My kids had a blast with an indoor scavenger hunt we planned for them, so I want to share it with you here.

Print this sheet of scavenger hunt clues, cut out each one, and hide the list of things around your house.

Keep the first clue to give to your kids, then hide the next clue where the first clue says to.

They’ll have so much fun trying to figure this out based on the answers to the clues.

For example, you’ll hide clue #2 somewhere in the kitchen as indicated by clue #1.

You’ll hide clue #3 with your kid’s toothbrush or toothpaste as indicated by clue #2.

Repeat this until you’ve hidden all the scavenger hunt clues.

Put a treat or surprise where you would leave the 16th clue.

The 15th clue here will lead them to the end.

Feel free to get creative with these hiding places, but if you need help, I’ve also included an answer sheet for you to refer to as well.

Below this free printable scavenger hunt, I have some other free outdoor scavenger hunts and some with household items you can jump on too.

Have fun!

15 Indoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids [FREE PRINTABLE]




When we did this fun scavenger hunt with our kids, it was to share the news that we were taking a trip.

Playing a game like this is a great way to get kids of all ages involved in a fun activity.

8 Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids

Moving outside, let’s make this next nature scavenger hunt a little shorter in clues since we will be enjoying the great outdoors while we practice problem-solving skills.

While I don’t have a specific printable for this one, please let me know if you’d like me to make one in the comments or on social media at @ChristinaAllDay.

I did, however, create a template for you to print and use as your own.

If you are going to do this with younger children, try using picture clues as your scavenger hunt list.

You can also add sight words to those picture clues so kids can learn new things.

The outdoor treasure hunt shared below is specific to things and places you might not have access to in your backyard, so this would best be played on a nature hunt at a local park.

Clue 1 – Starting Point

“Your journey starts where the ground meets the sky, beneath the branches that reach up high. Find a place where children swing and play; there, your next clue will lead the way.”

Clue 2 – Treehouse Discovery

“Among the leaves, a house you’ll see, climb its steps to find your next key. Search for a box in a shade of green, and inside, a hint that’s never been seen.”

Clue 3 – Riverside Riddle

“Head to where the water flows with grace, a peaceful spot by the riverside’s embrace. Beneath a stone, you’ll find a surprise, a clue to where the next treasure lies.”

Clue 4 – Whispering Woods

“Into the woods, you must now tread, where the tall trees sway overhead. Listen closely, and you’ll soon discern, the sound of an owl and a clue you will earn.”

Clue 5 – Flower Garden Challenge

“Next, to the flowers, your path does lead. Among the petals, there’s something you need. Count the blooms with colors so bright, and your next clue will come to light.”

Clue 6 – Picnic Point

“To refuel and rest, a picnic spot’s near, where sandwiches and laughter you’re sure to hear. Beneath a red-checkered blanket, look around, for a message concealed can be found.”

Clue 7 – Nature’s Art Gallery

“Nature’s artwork is displayed with grace, on a rock canvas, a unique place. Seek a stone where colors combine, and your next clue you will find.”

Clue 8 – Final Destination

“Your final stop awaits you now, where the tallest tree casts a shadow, bow. Look for a spot where roots entwine, beneath it, your treasure you will find.”


8 Cool Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Scavenger hunts can be customized to suit various themes and locations.

Here are some ideas for different types of scavenger hunts.

1. City Scavenger Hunt

  • Landmarks: Include famous landmarks like statues, historical buildings, or iconic street signs as clue locations.
  • Local Eateries: Encourage participants to try a local delicacy at a specific restaurant as part of the hunt.
  • Street Art: Seek out colorful murals or street art installations scattered throughout the city.

2. Historical Scavenger Hunt

  • Museums: Clues can lead participants to specific exhibits or artifacts within a museum.
  • Historical Plaques: Look for historical markers or plaques that provide information about significant events or figures.
  • Graveyards: Explore old cemeteries and find the graves of historical figures or notable individuals.

3. Beach Scavenger Hunt

  • Seashells: Collect specific types of seashells or beach treasures.
  • Sandcastles: Build sandcastles and hide clues or small prizes inside them.
  • Beach Volleyball Courts: Incorporate beach sports into your hunt with clues near volleyball courts or beachside games.

4. Nature Scavenger Hunt

  • Wildlife: Look for animal tracks, nests, or signs of wildlife along a hiking trail.
  • Wildflowers: Identify and collect different types of wildflowers or leaves.
  • Water Features: Explore ponds, lakes, or streams and search for aquatic life or unique rocks and pebbles.

