Have you ever wondered why some people respond well to Tylenol, but it has absolutely no effect on you. If I want a headache to go away, I need to pop an Exederin. Nothing else will work. It’s because of my DNA. DNA testing for medications is something you should do if you haven’t yet. Here’s why.

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DNA Testing for Medications

I recently teamed up with PanaceaPQX to find out how my body reacts to more than 400 prescription drugs. No, I didn’t need to take all those medications to find out. I just needed to send the company a swab of my cheek and with a little bit my saliva, they were able to grab my DNA and test it to see what works, what I should be wary of, and what I should use at all. That’s it! It was something I could do at my house and took just a few seconds.

DNA testing for medication tolerance

DNA testing for medication tolerance

The results are so informative. It isn’t only very interesting information, but it could be life-changing. I’m sharing a few of my results below. I got these via email AND someone with the company went over them in detail with me over the phone too.

Take a look at the three columns. Like a stop light, green means you’re good to go, yellow means use with caution, and red means stop. The red and green are pretty clear. The yellow, use with caution, serves as a warning that I may experience side effects with the medication prescribed or it may not work as well as it’s supposed to.

dna testing for psychotropic medications

This is just one part of one page. The entire test included so much, including DNA testing for psychotropic medications.

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This is information my doctor does not have… until now. Without a test like this, doctors are prescribing medications blindly. Serious time and money could be wasted. What’s worse is your health could also be compromised.

Luckily, PanaceaPQX offers a print out of all your results to share with your doctor. They also provide a card that details your genetic test results and pharmacogenetic test summary. It’s a lot of numbers, letters, and symbols that probably won’t make sense to you, but like I mentioned, could be life-changing when it comes to your prescriptions.

Normally, this potentially life-saving test is $799, but by clicking here, you can save $300 and get it done for just $499 here!


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