Fortunately for new moms, baby monitors have come a long way. Technology has made the walkie-talkie baby monitor a thing of the past. 

Today, many families opt for baby monitors that use a stationary camera in the baby’s room to watch from afar with a control screen or on a cell phone or tablet. An even better technological advance is the split-screen baby monitor. Many families with multiple young children are choosing split-screen baby monitors so that they can keep an eye on each child with the use of a connected system. 

What Is A Split-Screen Baby Monitor?

A split-screen baby monitor is a device that uses two or more additional cameras. It will monitor your children while they are away from you in a separate room or from different angles. These cameras connect to the main screen, which allows you to view additional cameras’ feeds simultaneously. Hence the name “split-screen.”

Some split-screen baby monitor configurations allow you to use more than two cameras to monitor your children. However, the typical setup is two cameras feeding the main screen, also known as the parent unit.

What Makes it the Best Baby Monitor for Your Family?

Most baby monitors have one camera and one screen. The split-screen allows you to monitor more than one child or room at a time.

Some monitors can support more multiple cameras, but few offer the split-screen format. Usually, systems that support extra cameras have features that switch between cameras at 10-second intervals. Some provide a remote control to switch between camera feeds, but the split-screen is a unique feature.

Some families choose a split-screen baby monitor simply because they want to check on more than one child in separate rooms at the same time. In addition, they want the convenience of using only one system. 

This capability can be helpful for families with multiple kids or for homes with a big open space in a baby’s room, for example. Dual screen baby monitors also eliminate the need for two separate systems. Even if you only have one child, we recommend starting with a split-screen monitor. It gives you room to grow and you can also use the split-screen feature to get a closer look at things from different angles.

5 Best Split Screen Baby Monitors

In this blog post, you’ll find the best split-screen baby monitors available on Amazon. Some of these are affiliate links.

1. Babysense Split Screen Video Monitor


This baby monitor has a 4.3″ high-quality split-screen display and two pan tilt zoom cameras. The 2-way talkback communication technology helps kids calm down when they hear their parents’ voices. You can also use the talkback to play lullabies. The camera baby monitor has a range of up to 960 feet open space.

This monitor also comes with auto infrared night vision, so you will always see what is going on and check the baby’s room temperature. The camera offers 2x digital zoom with a Remote Pan (360 degrees) & Tilt (90 degrees).

5 Best Split-Screen Baby Monitors

2. Moonybaby Split Screen Video Monitor


This baby monitor ensures 100% privacy without an internet connection! The two cameras come with a 170-degree wide-angle lens, so you will be able to see the room in its entirety. It’s suitable for toddlers who move around often.

Also, this monitor enables you to control the camera to pan and tilt, so there is no need to adjust it manually. The digital zoom-in and auto night vision are also features that come with this Moonybaby Monitor. 

It has a power-saving mode that automatically turns off when the baby is sleeping and turns back on when it detects a crying sound. Room temperature monitor display, a built-in nightlight, and a variety of white noise sounds are also included features. The battery life is around six to eight hours in display mode and has a good range too.

5 Best Split-Screen Baby Monitors

3. JLB7tech Split Screen Split Screen Monitor


This baby monitor comes with a 5″ diagonal color screen size, allowing a good image during both day and night. It also has a built-in microphone and speaker for clear two-way audio conversation and built-in lullabies with sounds. A great feature is a feeding alarm so you never miss the feeding time. (As if your baby will let that happen!) 

2x digital zoom functions for a closer look and 1,000 feet transmission range are other amazing features. The battery can be used for nine hours when fully charged and has up to 12 hours of battery life when in power-saving mode. Batteries are rechargeable.

5 Best Split-Screen Baby Monitors

4. AXVUE 720P Split Screen Video Monitor 


This wireless monitoring system comes with a 5” screen HD IPS split view 1,000 feet range and two cameras. You can control your video/audio remote, the camera, and talk back to the camera very quickly. 

With the split-screen, you’re able to switch to a single camera when it’s paired to the baby monitor system simultaneously or you can also use full screen. 

The cameras come with an anti-reflective lens, automatic night vision, and a 6x zoom feature. You can also be monitoring room temperature and motion detection.

A great feature of this monitor is that it comes in vox mode – the power-saving mode. The video can also turn on immediately when power-saving is enabled with three levels of sensibility.

5 Best Split-Screen Baby Monitors

5. JouSecu Baby Monitor 


Another top pick on Amazon is this monitor with 2 HD cameras and a 4.3” LCD screen with 1,000 feet range plug. You can manually rotate the camera angles as needed. They are equipped with automatic night vision and baby crying detection.

You can talk to your baby in real time or play some music with the two-way audio.

Best Split-Screen Baby Monitors

Choosing the Best Split-Screen Baby Monitor for Your Home

While there are many baby camera systems available, many do not offer a split-screen function. These five split screen baby monitors made my list because they provide all the camera functions that a family with multiple children, an open area, or different rooms need. 

These systems also provide amazing features like night vision, two-way communication, and remote camera access. All of this allows parents to check on their children from another room without disturbing them… or even getting up!

You can’t go wrong with any of these five monitors, but I want to know which one you consider to be the best split-screen baby monitor. Find me on Instagram at @ChristinaAllDay and let me know.

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