5. Holiday-Themed Scavenger Hunt

  • Easter Egg Hunt: Hide colorful Easter eggs with clues or small treats inside.
  • Halloween Spook Hunt: Set up a haunted house or spooky-themed hunt with ghostly clues.
  • Christmas Lights Hunt: Visit houses with elaborate Christmas light displays and solve riddles at each location.

6. Indoor Scavenger Hunt

  • Household Items: Create a hunt that involves finding specific items within a home.
  • Puzzle Clues: Set up a series of puzzles or riddles that participants must solve to progress. (See the free printable above)
  • Artifacts or Collectibles: If you have a collection of unique items, make them part of the hunt.

7. Technology-Enhanced Scavenger Hunt

  • QR Codes: Use QR codes to provide clues or direct participants to specific websites or digital clues.
  • Geocaching: Combine technology and outdoor exploration by hiding and seeking geocaches with GPS coordinates. (This is SO MUCH FUN. Click here to see us play in Montreal.)

8. Themed Scavenger Hunts

  • Movie or Book Themes: Base the hunt on a popular movie, TV show, or book, with clues related to characters or plot points.
  • Pirate Treasure Hunt: Create a pirate-themed hunt with clues leading to a hidden “treasure chest.”

Remember that the key to a successful scavenger hunt is creativity and personalization.

Tailor the hunt to the interests and preferences of the participants, and you’ll create a memorable and enjoyable experience for all involved.

Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids [PRINTABLE]

The Fun of Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts have been captivating the hearts and minds of adventure seekers, puzzle enthusiasts, and thrill-seekers for generations.

Whether you’re a child or an adult, there’s an undeniable charm in embarking on a quest to uncover hidden treasures and solve riddles.

1. The Element of Surprise

One of the most exciting aspects of scavenger hunts is the element of surprise.

Participants are often clueless about what awaits them, making each step of the journey an exhilarating discovery.

Whether you’re searching for physical items in your surroundings or solving clues that lead to the next location, the anticipation of the unknown adds an adrenaline rush to the experience.

2. Team Building

Scavenger hunts are fantastic opportunities for team building.

Whether with family, friends, or colleagues, working together to crack codes and decipher clues fosters camaraderie and cooperation.

Teams must communicate effectively and pool their collective intelligence to succeed, strengthening bonds and creating lasting memories in the process.

This can also be a fun activity to do at a birthday party with a group of kids.

3. Boosts Creativity

Creativity is a key ingredient in crafting scavenger hunts.

Designing unique clues, puzzles, and challenges demands imaginative thinking. Participants must also get creative in their problem-solving approaches, encouraging them to think outside the box.

This creative exercise is not only mentally stimulating but also incredibly enjoyable.

4. Exploring the Environment

Scavenger hunts provide an excellent excuse to explore your surroundings.

Whether you’re in a bustling city, a serene park, or your own neighborhood, you’ll discover hidden gems and overlooked details that you might have otherwise missed.

It’s a wonderful way to gain a deeper appreciation for the environment around you.

5. Educational Value

Scavenger hunts can be both fun and educational.

They can be tailored to incorporate historical facts, scientific knowledge, or cultural insights.

As participants search for clues and solve puzzles, they inadvertently absorb new information, making scavenger hunts an engaging and enriching learning experience.

6. Versatility

Scavenger hunts are incredibly versatile and can be tailored to suit any occasion.

From birthday parties and family reunions to corporate team-building events and educational field trips, scavenger hunts can be adapted to fit a wide range of settings and purposes.

This adaptability makes them a go-to choice for adding an element of fun to various events.

7. Sense of Achievement

Completing a scavenger hunt, especially a challenging one, offers a deep sense of accomplishment. Participants relish the feeling of triumph when they finally crack the last clue or discover the hidden treasure.

This feeling of achievement can boost self-esteem and leave participants feeling more confident and capable.

In the world of recreational activities, few pastimes manage to combine adventure, teamwork, creativity, and surprise quite like scavenger hunts.

The allure of the unknown, the thrill of the chase, and the joy of solving puzzles make scavenger hunts an enduring source of entertainment.

  1. Awesome!!!! Thank you!!!

  2. Holly says:

    Thank you for posting this printable scavenger hunt idea list. It was perfect, so easy to set up, and very successful.

  3. Jessica says:

    My kids love scavenger hunts! Thank you! 🥰

  4. Jessica says:

    My kids love scavenger hunts. Thank you!

  5. Abbie says:

    This is an awesome resource and I am going to use it with a client of mine that is autistic, but I am struggling to understand the last clue. It sounds as though it would be a mirror, but number 12 is obviously a mirror, so I am not sure where to put the final clue. Otherwise, these clues are so creative and easy to understand. They are perfect for a 5 year old on a rainy day.

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