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10 Things you Wish you had at Disney World

Packing for a Disney vacation or a day at the Disney Parks can be overwhelming, especially if this is your first trip to the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot Center, Animal Kingdom, or Blizzard Beach Water Park. 

This blog post will help you pack things you wish you had at Disney World, in addition to your everyday clothes and toiletries, of course. Think of this as 10 things to add to your Disney packing list for the amusements parks, Disney resort hotel, and everywhere else in between.

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1. Handsfree Portable Neck Fan

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I actually bought this for my trip to Disney World last year, and I forgot it. I remembered when I forgot it because I was starting to get hot and I would’ve loved a handsfree portable neck fan for my trip! I’ll remember my neck fan for next time.

Depending on when you go, some days will be warmed than others. I never suggest going in the summer for this reason, and because since kids are out of school the parks are packed with super long lines. Even in the winter, it can get warm. 

10 Things you Wish you had at Disney World

2. Mini Umbrella

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There is nothing worse than getting stuck in the rain. If you visit Florida in the summer, chances are it’s going to rain. It also rains randomly during the other seasons, so having a mini umbrella that is easy to store and carry is a must for visiting.

10 Things you Wish you had at Disney World

3. Battery Charger

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I take more pictures and videos than the average person. If you’re like me, you get a little anxious when your cell phone battery hits the red. To make sure you document these fun times in the happiest place on Earth, ensure you bring a CHARGED battery charger for your phone… or cell phones because this one comes with two!

10 Things you Wish you had at Disney World

4. Hand Sanitizer

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No, this has nothing to with COVID. Before COVID there were germs everywhere. You need to use this on a regular basis throughout your trip. Disney World is a crowded place with thousands of people in and out of hotels, restaurants, stores, and rides, so sanitize people!

Maybe it’s the Millennial in me, but I will love another hand sanitizer more than the scented ones from Bath & Body Works.

10 Things you Wish you had at Disney World

5. Belt Bag

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I love being hands-free. My daily purse is a little backpack for this reason. For Disney World, I suggest a belt bag… not to be confused with the fanny pack my dad wore to the theme parks when I was little. 

It’s big enough to hold everything you need, including some things mentioned above, and it’s easy to go on all the rides with (even a roller coaster), unlike a big backpack.

My daughter is into pin trading now, so she always brings her lanyard. Check this one out for just $8 on Amazon.

10 Things you Wish you had at Disney World

6. Pool Bag

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Yes, you could use this for the parks and put it in the bottom of the stroller, which is also a great hands-free way to bring even more. But this made the list for those pool trips you will most likely take if you’re staying at a Disney hotel. Pack all your snacks, drinks, books, etc. for rest and relaxation!

10 Things you Wish you had at Disney World

7. Autograph Book

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You could buy a Disney autograph book at the parks for a lot of money… or you could remember to bring your own in advance. This is mostly if you have younger kids who want to wait in line to meet the princesses and other Disney characters, like Mickey Mouse. 

10 Things you Wish you had at Disney World

8. Disney Shirts

Click here to shop a variety of Disney Shirts.

Before we leave for any Disney trip – land or sea, we make sure we have at least one Disney shirt to wear each day. Just like the autograph books, if you plan in advance and bring your Disney wardrobe with you instead of buying it on Disney property, you’ll save time and money.

If you head to the theme parks without your Disney gear, then head to Disney Springs and go shopping. Whenever we’re in the area, we always stop to eat at Disney Springs. Here, gift cards go a long way, so if you have a Disney trip planned, ask for some gift cards to ensure you have a good time shopping. It’s a perfect place for it!

9. Snacks

Yes, you can bring snacks into the park! This is something I only suggest doing if you have a stroller (just because you don’t want to be carrying around a bunch of snacks all day.) 

Because we’re a three-hour drive away from Disney, we bring our own snacks from home, but there are tons of places to stock up nearby Disney property – Publix, gas stations, etc. 

These are also great to have on hand in your hotel room. The last time we went, it was the best way to have a fast breakfast!

10. Water

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Here, a stroller is a must for bringing bottles of water into the park because these get heavy. Even if your kids are too big to ride in the stroller, if you have one – bring it. Having it work as a shopping cart to pull all your stuff around is so helpful.

You can also order cases of bottled water and have them delivered to your hotel in advance.

Another idea is to bring your reusable water bottle and refill it around the Walt Disney World Resort at their water fountains. This is the one I use every single day. It’s just $15 on Amazon.

10 Things you Wish you had at Disney World

Before you leave for your Disney vacation, don’t forget to download the My Disney Experience App. This is where you can plan your days at all Disney resorts and book your Genie+ rides and experiences to decrease wait times.

For more on Genie+, click here. (Hint: Don’t use this for rides like It’s Small World. Instead, pick rides like Splash Mountain, Test Track, Star Wars, or the new Ratatouille ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.)

Okay… what did I miss? Is there anything you forgot on your last trip that you’ll remember on your next trip? What about something you can’t leave without? Let me know on Instagram at @ChristinaAllDay and let’s make this list longer for Disney lovers! 

If you know any Disney cast members, please share this post with them for feedback. They’re the true experts about what happens in this magical place.

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