Every good wine enthusiast knows that carpet and red wine do not mix. But don’t worry. We’re going to put an end to these stubborn stains today!

In this blog post, I’m going to walk you through the different things to use that will get red wine out of carpet while it’s wet and after it has dried (because I’m crazy and think you should clean it twice).

10 Ways to Remove Red Wine Stains From Carpet After It Has Dried

10 Ways to Remove Red Wine Stains From Carpet After It Has Dried

1. With Sparkling Water

Sparkling water isn’t just for drinking. First, pour the sparkling water over the stain and wait a few seconds, letting it lose its color. Then remove the excess water with a paper towel or washcloth. 

Instead of wiping or dragging the paper towel or washcloth across the floor, tap or dab the affected area. 

2. With Hydrogen Peroxide

The same tactic works with hydrogen peroxide. Again, after applying the hydrogen peroxide to the red wine spill, wait a few minutes for it to react. With paper towels or a clean cloth, absorb the mess. 

You can also combine hydrogen peroxide with cold water and dish soap. Together they form quite the cleaning product. 

I don’t suggest using this method if your carpet is a darker color. Only use hydrogen peroxide if you have white carpet, beige carpet, or light-colored carpet.

10 Ways to Remove Red Wine Stains From Carpet After It Has Dried

3. With Baking Soda

First, apply the baking soda directly to the stained area.

Then, pour some white vinegar on top of the baking soda. Leave it to sit on the stained area for a few minutes. After that, rinse the carpet fibers with warm water. 

For best results, repeat this on the dry stain.

4. With Shaving Cream

This is a unique method, but if the above has failed you, you can use shaving cream as a stain remover. Apply it directly to the wet stain or dry stain, then use a dry towel to rub the entire stain with warm water. Repeat this process after a minute or two.

10 Ways to Remove Red Wine Stains From Carpet After It Has Dried

5. With Dish Soap

For many people, using dish soap is the first thing people turn to. I suggest using dish soap with ice cubes. 

First, put the ice on top of the wine spill. Then mixing hot water with dish soap will help remove the stain. This is a great way to care for dark carpet too.

6. With Salt And Lemon

Try using lemon and salt to remove the fresh stain. Ideally, you should put the lemon or salt on the stain and let them both act for about an hour. Then, you can wash the wine away with soap and water to remove the excess salt, lemon, and remaining wine. 

10 Ways to Remove Red Wine Stains From Carpet After It Has Dried

7. With Baby Powder

Baby powder is an incredible ally to remove humidity and any stain from the carpet or even clothes. Apply the powder to the stain and let it act for a few seconds. Next, scrub the area with a toothbrush in gentle movements. Rinse the stained area afterward, and you will see that the carpet is as good as new.

8. With Vinegar

Vinegar is an ingredient used for cleaning in many cases. For tough stains, like a little bit of wine, apply it directly on the carpet stain and then add a little lukewarm water. After a few minutes pass, use a damp cloth to scrub it out.

10 Ways to Remove Red Wine Stains From Carpet After It Has Dried

9. Carpet Stain Remover

If you have a carpet stain remover handy, then bust it out and use it. This may work on red wine spills as well as white wine spills. 

10. Laundry Detergent

Laundry detergent is designed to clean clothes fibers, so why not carpet fibers? Give it a try because you have it in our home and cross your fingers that your best efforts work.

Speaking of laundry detergent, click here to learn how to make your own DIY detergent at home.


How To Remove Wine Stains From Sofas, Floors, And Other Surfaces

How To Remove Wine Stains From Sofas

Have you heard the best way to get rid of a red wine stain is to use white wine? The drink works as a stain neutralizer. After that, rinse the upholstery with a bit of detergent and wait for it to dry. 

How To Remove Wine Stains From Mattresses

You may think the stain will never come out when you spill wine on your mattress. However, you can easily clean it using rubbing alcohol, baking soda paste, or hydrogen peroxide. 

To do this, mix these items with clean water in a small bowl or spray bottle to treat the stain. For a clean mattress, I cannot recommend this mattress pad enough.

How To Remove Wine Stains From The Furniture

Furniture is also an easy target for wine stains since we use tables to rest wine glasses at a dinner party, for example. When the wine falls on the furniture, just wipe it off quickly with a damp cloth and let it dry naturally or use a roll of paper towels to tap it dry. 

Personally, I like using a microfiber cloth to apply directly to the stain with some mild soap depending on the material of the furniture.

10 Ways to Remove Red Wine Stains From Carpet After It Has Dried

How To Remove Wine Stains From The Floor

If your home has hardwood floors, it is essential to clean the floor quickly before the liquid seeps into the floorboards and turns into a permanent stain.

First, remove the excess wine with an absorbent cloth. Then, apply a mixture of a little water and dish soap to the stain. Wait a few minutes, then wipe the area (hopefully an inconspicuous area) with a dry cloth. Finally, wipe the floor with a dry cloth, and you are done! 

Then… there is this. A red wine stain remover! I haven’t used it before, but it has great reviews on Amazon, so for just $7, give it a shot!

Are there any Alternative methods or home remedies you use before calling in professional help? If so, let me know on Instagram at @ChristinaAllDay.

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