I don’t own a ton of sweaters anymore since I live in South Florida, but I keep a few on hand for a cold front. Being from Ohio, I know it’s tough to organize and store sweaters. They’re big, bulky, and hard to fold.

The good news? Not only are these sweater organization tips going to help you keep everything in order, but they’ll give you more closet space and help your sweaters last even longer. Some items linked in this blog post are affiliate links.

For more closet organization hacks, click here. The good news? You do not need to bring a professional organizer into your bedroom closet or linen closet. Keep reading. 

Sweater Organization Ideas for Your Closet

Sweater Organization Ideas for Your Closet

In a nutshell, these sweater organization tips include stacking them on a platform, filling them in a hollow space, and hanging them in some situations. You can also sort them by color, size, and category to make selection easy. (This is how I organize my closet.) All you need to do is ensure the storage space is dry to keep out moisture.

Now, let’s take a deep dive into each organization tip.

Sweater Organization Ideas for Your Closet

1. Create a space.

The first step in organizing your sweaters is to create a space for them. The type of space you choose to create should depend on several factors. 

At the top of the list are the number and type of sweaters you own. If you have just a few, all you need is a small box, drawer, or shelf. However, the size of the space you have to use for storage should be enough to fit the number of sweaters you want to organize. If you’re using shelves, wash and wipe the shelves dry to ensure your clothes won’t get dirty.

A great time to find space for your sweaters is when they’re at the dry cleaners.

2. It’s a system.

In the words of the ladies from The Home Edit, “it’s a system”. After your closet has been cleaned and wiped dry, the next step is to create a system, which basically means organizing and storing your sweaters and clothes to your preference – small closet or big closet, it doesn’t matter!

Concentrate on maximizing the resources at your disposal, like taking advantage of the space size, rods, and shelves. Keep in mind not just how long your closet is, but how high it is and how you can access everything in the space.

In my closet, things are color-coded after they’re folded or hung based on category. If you use drawers, you can paint or label the drawer according to the category or sweater color. You can even color-code different segments of your drawers. (This is what I do.) The most important thing is to create a beautifully eye-catching space.

Sweater Organization Ideas for Your Closet

3. Arrange sweaters on a shelf.

One of the best ways you can organize sweaters in your closet is to fold them and put them on a shelf after you create shelf space. Stacking your sweaters will also make room for more clothes in your closet. Fold them all the same way to pile them nicely on top of each other. This will make choosing a color easy because you can see them all at a glance. 

Depending on the size and structure of your shelf, you can organize your sweaters vertically if you’re able to prevent them from falling over to use extra space. Doing a horizontal arrangement is also an option and will be easier to pull from and put away after you do laundry. 

4. Do not hang your sweaters up.

I know, I know. It’s nice to have everything hung up, but it’s really not necessary. The good news: Sweaters don’t really wrinkle and you have a dresser drawer you can pull out, right?

Hanging sweaters can lead to a slow, gradual stretch of your sweater. This stretch will eventually make your clothes lose shape, especially around the shoulder area. If you are going to hang your sweaters, watch this video to see how to hang them properly. 

Also, when you hang certain articles of clothing, you want to be sure you’re using hangers like these to ensure the shoulders keep their shape. Do not use wire hangers or wooden hangers if you don’t have to.

Sweater Organization Ideas for Your Closet

If you really love the way an organized closet looks, after folding your clothes you can place a small piece of cardboard under the sweater next to or above the one you are removing to wear. 

Need help folding? Watch this video!

5. Sort your sweaters by category.

Sorting clothes in your closet by category is the easiest way to find exactly what you want to wear. All your jeans go in one place, your dress in another, your t-shirts in another, and your sweaters will also go together in one space. 

I suggest putting your most frequently worn sweaters together so they’re easily accessible. Once you’ve done that, you can sort them by color. If some sweaters are hooded, they should be stored separately. You can also store the thicker ones on the bottom with the thinner ones on top. You can get specific here too – a spot for cashmere sweaters, wool sweaters, knitted sweaters, bulky sweaters, etc.

