellaneous stuff. This becomes its own little storage area.

Because I have kids, we use this space for their sports equipment, but you can use it for garden supplies, or anything you use on a regular basis and want within reach. This is a great gardening bag that can be multipurpose

Garage Loft Storage Ideas

10. Create a Flexible Storage Wall 

You can make use of the walls of the garage to hold up stuff… I mean heavy stuff. The biggest challenge would be to design a storage space that takes less space and stores heavy things. 

You can build a shelf with wooden planks in the form of an ordinary yet strong shelf. The framework would be able to hold almost everything and at any possible arrangement. Nothing has to be fixed and specific. You can use it any way you like. This is your chance to be creative!

If you have lots of tools, take a look at this Amazon find for just $50.

11. Buy Storage Tubes

Like the long-handled tools mentioned above, storage tubes can also hold things like baseball bats, fishing rods, etc. It is best to keep these tubes fixed to the wall so they don’t fall over.  

Take a look at these three storage tubes on Amazon.

Garage Loft Storage Ideas

12. Hang Monkey Bars Storage

Monkey bars aren’t just for kids on a playground. In my garage, they’re for my kid’s bikes! 

Monkey-bar-style shelves are durable, strong, and engineered with steel to provide long-lasting support. You can also modify the gaps and space as per your need in the future.

This is the one we use in our garage. We bought it on Amazon for $90.

Garage Loft Storage Ideas

13. Optimize Space with Corner Shelves

Don’t forget about those corners for more storage capacity! This is space that usually goes wasted but it doesn’t have to. You can also use those small corner spaces and keep smaller items such as glues, polishes, oils, arts and crafts, and other small things. 

You can create corner shelves from scratch by getting some off-the-shelf wooden sheets, cutting them into squares, and using the already fixed studs to put them in place. It’s a perfect spot for open shelves!

If you’d rather buy it, check out this 5-tiered corner shelf on Amazon that comes in a variety of colors.

Garage Loft Storage Ideas

14. Buy the Gladiator GearTrack

Using the Gladiator GearTrack storage on the wall offers flexibility and comfort in putting away things in the vertical spaces. This GearTrack is a horizontal track that requires different sized hangers which you can slide wherever you want to for making the space. Using vertical places is what helps you store items effectively in small garages.

There are a variety to choose from on Amazon, from golf to gardening, but the one linked here is the most popular.

Garage Loft Storage Ideas

15. Hang a Gladiator GearWall

The Gladiator GearWall will help you in storing huge, awkward items like wheelbarrows, for example. These GearWalls allow a simple and safe way to peg the heavy items to the wall securely.

Click here to buy a two-pack on Amazon.

Garage Loft Storage Ideas

16. Hang Hooks by FastTrack 

The FastTrack power tool hook by Rubbermaid is a lifesaver for big yet lightweight tools such as cultivators or leaf blowers. This hook can take care of such tools and can manage around 50 pounds of weight. The hook is rust-free and won’t chip since it has powdered-coated. 

Sizes vary, but this hook is the most popular on Amazon.

Garage Loft Storage Ideas

17. Use a Recycling Rack or Cart

This is your reminder to recycle. Now, there are huge bins in most of the garage which takes up a lot of space on the garage floor. The best idea would be to keep a recycling rack and store the garbage in separate bins as per the category of waste. 

I like this recycling cart on Amazon because it holds two bins… and that’s how many we use here at home.

Garage Loft Storage Ideas

18. Work on a Rolling Bench

Most garages are being used as both a workspace and for parking. In that case, you would need a rolling workbench that is rolled out when you need to work and is rolled back when you wish to park your car. The standard rolling workbench could be made from 2x4s plywood or you can buy one!

Click here for this rolling workbench on Amazon.

Garage Loft Storage Ideas

19. Make a Statement with Big Cabinets

If you wish to keep everything concealed, even the bigger items, and give your garage a clean look and feel then you must build or buy big cabinets. These garage storage cabinets could hold all kinds of things while making a statement as a beautiful shelving system.

Click here for the most popular selling garage cabinets on Amazon.

Garage Loft Storage Ideas

20. Use a Variety of Pegboards

There are many different kinds of pegboards you can use on the walls of your garage. There are hardboard pegboards, plastic pegboards, and metal pegboards which can all help you keep things organized.

The metal pegboards are the most durable ones and could be used to hang long-handled tools and materials. They give an industrial look and feel. 

The plastic ones are also durable but they can not hold heavy equipment. Still, they go a long way.

This galvanized steel pegboard comes in many colors. To add accessories, click here.

Garage Loft Storage Ideas

21. Float Your Extension Ladder 

Yes, float it. If some of the other hanging options don’t “float” your boat, get organized by hanging and storing your ladders in your overhead space in your garage. It’s a pretty cool pulley system!

This ceiling storage hoist sells on Amazon for just $40. 

Garage Loft Storage Ideas

More Great Storage Ideas

Also, don’t forget to use your attic space, every side of the garage, and throw out old holiday decorations because those really do add up and take up so much space. 

Those are my 21 favorite garage storage ideas. For more organizing tips and tricks, click here for the five things I learned by watching The Home Edit on Netflix and click here for how I organize my pantry. Yes, everything has a perfect place. You just need to find it… or create it!

Meeting Your Storage Needs

What’s your next step? Head to your local home improvement stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot, or click on those Amazon affiliate links I share to get started executing some brilliant garage storage ideas. I can’t want to see your storage solutions! Share them with me on Instagram at @ChristinaAllDay.

Do you have more great ideas to store season items? Do you have garage renovation images and ways you’re utilizing plenty of space for your family? How are you eliminating garage clutter? 

Let me know in the comments… and share your pictures. Nothing makes me happier than an organized garage! I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to the topic. Click here to check it out for even more ideas.

Garage Loft Storage Ideas

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