I don’t know a woman who doesn’t love leggings and yoga pants… unless you are that one crazy blogger who doesn’t wear them anymore because she doesn’t want to entice men and cause them to look at her “lustfully.” Yes, someone really did say that. Don’t even get me started.

I don’t know about you, but when I get dressed in the morning – I wear whatever I want to wear. I don’t really care who you are and what you think of my outfit (unless you want to buy it for me.) But this issue of women wearing leggings and yoga pants is apparently a sensitive topic. (Who would’ve guessed?!) And for some reason, it has nothing to do with women, but everything to do with men.

A Republican lawmaker in Montana (a man) wants to prevent women from wearing leggings as pants. If this bill passes, a Montana resident who is convicted three times under the expanded definition of “indecent exposure” could be sentenced to five years in jail and up to a $5,000 fine. This makes me think of Montana in two different ways: 1. This state must be such an amazing place to live because they don’t have any real problems, so the lawmakers are resorting to women’s wear to stay busy. 2. What the hell is wrong with people in Montana that they have to resort to women’s wear to stay busy?

Many schools across the country have also put a ban on leggings and yoga pants. Why? Again, nothing to do with women. It’s because they “distract” boys who should be paying attention in class. Uh, seriously? This sounds more like a male problem than a female problem. Some boys look at girls for a whole lot less than leggings. I understand the reasoning behind a dress code, but I think schools can word their deciding factors behind the dress code a little more tactfully then blaming the girls for boys raging hormones. You shouldn’t wear a tube top to school either, but not to avoid distracting boys. Instead, because school isn’t a beach party or club. Just say it’s not appropriate and leave it at that. No matter what a girl wears to school, boys are going to be distracted, right?

With that said, ladies – if you are going to wear leggings, please cover up your crotch area at least. Not because it will entice men. Because your outfit looks dumb if you don’t… unless you are at the gym. If you wear yoga pants – don’t cover your rear because yoga pants make our bums look fabulous… hence all the distracted men who can’t concentrate on anything else around them (haha, kidding!)

Moral of the story (or the blog), dress however you want to dress FOR YOU… not because of what other people are going to say or how they are going to look at you.

(And men, I don’t really think you are ruining the comfy pants thing for us… but you are getting a lot of the blame in this ridiculous debacle.)

  1. Are you serious!!!! There is a lawmaker who’s trying to ban these pants! This is horrible! Women should have the RIGHT to wear whatever they want!

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