6. Practice the filling method.

After sorting, it’s time to fill – remember, we are using as much space as we can in different ways. Fill in drawers, shelves, or boxes. Don’t forget you can also fold things vertically to fill up space. Using dividers like this is also helpful in filling spaces and keeping things nicely organized. 

Sweater Organization Ideas for Your Closet

You can get loads more ideas at The Container Store for things like drawer organizers, a closet shelf, sweater bags, and even more acrylic shelf dividers like the one I linked to on Amazon. Using these organizational tools is a great way to utilize space in your closet.

Some people use a cardboard box if they don’t have enough drawer space. You can use storage bins and even get creative with shoe boxes and wall space too. Say it with me: No more dead space. 

7. Pay attention to your most worn sweaters. 

Your favorite sweater (or sweaters) should be at eye level if you store them in a small drawer or a shelf. You can even put them in your closet like a showpiece and something to display, especially if they’re unique or your favorite. 

The ladies on The Home Edit had a great idea when working in Reese Witherspoon’s closet to make it a true work of art. Check out the first episode of season one for the best options of making your closet a showpiece.

8. Get rid of some clothes.

In step one, I mentioned making space. This is the best way to make space. Yes, it can be hard, but this is something you should do once a year – regardless of if you’re organizing your closet or not. That’s why I saved this one for last.

If you have not yet read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, then click here to buy it on Amazon. It’s fantastic. This will tell you everything you need to know about getting rid of things that no longer bring you joy. Reading this book will really take a load off of your closet rod. It’s a good option if you have too many things. 

Sweater Organization Ideas for Your Closet

Despite all the tips above, you might still end up with a pile of unorganized sweaters just because you’ve accumulated so many. Keep your collection in check by replacing any old clothes with new ones instantly. You can also dedicate a box or bag for old sweaters that you are not ready to throw out. Over time, if you never make your way in that box or bag, it’s time to make a donation!

Always remember your closet space when you’re shopping… and the big one – maintain the closet system you’ve built. The hard part is creating it. Once you’ve done that, maintaining it is easy and will make your life so much easier and stress-free.

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Yes, after I tell you to clean out your closet, here I am with some sweaters to buy. But hey! You have room because your closet is organized now, right? Here are the best options for sweater shopping on Amazon. 

1. Hooded Knit Cardigan Sweater Coat

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This hooded sweater cardigan with faux fur has wooden buttons and a front designed with two pockets! It’s easy to match with a long sleeve blouse, pullover, dresses, jeans and your favorite boots. It doesn’t only keep you warm in the cold season, but it’s very stylish too.

Sweater Organization Ideas for Your Closet

2. Knitted Slouchy Oversized Wrap Cardigan Sweater

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This cardigan is warm, versatile, and won’t take away from your outfit. It works great for cool summer nights under tank tops or in between layers during the fall and winter months.

Sweater Organization Ideas for Your Closet

3. Chunky Button Asymmetric Sweater

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This chunky pullover knit sweater is perfect in the autumn and winter seasons. It is a casual style, turtle cowl neck,cross-wrap design with long sleeves and an asymmetric hem. The button details are also very cute.

Sweater Organization Ideas for Your Closet

4. Fuzzy Pullover Fleece Hoodie

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This fleece sweatshirt has a loose fit with long sleeves and ribbed finishes in addition to a 1/4 zip up collar, 2 side pockets to keep your hands warm, and hoodie with drawstrings. It’s so comfy, you can sleep in it!

Sweater Organization Ideas for Your Closet

5. Chunky Turtleneck Balloon Sleeved Sweater

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This oversized sweater has thick fabric making it great for fall and winter. 

Sweater Organization Ideas for Your Closet

Now, that we’ve got your storage systems in place with a brand new storage method and you’re ready for sweater weather, what are your favorite sweater storage ideas? Find me on Instagram at @ChristinaAllDay and let me know if you’re liking your new velvet hangers? Did you opt for space bags or wire baskets to store your stacks of sweaters?

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