The Meaning of Mariah Carey is a book that I listened to instead of reading.

It’s read by her and she does a lot of impromptu singing throughout it.

Her voice isn’t what it used to be, but she also played some old tracks that were good to hear… and have me on iTunes buying some of the old hits!

The Meaning of Mariah Carey Book Summary and Review

the meaning of mariah carey book reviewThe Meaning of Mariah Carey Book Summary

It took me a lifetime to have the courage and the clarity to write my memoir.

I want to tell the story of the moments – the ups and downs, the triumphs and traumas, the debacles and the dreams, that contributed to the person I am today.

Though there have been countless stories about me throughout my career and very public personal life, it’s been impossible to communicate the complexities and depths of my experience in any single magazine article or a ten-minute television interview.

And even then, my words were filtered through someone else’s lens, largely satisfying someone else’s assignment to define me.

This book is composed of my memories, my mishaps, my struggles, my survival, and my songs.


I went deep into my childhood and gave the scared little girl inside of me a big voice.

I let the abandoned and ambitious adolescent have her say, and the betrayed and triumphant woman I became tell her side.

Writing this memoir was incredibly hard, humbling and healing.

My sincere hope is that you are moved to a new understanding, not only about me, but also about the resilience of the human spirit.

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the meaning of mariah carey book summary and review

My Book Review for The Meaning of Mariah Carey

The Meaning of Mariah Carey is a book I listened to as I walked by myself of pushed Dylan in the stroller.

I love hearing about Mariah’s upbringing and the struggles she faced when she was growing up.

The best parts were the inside looks at her marriage with Tommy Mottola.

That was crazy.

She also shades some other female divas in the industry and goes into her public 2000-2002 “break down”.

One thing that has me scratching my head is the fact that she only admits to making a mistake in her entire memoir once – and that mistake is her choice of an ensemble for a performance.

In the book description, she says she shares her mishaps, but let me tell you – with the exception of one wardrobe choice and a random contract she signed before she was famous – she doesn’t share much else in terms of mistakes.

I understand Mariah dealt with some shit in her life, but to never address her diva attitude we’ve all heard about for so many years was a bit of a letdown.

She also does not mention a word about her nine-month engagement to a billionaire businessman or her current relationship that is going on five years now.


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My The Meaning of Mariah Carey Book Recommendation

I  liked this book because I like learning something new.

I grew up on Mariah’s music and loved hearing her behind-the-scenes take on things… even if some things were left out.

If you’re a music fan or a Mariah fan, you will like this book.

Again, I suggest you listen instead of read.

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My The Meaning of Mariah Carey Rating

I give The Meaning of Mariah Carey 4 out of 5 stars. 

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