I’m a book lover. I love to read and listen to books, so if you want to get me anything…

I’m just kidding. I created this gift guide for book lovers for people like me and my fellow #bookstagram friends for Christmas, Mother’s Day, our birthdays, and any other day of the year. Any one of these things would make a perfect gift for an avid reader.

17 Best Gifts for Book Lovers

Everything listed in this gift guide can be found on Amazon. Some are affiliate links which means if you purchase through the links below, I may earn a small commission.

1. Personal Library Kit 

Click here to buy it for $22.

This personal library is the cutest and will make you feel nostalgic. It comes with car catalog checkout cards, bookplates, a date stamp, and an inkpad. 

I also have a Little Free Library and this would be a great resource for that too! I’d probably just use it for display purposes on my bookshelf.

Best Gifts for Book Lovers

2. Funny Nerd Socks

Click here to buy them for $10.

I love a fun pair of socks. If you know a book lover, author, or librarian, this pair is sure to bring a smile to their face. 

Best Gifts for Book Lovers

3. Just One More Chapter Throw Pillow Case

Click here to buy it for $11.

This is one of three book-themed throw pillowcases I have on my couch at home. This fits any standard 18×18 pillowcase and mixes and matches well with others.

Best Gifts for Book Lovers

4. It’s a Good Day to Read t-shirt

Click here to buy it for $17.

I love cute tees with words on them. I have quite a few… and three of them have sayings about reading. This one is a very cute one that pretty much sums up what all of us avid readers believe… It’s a good day to read. 

Best Gifts for Book Lovers

5. Library Book Scented Candle

Click here to buy it for $22.

There is a reason people like books, both paperback and hardcover. For me, I just like to hold a book and flip the pages, but you can’t deny that some books have a great smell. 

This candle is a lightly scented nine-ounce soy wax candle that is made in the USA. It provides about 55 hours of burn time.

Best Gifts for Book Lovers

6. Bibliophile Notes

Click here to buy them for $16.

I love snail mail and sending people cards and notes. Because I’m so vocal on Instagram about what I’m reading and my love of books, to get a note from me that looks like this wouldn’t be a surprise… and if I send one to a fellow reader, then even better!

This colorfully illustrated notecard set features 20 different book stacks with themes ranging from beloved novels to essential cookbooks. (Maybe one of your favorite books is in there!) The blank cards were created by Jane Mount, an award-winning illustrator and designer. Her work has been featured by The New Yorker, The Paris Review, BuzzFeed, and InStyle, among others.

Best Gifts for Book Lovers

7. Small Iron Sculpture of Person Reading

Click here to buy it for $54.

This sculpture of a person reading makes a great bookshelf, table, or desk decoration. 

It is made of good quality handcrafted cast iron sculpture. The bottom is lined with velveteen to protect against unwanted damage to your bookshelf or desk.

Best Gifts for Book Lovers

8. Book Couch and Reading Pillow Cushion

Click here to buy it for $25.

I like to read in different places, so this comes in handy, especially when I’m in bed. It’s great for people of all ages, comes in different styles and colors, can hold books of all sizes, and is easy to wash and clean.

Best Gifts for Book Lovers

9. Metal Reading Will TAKE You Everywhere Sign

Click here to buy it for $15.

Not too long ago, I created a wall of book art in my home. Click here to see how I created my DIY book wall art in five steps. As you can see, in that process, I used some art as a centerpiece. This book art would make a great centerpiece for you too.

This Vintage Tin Sign is about 8×12 inches, is made of high-quality metal, and will last after years of indoor or outdoor use. It’s perfect for a home library or reading nook.

Best Gifts for Book Lovers

10. Clip-on Book Light

Click here to buy it for $18.

I might have saved the best for last because this is something I use just about every night. It’s attached to my headboard and I read almost every night before going to bed. 

On the cord, there is a simple press power button to turn on the light with three color temperatures to choose from: warm light, natural light, and white light. It also has a flexible gooseneck so you can adjust it while you’re laying in bed. It’s also easy to unplug and take with you… which in my house is either my room or the kid’s room!

Best Gifts for Book Lovers

7 More Gifts for Book Lovers

I think it goes without saying that new books or something by a favorite author always makes a book nerd like me happy. 

A gift card to a local bookstore to support small businesses or a brand new hardcover book just named a book club pick is a sure bet too.

Pairing up a good book with a reading journal and reading list is a good gift for a serious book lover. You can even include some of the most popular books overtime on the list, like ones by famous authors like Jane Austen, Jane Eyre, Oscar Wilde, or something classic like Great Gatsby. 

One of my favorite gifts to give and receive as the holiday season approaches is an annual subscription to Book of the Month or any of the other best book subscription boxes. There are a few for both kids and adults, so take your pick! The best part? It’s a great way to read with kids and young adults too. (My husband got me a Book of the Month subscription last year as a Christmas gift, and it was so fun to get book mail once a month!)

If you have a larger budget, you can also gift a Kindle paperwhite for someone who doesn’t mind reading on a device and doesn’t mind setting print books aside. A subscription to Audible is another thoughtful gift.

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Those are just 10 of my favorite things on Amazon for book lovers, but I’m sure I could on… and maybe I will. If I left anything off the list that you absolutely love, as my new book-loving friend, please let me know. Comment here or find me on Instagram at @ChristinaAllDay and let me know what I should add to this the ultimate book lover gift guide or all book lover gift guides.

Also, if you’re active in the #bookstagramcommunity, then let’s connect. I love getting book recommendations from fellow true book lovers on the internet. It’s a fun way to find the best book to read!

One more place to connect… Goodreads! This is a great place to keep track of what you want to read and what your friends think about the books they’re reading. Click here to connect with me on Goodreads. I hope to see you around there too!

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