Southern Living and FabFitFun have brilliant craft ideas for Easter. You can do these on our own, with family and friends or the little ones at home! Here’s a fun and mess free tip: use tattoos instead of dye to decorate your eggs. Check out this video of egg decorating with metallic tattoos.

Carrot Centerpiece

Easy Carrot Centerpiece

Instead of the expected floral arrangements, mix it up with this festive and clever carrot centerpiece. This one is more adult oriented and not as fun to do with the kids, but it is so cute! Pictures also tell this story better than written instructions, so to watch how to assemble it, click here. For step by step instructions, here you go:

Preparation: Fill sink with water, and soak florist foam until thoroughly saturated. Cut carrot stems to 2 inches.

Instructions: Tie two to three carrots together at stems using florist picks… Attach stems to bottom of florist foam square… Gather carrots and rest florist foam square on top of fishbowl, allowing the carrots to hang down inside fishbowl… Fill florist foam with arrangement of your choice on top.

Golf Leaf

Gold Leaf Gilded Eggs

When decorating eggs this year, wow everyone with this glamorous gold gilding instead of the traditional pastels. For this, you will need: Speedball Mona Lisa Gold Leaf Kit, $12.99; (or visit a local craft store to see what they have that’s like this)

1. Start with 24 eggs, hard cooked or wooden. Create a drying rack by inserting toothpicks into plastic foam.
2. Apply adhesive all over each egg with a foam brush. Then let dry on the rack for about 30 minutes.
3. Tear off a sheet of gold foil. (Keep the tissue paper backing.) Place an egg in the center of the sheet, and cover.
4. Gently rub off any excess or bumpy gold foil with cheese-cloth. Save these pieces for additional eggs.
5. Once the egg is covered, apply sealer all over it with another foam brush. Repeat the process with other eggs.
6. Place on the drying rack for at least an hour to let the foil set completely before handling.
Want more? Well, here are 10 Fail-Proof Easter Crafts! Click here to see the rest. Some of my favorites: A Homemade Easter Egg Card, Easter Bunny Photo Prop and Paint Pen Easter Eggs
  1. Ntina says:

    I just love the idea of Gold Leaf Gilded Eggs! It’s very unique!

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