Most of my blog traffic comes from links people click on via social media… so let’s talk about what you’re posting for a minute.

1.) Get a life. Don’t make your hobby Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/etc… and don’t over post or spend an excessive amount of time on it. (I know what you’re thinking now – you’ve seen 100 pictures of my daughter dressed up as Elsa. I should take my own advice right?)


2.) #selfie. Please stop. Instead, actually do something interesting and make a memory, which you can capture on your phone. The only people who actually enjoy looking at your selfies are yourself and weirdos looking for alone time material. (Again, you’re thinking of me with my mascara before and after selfies? Hey – that’s for work… not for comments. For money. I’m trying to make a living here.)

3.) Don’t do duck lips in your photos. Has anyone ever told you that look is hot? Doubt it. And why are so many girls doing it? Because it makes their cheekbones look more prominent… is that really the ONLY reason for the dumbest looking picture ever? (This one, I will NEVER be guilty of – unless I’m making fun of you.)


4.) I think we all have those friends who are in relationships that in real life don’t appear to be that amazing, but on social media they pretend to be the most in love couple you have ever seen. You are overcompensating. You know it and everyone else does too. When you post a picture of your most recent gift or a new profession of love, we know you just got in another big fight… which brings me to my next point,

5.) When you are fighting, we don’t really care to hear about it in your secretly coded messages or song lyrics. Get a diary. (Write about your fake love in there too.)


6.) If you do a good thing for someone, did you do it because you wanted to be nice? Or because you wanted to tell everyone on Facebook how great of a person you are – sometimes I get confused.

7.) Finally, if someone’s posts drive you nuts – there is this thing you can do where you can “unfollow” them or “unsubscribe” from them. It’s amazing. I do it all the time.

Now, all of you who do these things that annoy me – don’t get defensive and tell me how great of a person you are and how truly in love you are. Just go in the bathroom or the drivers seat of your car, stick out those duck lips and take a selfie 😉

  1. haha– I love my duck lips. But you are right–it looks fake. 😉

  2. I read this in FLM …FUNNY…who ever started the duck lips/face trend anyway..and the selfies..don’t even get me started!!!

  3. nicole says:

    oMG selfies are (mostly) heinous… i wrote a post once about kids and social media… all of the above totally scares me for my children who are growing up in this over social-media-ized world! i too do most of my “advertising” on social media… (un)surprisingly hardly anyone read it!

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