Come with me inside the best spa in Delray Beach as I take it all off… my face that is. Take it all off my face.

I was lucky enough to experience a variety of services at Bella Reina not too long ago – manicure, pedicure, makeup application, and more. (Click here for more.)

Inside the Best Spa in Delray Beach

My last visit included a lot of time on one service – the brand new Luxe Red Zen Ritual.

So, let’s talk about this facial… that I may have fallen asleep during because it was so relaxing. It wasn’t just a facial, but a massage too. (Hence the nearly falling asleep.)

Why a facial?

best spa in delray beach

What is Dermaplaning?

Well, this one includes dermaplaning which helps with acne and fine lines. It also removes any facial hair and the very top layer of your skin. It a type of exfoliation with a surgical scalpel. It’s not as scary as it sounds. It doesn’t even hurt.

Something that is very interesting to see… all the dead skin that is removed from your face. Some people may find it gross. I think it’s fascinating.

dermaplane in delray beach

dermaplaning in delray beach

Before the dermaplaning there is lots of cleaning. After the dermaplaning, there is more cleaning, moisturizing, and massaging. Finally, you finish with sunscreen. You’ve got to protect that newly exposed skin!

This kind of facial is suggested every six weeks or so. If you do it more often than that, you may over-exfoliate your skin.

For more on dermaplaning, click here.

delray beach dermaplaning

delray beach spa

This facial is just one of many services offered at Bella Reina.

It was actually at this Delray Beach spa where I fell in love with Dazzle Dry. It’s the only spa in South Florida that I know of that uses this nail polish that is like magic. It stays on natural nails like gel I’m telling you, this stuff never comes off and I cannot get my nails painted with anything else.

Bella Reina is hands down the best spa in Delray Beach and will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Again, the brand new Luxe Red Zen Ritual for $279 includes:

  • Holistic Nanotechnology with Dermaplaning
  • Organic Resurfacing Enzyme Peel
  • ZEN Nano Treatment with Japanese Acupressure
  • Triple Dose of Firming Actives with Red Clover and Tri-Peptide 5
  • Emollient Herbal Recovery Eye Treatment
  • Organic Lip Treatment
  • Relaxing Neck, Shoulder and Arm Massage with Lavender Body Oil (my favorite part!)
  • Warm Hand Hydration Treatment
  • Take Home Beauty Gifts valued at $125
  • Served with “Dark Chocolate” Hot Cocoa & Chocolates


I’m required to disclose a relationship between my blog and Bella Reina Spa. This could include me being provided with content, product, access, service, or other forms of payment.




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