Around this time of year, we always see the hottest, must have toys to get your child. It’s no fun if everyone has the same thing, right? I like new toys that are just on the market. Sure, it’s nice to see your child’s face on Christmas morning when they get what they’ve been asking for for months, but it’s even better when they get something they didn’t know they wanted and end up loving. These toys may not fly off the shelves, but they will be a blessing for many shoppers. Here is my list of the 10 best toys… you didn’t know existed.



This is a fun, family/party game. By making up funny movie titles, you can win a trophy! Schmovie is all about creativity, imagination, and laugh-out-loud fun!



KidsConnect is a small phone with many features including four pre-programmed numbers, parental control of incoming calls, built-in GPS, real time tracking and voice monitoring. The Geofencing feature sends a text to parents when their child enters or leaves a predetermined location such as school, extra-curricular activities, the park or a friend’s house. KidsConnect has an SOS button and when it’s activated it will dial all four pre-programmed numbers continuously until someone answers.


Camera Roll

The most popular camera in the world is an iPhone, but do you really know what you have on your camera roll? Do you have a snapshot from a BIRTHDAY PARTY? How about a picture from your VACATION? Maybe now you’ll find a reason to show off that SUNSET pic you took six months ago! You have 30 seconds to find it.

i-phone-camera-roll-gameLumpy Cubes

Lumpy Cubes is a quick-play stacking game designed to improve your memory, reaction time, and motor skills. This game is fun for all ages, especially when looking for friendly competition! The unique feature of this game is that each patterned challenge card has only one way to be correctly stacked. If you find it and stack it first, you win!


Max Traxxx Tracer Racer

Boys and girls will love putting together their own unique tracks that light up when a Tracer Racer zooms across it! Tracer Racers utilize Light Trail Technology as they blaze streaks of light on Skullduggery’s glow in the dark track. It’s perfect for providing hours of creative entertainment, especially on days when cooped up inside!


My Sleigh Ride Around the World

This holiday season, give a memorable and truly one-of-a kind keepsake book the whole family will enjoy reading together. Personalized for your child, the book teaches your little ones about the way others celebrate the holidays from Italy and Germany to Norway and Mexico… and more!


Leo Messi FootBubbles

Kids love bubbles. And kids love soccer. Now, kids can blow bubbles into the shape of a soccer ball, and with the special socks, perform tricks with the bubble ball… just like their world famous soccer idol, Leo Messi. You just slip on the Messi socks, blow a bubble into the shape of a ball and see how many times you can juggle the bubble with your feet.


Really Big Coloring Posters by Pirasta

These giant posters from Pirasta are the ultimate fun project for anyone who likes to color. Spread it on the floor or hang it on the wall and invite everyone to  join in.Art-for-Kids


Say bye, bye Legos and hello, IKOS! IKOS, a modular spherical construction toy. Every piece is formed out of recycled materials and curved for comfort. Take two interlocking pieces and slide them together to build a sphere or other cool shapes.


Glide Bikes

Glide Bikes Balance Bikes help kids as young as 18 months old to pre-teens confidently learn to ride a bike. A foot rest is located on the bike so kids can rest their feet while “gliding.” Hand brakes help kids learn to safely control and stop before taking off on a traditional bike.


BONUS: With Little Loving Hands, your child will receive a new spotlight organization and craft, with all the materials and inspiration for kids to create, learn, and donate to a worthy cause. This works in three steps: 1. Receive a monthly experience delivered to your door to create a craft that gives back to an organization in need. 2. Engage with your child to make amazing crafts while teaching them the importance of who, why, and how they are helping. 3. Using the pre-paid return envelope, send your child’s finished craft (made with love!) as a donation to those in need. The purchase of every box can be submitted for charitable tax-deduction.


  1. Erica says:

    You are spot on! I’ve never seen or heard of any of these. I know my tot would love the Messi socks with the bubbles. She loves bubbles. AND soccer!

  2. Kristina says:

    Love this! Thanks for sharing. I definitely will be looking into and getting some of these. My boy loves bubbles and soccer so think the Messi foot bubbles will be a great gift!

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