ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, comes with responsibilities.

ADHD medications are prescribed to help your child get through his or her days with ease. However, with drug abuse rocketing around the world, you must take an expert look at ADHD medications before you give them to your child.

What are ADHD Medications?

ADHD medications help your child by improving their brain cells. It works by focusing on the two hormones dopamine and norepinephrine to boost focus and alertness, respectively. They are prescribed as tablets in daily, weekly, or special doses.

As most medications also build up the tolerance of your child, it is important to keep to the ADHD medicines to mellow dosing.

3 Recommended ADHD Medications 

ADHD is labeled by doctors as a disease without a cure. Which are the best ADHD medications that are safe for your child?


Doctors prescribe stimulants that are short or long, depending on the ADHD needs of your child. While the short stimulant lasts four hours, long stimulants last up to 12 hours.

Commonly used stimulants include Ritalin, popularly known as Methylin or Methylphenidate. Focalin is another Methylin medicine with a different brand name.


Unlike stimulants, non-stimulants take a few weeks to work. Commonly used non-stimulants include Atomoxetine or Clonidine.

adhd medications

Summer Camp

Every drug makes your ADHD child dependent by building a physical tolerance. A little-known way to help treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder naturally is with companionship.

There are summer camps that give lessons on behavioral training to boost the learning process at school for kids with ADHD. Enroll your child in a summer camp during the next vacation that caters to his or her interests.

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