Am I the only one who is over this whole body thing that’s everywhere? Can we just look the way we look and stop talking about it so much? If you’re skinny, you need to eat a sandwich. If you’re fat, you need to stop eating so much. If you are in between – you will hear you are skinny and you are fat. It just depends on who’s looking.


It started not too long ago with Victoria’s Secret The Perfect “Body” campaign. Of course, people couldn’t just take the ad for what it was – a play on words. They had to take it to the next level and get offended. Then people had to start in with the comments everywhere. Lots of mean ones too. If it’s not okay to insult bigger people why is it okay to insult smaller people? I saw people saying these models should eat more. If you wouldn’t tell someone to eat less, don’t tell someone to eat more. That’s not nice either. Some said these weren’t real women with real bodies. Uh, yes – they are. Those are in fact real people and those are their real bodies… that make them a lot of money. If you don’t like what you see, look the other way. Stop telling yourself “society” is spreading the message we should all look like that. You’re putting words into society’s mouth, and in my opinion, being a little too sensitive. Don’t take models doing their job personally. If they didn’t exist, you’d be offended by Beyonce’s legs… or Scarlet Johansson’s lips… or J. Lo’s butt.


Then, we have Lane Bryant saying #ImNoAngel. No, you don’t work as a Victoria Secret Angel. The majority of us don’t either. That doesn’t mean we have to hate on them. Just because you are not an angel doesn’t mean you don’t look good too. I like this picture. I think these women are gorgeous, and #beautiful or #confident would be more fitting.


There is also this campaign. Still – more real women with real bodies. But this has the word “real” added. (See above, those Victoria Secret models are still real people. Again, those are their real bodies.) Maybe average would be a better word than real.

I normally love Dove campaigns, but again… just look the way you want to look and feel the way you want to feel. If I’m understanding this correctly, you’re supposed to walk through the door that you identify with regarding your appearance. Why can’t we just walk through the door and buy whatever we came to get and leave? We don’t have to answer if we feel beautiful or average. We can just be. (Me? I’d walk through whatever door was closest.)

There is so much skinny shaming and fat shaming, that no matter what your height or weight is – you are in a lose/lose situation. You may win every once in a while, but it just depends on who is looking. Victoria’s Secret models get slammed. Lane Bryant models get slammed. Stop letting these images affect you or your self esteem. Why would you let pictures of strangers who have nothing to do with you or your life affect the way you feel about yourself? It just doesn’t make sense to me. Get upset about it when your husband leaves you for one of those strangers. Until then, you do you.

  1. Agreed! I don’t really take these campaigns too personal, and don’t find myself offended. I get why people may get upset and why in general these types ads can send the wrong message…BUT we are all “real” people and what speaks to one may not speak to another… If the message isn’t for you…look the other way and keep it moving.

  2. Well said! I’m also tired of the topic. I am fine the way I am, my hubby is happy and that is the only one that counts for me. Yeah I have a bit of a flabby tummy… I gave birth to 2 babies in the last 3 years so that is kinda normal.

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