I like to keep my blog light and fun. Since getting out of the news business, I honestly try not to watch too much of it because it’s sad and depressing… but I keep seeing stories about kids shooting other people or even themselves after finding guns around their house. I know the gun issue is sensitive to people and whenever it is brought up some people or organizations (NRA, uh hum) get crazy defensive… but if you know me, you know I don’t really care about what people think because their opinions don’t pay my bills… so here it is.

If you are a gun owner – practice common sense. It’s not hard to legally own a gun in this country. Correct me if i’m wrong, but a person diagnosed with schizophrenia and manic depressive bipolar disorder can legally buy a gun. The HIPAA law prevents a seller from out finding that information. Sure a seller could ask if you have mental problems, but can we really trust people with mental problems to answer that question honestly? But this isn’t about guns and mental illness. It’s about parents leaving loaded weapons around the house like they are remote controls or cell phones.

Then, in Florida – a pediatrician could be sued if he or she asks a parent if there is a gun in the house. If you have kids and go to the doctor you know they ask you TONS of questions to ensure your child is safe, like: Do you have a swimming pool? Is there a fence around it that is locked? Do you have windows on the 2nd floor of your home that can be opened by a child easily? Are the medications out of reach? Is there domestic abuse in the house? You get the point. What CANNOT be asked – Is there a gun in the house? If it is asked, it is an optional question that does not have to be answered. Why? Because someone was offended by this question and took the issue to lawmakers. (Proof people can be offended by anything!)

Why is this a problem? Because the second cause of preventable deaths in children is gun violence. How many stories do we need to see in the news of kids grabbing guns and shooting them? Yes, a simple question at a pediatrician’s office won’t solve the problem, but it could save just one life.

As sad as it is say, the solution to this problem is using common sense… but obviously, you don’t have to have it to be a legal gun owner. Can we add that to the 2nd amendment?

  1. This is a very thoughtful post. I often wonder what I will do when I have kids and I have to take them to play dates. How do you navigate the “do you have a gun in your home and is it within the reach of children?” conversation??? I’m not sure.

    • After seeing a story where a kid was shot by his young friend visiting his house, I will just blurt it out. If you are offended by the question, you need to look at statistics. Just like I will ask about you having a pool at your house. Same thing. I don’t know why the question about having a gun has to be so controversial. Granted, most people who have a gun within reach of children probably don’t even notice it to answer that question honestly. I mean, legally, doctors can’t even ask – so dumb.

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