If you’ve seen Kim Kardashian’s refrigerator in her Instagram stories, you know it’s next level. Then, you have the ladies from the Home Edit organizing everything in theirs by color, so of course, it looks stunning.

Yes, this post is dedicated to all things refrigerators. I’m talking about some of the best refrigerator brands like Whirlpool, Maytag, LG, Samsung, and Cafe French Door. 

For the 12 best refrigerator reviews according to US News and World Report, click here. Good Housekeeping also did a roundup with the help of kitchen appliance experts and break down their choices here.

These two articles have it all – a side refrigerator, one with double doors, french doors, a modern design, energy efficiency, temperature control, and other important features at an affordable price.

The Best Refrigerator Brands in 2022

Appliances Shopping Tip

When it comes to picking an appliance brand, consider what you’ve bought in recent years. For example, if you’ve had good luck with Whirlpool Corporation washing machines or microwave ovens, then consider that as a top pick for a refrigerator. 

When it comes to kitchen appliances, I love my KitchenAid mixer, so gravitate toward that brand for all things in my kitchen. Maybe for you, it’s GE appliances or one of the other major brands included in the list of best refrigerators above.

For my picks to help your refrigerator look good with some things from Amazon, because you know I’m an Amazon lover, then keep reading. Some links in this post are affiliate links.

LG Smart wi-fi Enabled Refrigerator with Craft Ice Maker

This sells for $3,169 on Amazon here. You can also make monthly payments for a year interest-free.

This is a french door refrigerator that has 24 cubic feet of space and it is counter-depth. It also has a tall ice and water dispenser.

The Best Refrigerator Brands in 2022

That’s it. I’m not giving you a bunch of refrigerators to choose from. Costco is successful for a reason. Fewer options are better, but if you want to look at a few other ones, then besides what’s linked above, check out the refrigerators Consumer Reports ranked in this article.

Shopping for home appliances isn’t always the sexiest or most entertaining thing you’ll do, but you can make it fun. 

Organize the Inside of the Worlds Best Refrigerator

What good is having the best refrigerator if it’s going to look like a hot mess inside?! I love all things organization, so jump on these bins, trays, and other storage containers to not only make things look nice but to also give you storage space and max out its functionality.

8 piece Refrigerator Organizer Bins

Click here to buy them for $27 on Amazon.

Use these clear fridge storage bins to make your fridge neat and organized. Plus, you gain a lot more space. They’re ideal for fruits, meat, milk, salad dressing, drink bottles, canned food, packaged food, condiments, jelly, and more. Plus, there is a container for your eggs! My favorite part? The clear bins with built-in and easy-grip side handles make it easy to move things. Each refrigerator storage bin measures 12.5’’ L x 6.3” W x 3.5” H. 

The Best Refrigerator Brands in 2022

6 Stackable Food Storage Containers With Vented Lids And Drain Tray

Click here to buy them for $34 on Amazon.

Besides saving so much space like the organizers mentioned above, these have vented lids and create a watertight seal between the container and lid. They’re perfect if you keep a lot of fresh food in your fridge. Sealing is always a good idea! They also come with removable strainers and look great on glass shelves.

The Best Refrigerator Brands in 2022

2 Pack Round Lazy Susan

Click here to buy them for $25 on Amazon.

Why it took me years to think of putting a lazy Susan in my refrigerator is beyond me. This clear lazy Susan (9” diameter x 3 1/2″ height) is an ideal storage organizer for a fridge, in a kitchen, on pantry shelves, or in a bathroom cabinet. Equipped with stainless steel ball bearings in the bottom, this storage bin can smoothly rotate 360°, making food items easy to reach for small and large families.

The Best Refrigerator Brands in 2022

Freezer Bin Fridge Organizer with Storage

Click here to buy it for $30 on Amazon.

We can’t forget about the freezer! The six adjustable dividers create customized compartments for all your frozen food. It also comes with sturdy handles and a low side wall to help you slide the bin in and out for quick selection. Of course, like everything else mentioned here, it’s transparent so you can see everything in the freezer and find what you need.

The Best Refrigerator Brands in 2022

After you get your new refrigerator up and running (no pun intended) and looking fabulous when you open the doors, send me a picture on Instagram at @ChristinaAllDay and show me. Is it a smart fridge? One with a top freezer or a bottom freezer? A household name or one of the latest models? 

Let me know what unique features you look for when making the right choice for your kitchen. For me, it’s always ample space. Adjustable shelves are also amazing if you have the common problem I do with the milk being too damn high!

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