I hate talking about politics, but I don’t believe the issue of gay marriage should be political. I don’t really understand why it is, so I’m just going to say this. Regardless of if you agree with gay marriage or not, this is a good thing for the United States. Why? Because no one should tell a stranger who to marry. I’ve seen people who I think are terrible for each other get married (straight people by the way), but who am I to tell them they shouldn’t get married because of my personal beliefs? Just because I don’t agree with it, doesn’t mean I’m right and you must listen to me. I think the issue of gay marriage is the same.


A lot of people go back to religion. Well, if it’s against your religion to not get gay married, then don’t get gay married. Not everyone follows the same religion as you. And let’s be real, even you don’t follow everything your religion says you should. You pick and choose what you want and you judge people based on what they pick and choose. I strongly believe if God was here today and we asked him his opinion on gay marriage, he would be all for it. He wouldn’t want you to use him as excuse to treat people like they don’t deserve something that is their right. Straight people don’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to “traditional marriage,” so why not let gay people give it a whirl? It doesn’t have a negative impact on your life – whether you agree with it or not.


I don’t agree with lots of things. But I also don’t spend my time and energy protesting what I don’t agree with. For example, I don’t smoke. I think it’s gross and smells bad… so I don’t do it. Problem solved! I’ve seen shirts sold at stores I don’t like, but I’ll be the last person to start a petition against it. Instead, I just won’t buy it. Maybe I’ll spend 30 seconds telling you why I don’t like it, then I will move on with my life… with something that actually impacts my life.


I’m all for people having their opinion. If you don’t agree with gay marriage, I don’t really care either way… but remember, it only impacts your life if you decide to marry someone of the same sex. So, if you are against gay marriage – yes, you can state your opinion. That’s another one of those rights you have in this country, but don’t insult others. It says more about you than it does the topic at hand. Also, don’t try to make others feel like they are doing something wrong by living the life they want to live. Remember, just because you think it’s wrong doesn’t mean it is wrong. Unless they are inflicting any kind of harm on someone, I think we can find bigger fish to fry.

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